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Continued closure of CBU should be ranked one of the biggest scandals under PF-HH

Headlines Continued closure of CBU should be ranked one of the biggest scandals...

Hakainde Hichilema

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has charged that the continued closure of the Copperbelt University (CBU) should equally be ranked as one of the biggest scandals and legacy of the PF regime alongside the looting of public resources and running down the economy.

Mr Hichilema said it is irresponsibility of the highest order for a regime that ascended to power on a platform of caring for the youth and the vulnerable, to treat the young people whose future Zambia depends on, in this manner.

“Even worse, the majority of our citizens, particularly the youth, are roaming the streets without jobs, while on the other hand, you deny them lifelong skills to acquire university education by withdrawing student aid and shutting down learning institutions,” Mr Hichilema said.

“As national leaders, we need morality and consciousness in the way we conduct ourselves, so that we don’t buy customised private jets with state resources at the expense of spending money on our young people, through education and job opportunities,” he said.


    • HH has now become very boring…..and he expects to win with such hallucinations….”Scandal”…..come on now

    • HH has now become very boring…..and he expects to win with such hallucinations….”Scandal”…..come on now

    • Honestly , how can CBU still be closed? Who will incur the delayed cost of. graduation? How does that affect economy at household level and nationally. When Edgar said he had no vision, we should have listened

    • Chiluba closed UNZA for one whole year. Six months is nothing. Le these f***ish students rest and learn the reality of life

    • Even when his message means well. It has no Power, Inspiration, Value, Enthusiasm.

      HH is a flat tyre struggling to pull in the middle of traffic

    • The real scandal is you double h having more to do with the unruly behavior of the students through rogue element lecturers. It’s good that no child died this time. Cadre lecturers at CBU are fighting cadre VC and the situation gets messy and students twisted.
      Double h, stop messing learning institutions up. You’re done using cluesless characters like Spaka and double jay with chibuku now you’re out’a get students. Stop abusing learning institutions.

  1. This is where you see a fake politician bare and naked. Iwe HH, much as it is appreciated that education is good for responsible students, its not right for you to just see things from one perspective. If you were a genuine person, you could have started by advising students to behave in a manner that befits those yearning to learn and gain knowledge. So to you its okay for students to destroy public and private property whilst we just look on? Man, please grow up and be useful. HH, you are too cheap to be a leader…… How come the only thing you see in others is negativity as is you are perfect yourself? 14 years down the road, you have not allowed anyone to challenge your mediocre leadership and you expect people to trust you, think again bwana.

    • HH actually wants UNZA to burn down so that he can go and sell negative news to the rest of the world.

      HH does not want good things happen for zambia. He has nothing to say or contribute.

    • The students behaviour is just a reflection of what’s happening up there the students only react when things are not okay … And if you refuse to give them an ear then they take to the streets which has proved to work better for these stubborn cadres in gvt … They have the reasons.

  2. HH has never been in sound leadership except being life president of the opposition political grouping who are seriously very thirst of state house and are loudly calling everyone to help them get there.He doesn’t have real ideas sorting out problems like one UNZA is facing.So it has become a very good opportunity to call on students to assist him get to plot 1, going there with his nature of life leadership even when he fails to deliver.He has failed to deliver in his party five times and he still feel he is the best and this is exactly what is going to happen at plot 1 would he get there.

    • Is this comment really related to the above mentioned topic? Or it’s on the personal circle?

  3. UPND minion are you so dull that you cannot get a sensible leader to lead you and deliver for the best of your party to form government. With HH you are going to miss 2021 again.You will all regret.

    • HH is completely lost!!It is extremely hard to follow HH politically.Am sure the 14 years he has been on top of UPND have blinded him.When UNZA students misbehaved terribly during FTJ Chukuba’s tenure,the president closed UNZA for 1 year and 6 months.The PF Govnt has only closed CBU for 3 months or so and the reasons are genuine.Govnt wants to put security facilities at CBU they way it has done at UNZA to easily catch future offeners.If HH is real,he should have blamed violent CBU students who destroy public and private properties with impunity!!HH SHOULD LEARN TO DO A DUE DELLIGENCE ON ISSUES BEFORE OPENING HIS ROTTEN MOUTH!!!

