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Saturday, January 18, 2020

There’s no evidence Corruption is increasing – ZYAFAC

The Civil Society anti-corruption Yellow Card Campaign

As an organization wish to register our position regards the ANTICORRUPTION YELLOW CARD CAMPAIGN, action by some members of the
Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) purportedly against the Patriotic Front government in respect to allegations of increasing levels of corruption.

Firstly, there’s no empirical evidence showing whether or not corruption is increasing or reducing. However, for a fact Zambia like any other country in the world has some corruption at different levels of society that need concerted efforts to fight within context and with a sense of responsibility without deliberately blowing the scourge out of proportion with the purpose of removing the government of the day by simply using the fight against corruption as a political trump card or purely for the purpose of political mileage.

Some CSO’s, notable religious figures and the current leadership at the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC), as can be seen from their unlawful publicity of questionable revelations in the form of raw intelligence information and the failure to capture in their Trends Report suspicious movement of money from outside and within Zambia to political parties in financing the political agenda of aiding a named political party and their surrogate partners to form government that will facilitate the indiscriminate sale of the mines, the reversal of the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation, the introduction of gay rights in Zambia among others.

This consortium of CSO’s,political parties and notable religious personalities are in a carefully planned strategy to smear the Patriotic Front as a highly corrupt entity and failed government worth giving a Yellow Card (warning) and later towards the run up to the 2021 General Elections, the YELLOW CARD CAMPAIGN will be escalated to a RED CARD CAMPAIGN against the Patriotic Front government to have it replaced by some opposition political party whose Party colour is RED under the pretext of fighting the alleged increased levels of corruption. This political scheme is funded by some international entities through some diplomatic representatives in Zambia.We therefore urge the people of Zambia to guard against falling prey to this divisive and unorthodox scheme from shabby wood works.

Lastly, as an organization urge the government and people of Zambia to remain focused in the fight against poverty, unemployment, social inequalities, corruption and any other unlawful and retrogressive vice in our country. It is only true that this consortium of some of our citizenry has deceived some people for some time now but will certainly not deceive ALL the people repeatedly and forever.

Executive Director

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    • Imagine, just allegations and untested sentiments.

      The case on corruption sounds like THE BOY WHO SHOUTED LION.
      Continuously, making noise on corruption and it’s fight without tangible results is making the word and its meaning fade.
      Today you CKinsultor rant, tomorrow it’s double h yap. The next day it’s Msoni mumbling.
      Just careless talk.
      ATTACH to Corruption fight the seriousness it deserves. Commit all allegations to court.


  1. Some people have no shame at all…look at this guy Maurice Malambo, last year around this time he was defending Lazy Lungu’s graft fight strategy which is non existent. In November the same man again was praising Lazy Lungu’s phony administrative inquiry he instituted in the alleged abuse of donor funds stating that it yielded fruits…is man is no different to that hungry rat Tayali.




  3. Well written and analysed article, this corruption allegations by some disgruntled, bitter and helpless individuals is sponsored by dark forces who have hidden agenda to come and facilitate the indiscriminate sale of the mines, the reversal of the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation, the introduction of gay rights in Zambia. If you recall, these people tried all sorts of lies and allegations especially on president Lungu just to deceive some people and advance HH and UPND unfinished country sale business. They are EXPOSED!!!!


    • How is this a well written article? It is full of grammatical abominations! Good analysis? Really? It literally acknowledges that there is data to support an increase in corruption, alleges existing data had been illegally made public, without explaining how/why. It acknowledges its own ignorance on a matter as evidence supporting its position/findings on the matter. And a whole adult publishes it to a “reputable” newspaper. It literally ends by demonstrating incredulous bias, while this whole newspaper publishes it. How dumb are we as a nation? LT, how compromised are your editors? Standards? Ethics? Any?


  4. According to Transparency International, Zambia dropped by 2 points meaning that corruption increased.
    We all agree that Corruption Perception Index is not actual but perceived corruption.
    The question is, should we rely on ACC, ZP, DEC and you ZYAFAC who publish no data whatsoever on the levels of corruption or TIZ and FIC who publish controversial reports?
    For me, I will choose the latter any day because wrong data is better that no data and since with wrong data we can atleast make some decisions while with no data nothing ever changes.


