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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

President Lungu expected in Kabwe and the Copperbelt for Working visits

General News President Lungu expected in Kabwe and the Copperbelt for Working visits

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu talks to PF Secretary General Davies Mwila at City Airport shortly before departure for Mansa, Luapula Province on Tuesday, April 23,2019-Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu talks to PF Secretary General Davies Mwila at City Airport shortly before departure for Mansa, Luapula Province on Tuesday, April 23,2019-Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

President Edgar Lungu is today expected in Kabwe, Central Province, on a one day working visit.

Central Province Permanent Secretary, Bernard Chomba, confirmed the anticipated visit by the Head of State in a statement to ZANIS in Kabwe today.

Mr Chomba said President Lungu will arrive at about 09:30 hours and is expected to attend the official opening of Bliss Hotel, constructed by a foreign investor, to appreciate the revamping of the tourism industry in the province.

The PS observed that for a long time the province has not witnessed growth in the tourism sector especially in the hotel industry.

After the Kabwe visit, the president is expected to head to the Copperbelt Province on a two day working Visit.

According to a statement by Copperbelt Provincial chairman Nathan Chanda, President Lungu will land at the Simon Mwansa International Airport in Ndola at around 15:30 hrs and proceed to Kitwe .

This has been confirmed by Copperbelt Permanent Secretary , Mr Bright Nundwe.

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  1. His office is in the “air”. Instead of opening mulungushi textiles, he will be opening a private hotel…! Kuti waseka…Kikikikiki. Wasted years indeed

    • Here is a man who doesnt know what he is doing. He just runs around “commissioning” silly projects like a headless chicken. you will spend two nights in kabwe commissioning a lodge? Disgraceful!
      This man has never known an honest day’s work. He is the incarnation of laziness

    • Its Friday, the Lazy foooool is looking for weekend time plus an excuse to go and campaign for the by-election this month….wasted years indeed!!

  2. Why can’t he just permanently move to CB?
    Maybe like CK said the other day things -politics -aren’t okay ku CB!
    The man appearsaid lost at seas.
    Sad for the country!

    • I said last week that people should count the number of visits he is going to undertake in July to Central Province under the guise of working visit this is trip number one …all he knows is campaigning even US ambassador a foreign man has seen through them!!

  3. Panic studying; realizing that exams will begin in a weeks time and yet all along you’ve been patronizing chibuku taverns and not studying. He doesn’t know where to begin everything is in shambles.

    • Steve Chalapa
      Kikiki very funny.But personally i think the man is being played by his advisers they must have seen by now that he cant win 2021 and they are now deliberately making look like a clown so that he becomes more unpopular and there preferred choice takes over.He will be heckled on the Copperbelt soon or even stoned,in this economy showing his head all over the place will citizens starve.

  4. No matter how many trips he makes to the copperbelt to see the Kakunkubuti structures, nothing will change the resolve of the people, already there is a mess up at KCM, we will see a choncholi taking over KCM soon.

  5. Looking at the picture,Davies Mwila,the PF SG can be attentive…. I am sure even in class he was getting top marks for being very attentive to the subject matter..lol

    • Sharp Shooter
      That is why he got 6 points kikiki,two blind men,the other one has also said he was the best in his class kikiki

  6. This chap, it`s every weekend ati working weekend, these are drinking trips and not working. This dander head is totally useless

    • just an excuse to run away from old hen Ester…he spent last weekend and this week entertaining DRC President and wasting time at Trade Fair and collecting useless degrees with the crocodile Emerson!!

  7. Awe ba Presido, ikaleniko panshi, tekanyeni.
    Alternatively move State House to Ndola, then it will be cheaper to visit Lusaka.

    • What time does he work and supervise his ministers?? No wonder it’s free for all with looting and corruption!! The man is always traveling on work visits, but the more he travels on these work visits the worse things are turning out. Sorry he thought being a president all one needed to do is wake up in the morning and go on a jolly ride. I hope the opposition have better plans than this cabal of Thieving criminals. He just moved around to claim allowances. What a cheap politician.

  8. It appears things are heating up on the Copperbelt.Since NDC got that seat PF has not been at peace! When things flip,it is hard to get them back on track and this looks like the case – PF’s grip on the Province is slipping and soon will be the opposition’s stronghold. So it is really hot for Mr.Lungu and his PF though the frequent visits may include visiting his investments in Chapamo,with dubious characters!!

  9. I advise him to find time to meet members of the local Chambers of Commerce and other businessmen and women to hear their grievances. Most suppliers of goods and services to grant supported institutions have only been paid once this year. This is July but his Government have so far just released grants for May 2019 the rest of the months have not been funded. Even ZRA is unable to collect taxes from SMEs because they don’t have money. Chapamo will not take him anywhere, besides most of those chaps don’t even vote because they don’t the patience to queue at polling stations. People are scared of talking because Kampyongo has unleashed the police on citizens

  10. Hahahaha…….I think imbwili was right to say ECL is spending sleepless nights over the copperbelt revolution.The revolution Yama is already there and it is unstoppable

  11. How many times is he going to be on ‘a working visit’ to the Copperbelt? This is surely ridiculous and beyond comprehension.

    He will pass through Kabwe for a day’s ‘working visit’ as well – to attend the official opening of a hotel!! Need we say more?

    • He doesn’t care what anyone thinks …he is more concerned about just campaigning and 2021…he has no clue why he is even President!!

  12. Sooner or later that hotel will be turned into a semi brothel by truck drivers from Tanzania.

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