  4. I think the CBU student leader whom I saw on PRIME TV the other day is more wiser than most of the politicians we have. he condermned the students for their unbecoming behaviour which led to the university’s closure but he was also quick to justify the importance of re-opening the institution. balanced point of view than those such as HH and CK and others. he will make a better leader or should I say he is a leader in the making.

    • @.com, they need to poach the young chap and make him party president!

  5. Closing CBU!!!!! As the biggest scandal!!!!

    So by implication from the UPND Leader, the issues in the FIC Report are nothing compared to CBU?

    Votes Vs Governance, UPND chooses Votes!!!

  6. Only tribal followers would agree with their “cuundu chaitwa” chairman that closure of CBU is the biggest scandal.Majority Zambians would expect Kainde to call “FIC Report” as the biggest scandal than supporting VIOLENT CBU STUDENTS WHO DAMAGE VEHICLES FOR INNOCENT KITWE RESIDENTS AND OTHER PUBLIC PROPERTIES!!!Michael Sata was a real opposition leader because all the issues he spoke about were relevant in the eyes of majority Zambians.Sata made sense to almost every Zambian,hence winning in 2011.SOMETIMES,I TEND TO BELIEVE THE CHORUS FROM MANY ZAMBIANS WHO SAY THAT HH WONT BE PRESIDENT BECAUSE HIS POLITICAL MESSAGES ARE PATHETIC TO SAY THE LEAST!!!Zambia is in the mess today,but Kainde is failing to score penalties-SHOCKING STUFF!!!

  7. Zambia would be an developed nation by now if (HH) was never born. He sold our mines and stole commission, leaving the Copperbelt in poverty.

  8. HH, you must be a very powerful man! How did you overpower the Chiluba Cabinet to sell the mines?
    We hear you have also overpowered the PF cabinet and will soon be accused of selling KCM? Tell us Kachema why we should hire you! Why do you care so much about Zambians who insult you day and night? Is it Zambians or your debt to your sponsors? Why not just call it a day and go for a Convention? Has your team told you that Your social commentaries are not selling well lately?

  9. I saw a video of Nkandu Luo refusing to discuss CBU with reporters.
    Her arrogance angered me.
    These people are heartless…

  10. Imagine Kandu Luo being a Student at CBU in a different regime e.g Unip and The Minister of High Education fimo fimo announces the indefinate closure.. Could she be professor??

  11. CBU was shut down after the violence, burning buildings, injuring off campus citizens living around the campus area.

    I’d imagine the govt needs to find funds to rebuild damages…..and money is a bit tight right now.

    Typically, HH is supporting such violent acts for publicity.

  12. People do easily forgive…hh was asked a question to explain how he made his money, he failed .
    Ask him the same question he will do a ka john cena. This is what privatization money can do makes one arrogant. Today you want to talk of jobs, When you and chiluba were selling companies you should have thought of the end results, Dont even talk about jobs.

  13. be reminded that the longer this cbu is under closure be assured that you are de campaigning your party at your own risk we know that you are scared of hh every one knows you have managed to create more enemies of the party than ever before. those fools who are insulting hh are blind.

  14. Funny how Akainde did not admonish his brainwashed cadres when they insulted th Hon Minister for Higher Education and breaking University Property with impunity after the President cautioned against that kind of reckless behaviour.

  15. Trib.al Hacks fighting for political relevance …. iwe trib.al boy, you should be spending your time rescucitating your flat tyre “party” if you want to drive it through our congested roads.

    The tragedy is that he thinks we care to listen …. really laughable, isn’t it Jay Jay?

  16. Cursed Be He Or She Who Closed CBU. May His Or Her Downfall Be Celebrated and Never To Rise Again. As The Future Of The Young Masses Have Been Halted So Shall That Person’s Future Be Halted But Permanently

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