  5. Who are these people? FTJ used this strategy before, he even had his own church mother-bodies, unions, judges, NGOs, etc all on his payroll but when the time to kick him out came he wasn’t spared. Some of the people who used to chew his money were in forefront to push for the lifting of his immunity. I can see that even Edgar is being fooled. Most of those who say they support him only do that so they may continue to eat in his name. The eating is quite frightening, given chance some can even have Edgar in the frying pan for dinner! We don’t see them steal because we aren’t partners however the effects of their theft is there for everyone to see. Where is the $35M medicines because clinics don’t have drugs. Who’s building where? Open your eyes


  6. The forest was shrinking but the trees kept voting for the axe because its handle was wood and they thought it was one of them— one day you will surely pay for turning a blind eye


  7. Mr. Maurice Malambo should be ashamed to say that there is no increase in corruption and bribery. Is only a fool who can say that there is no evidence of increasing in corruption and bribery in the Christian National of Zambia. God does not delight in individuals like Mr. Malambo who denies the truth and substitutes a lie. What evidence does he wants when corruption and bribes is everywhere, at customs, banks, government offices. Maybe Mr. Malambo doesn’t know what corruption or bribery is.


  8. How about the social cash transfer, your honorable minister who’s face nine counts of corrupt activities in court, the fire trucks bought at a million dollars each, the ambulances bought at 300,000 thousand dollars, the new presidential jet just to name a few you jackass called Malambo.


  9. And we have some guy named HH who might become president very soon promising that he will just recover the loot these PF Satanist have taken from us and that he will not jail any of them but look at how they insult us, look at how they take us for f00ls if HH will not jail these animals he will see the protests that will follow after .The price of goods and services keep on rising , jobs are scarce , the government is finding even more ways to tax us and this is all this animal had to say didn’t you see the scania trucks you blind f00l or should we start listing all the corrupt crimes this government has committed.


  10. If I was LT Editor I would not have even wasted space to publish such garbage.


  11. firstly all Zambians are Zambians before there affiliation to these political parties. you sir are not objective from your article you clearly state that you don’t know the status of corruption in Zambia because you are not sure if it’s increasing or reducing. if u were a well meaning Zambian common sense dictates that your position should be first find evidence of whether or not it’s increasing not having the article published and saying my position is I don’t know. from your article anyone with common sense can see that it’s politically motivated not different from all other political parties. bring credibility to your organization and represent the citizens of Zambia. your organisations goal must be to objectively save the people of Zambia. when organizations like yours say they…


  12. continue;
    if your organization doesn’t know or won’t find the evidence then you leave room for everyone to speculate. give yourself a yellow card for failing to be objective and represent the people. if their is no evidence of corruption increasing say so don’t say I don’t know if there is. that’s like the police saying there is no evidence of whether there was a crime or not that defeats their purpose because their job is to find that evidence and say there is a crime here or there is no crime here. their can’t say we don’t know but we think the accused is a good guy.


  13. Zambians don’t mind being robbed as long the one stealing is a politically exposed person (PEP).
    Docility is what it means to be a Zambian. You have to wait until the destruction is complete before you react!
    What Zambians don’t know is their treasury and reserves have been attacked by human army worms and bean flies! There will be nothing left, not even Mukula!


  14. Yaba, the rot in this country also!!! A trib.al defending this, another trib.al condemning or criticising this and that.
    I have just seen a picture of a female trib.al clad in red, haven’t read the story but the headline seems to suggest a celebration of something that Ambassador Daniel Foote has said. But all truth be said, trib.als like upnd have absolutely no right to celebrate anything on good governance. How could they when just being a trib.al, leading a trib.al party which has a trib.al objective is bad enough. Before we even look at other things like trib.al dictatorship, trib.al conventions or a lack of any convention at all. Trib.al upnd cannot hold a convention simply because it contravened or threatens the trib.al strategies and objectives.
    Sorry guys, no Zambian will give…


  15. …..
    Sorry guys, no Zambian will give power to trib.als. They have demonstrated this resolve many times before since independence, you know how Zambians rejected Guy Scott’s bid to rule Zambia after Sata, don’t you? Scott thought he was popular too!!!


  16. SO are these guys saying the trends of increased corruption in both the FIC and AG reports are hallucinations?


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