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YouTuber Lily Mutamz becomes first Zambian to be accepted at YouTube Space London


The Viral Video maker Lily Mutamz who now has 11500 plus subscribers on YouTube became the first Zambian to be accepted as a YouTube creator at YouTube Space London. To qualify for YouTube Space Worldwide one needs 10,000 Subscribers minimum, must have completed online training courses and then must be in good standing with YouTube i.e no copyright strike. As a content creator, Lily Mutamz who is also a gospel singer started her vlogging journey only in January 2019 with only 350 Subscribers from past years of starting her YouTube channel in 2012. The YouTuber then decided to start vlogging due to music being quite expensive to manage without being signed to a record label. Upon reaching 10,000 Subscribers last month, Lily Mutamz submitted her application to YouTube Space London and was successful. She also signed her Master User Agreement which is a contract that unlocks Lily Mutamz to utilise all facilities.
YouTube Space is a place where creators with over 10,000 subscribers can go and create content using Camera Equipment, Studios, Computers for editing, lighting and all the facilities for free as long as one has been accepted following training. The airport tight security building does not grant access to anyone who is not booked in to use the facilities, it is only open to those on the list to attend. YouTube Space London also provides free food and drinks through out the day.
 Lily Mutamz wrote on her Facebook page and YouTube community tab that she is inspired to start her own TV show due to the high quality standards that YouTube Space London has. Lily Mutamz stated that she recalls how Mr Simon Muwowo a Zambian based in Canada once encouraged Lily to start a TV show after he regularly watched her Videos. Lily Mutamz further added that a Subscriber named Tunde from Nigeria sent her a message via Instagram saying that he saw her as the Oprah Winfrey of Africa. Lily said she laughed about both statements but now all is making sense. Lily Mutamz aims to put up a production team so that they can shoot a few episodes in the YouTube Space London. The London Space is the Second biggest in the world from the Los Angeles, USA.
Lily Mutamz posted a video on her YouTube channel showing her journey to YouTube Space London. YouTube Space London is based in King’s Cross St Pancras. Her reaction was very emotional as she appreciated all her Subscribers. Lily was attending the Virtual Reality training where even the trainers from Los Angeles were shocked to hear how fast she has grown on YouTube. One of the trainers told the YouTuber that she has a feeling that Lily will grow even bigger. Another trainer in the video stated that Lily Mutamz was the first African on this course since it started.
 Lily Mutamz is very excited for this new journey and growth on YouTube and says that YouTube has changed her life. The YouTuber has received many opportunities including a TV opportunity for a company based in South Africa. Lily Mutamz has also been selling her own weightloss tea called NACHITOX which she advertised via her YouTube channel and social media pages. Lily Mutamz told us that she is making money through her tea sales. Lily Mutamz will be in Zambia soon and hopes to have a meeting with the Youth in Zambia to encourage them to become YouTubers. Dates on this will be announced shortly and it will be free entry. Lily Mutamz is definitely flying the Zambian flag high. Lily Mutamz is presently the highest Zambian Vlogger with over 820K views in total from her content.

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  1. That’s because LT is busy promoting her profile…go to Insta and you will see young women who basically do nothing but health and fitness achieving that. YouTube is old news even me who is not a teenager knows that.

  2. Do your research LT first before now being seen like you have an agenda here. Have you asked YouTube if your report here is true or you are simply being paid to spread falsehood? There are so many Zambian Vloggers on YouTube that have gone viral which from you excitement here, you have not yet come across. Stop misleading the world about the first Zambian this and that, same person first at everything, this girl is an attention seeker for your interest, ask here what happened to her for baby fathers, so called music carriers to preaching and now YouTube . Get your facts right, yes am from the UK and we know this girl is simply using that to blanket the realities of life mu diaspora. I might as well also go take pictures ku NASA and become the first Zambian Astronaut to go to the moon and…

    • You sound very bitter Kachema. What have you done? If you have information about her ,tell us. But in any case we are not interested. Ikaleni fye. I personally don’t know this young lady, but YOU, be guy, sound very jealousy. Grow up.

    • And you know me personally right.? This is how you lie, don’t speak on behalf on Zambians in the UK because we have a what’s app group and they don’t agree with your statement. Why do you find it so easy to lie about someone you don’t even know. What are your real names to see if you even know me. Oh sigh. You have nothing better to do in life. If a post doesn’t please you ignore it you won’t die, don’t be here making false stories when you are not even in my circles. Chaii. Kachepa Kachema, you are so bitter. If you want to learn something just ask for my details I will help you start your own channel and come and comment if you think getting even 1 Subscriber is a joke, I know YouTubers with only 5 Subscribers and they are struggling to grow. You have no idea who I really am.

  3. Kachema you are just a hater and it is obvious, you need help. Lily is a friend and we have all seen her grow. Kindly name the Zambian YouTuber ls that have 11, 700 Subscribers and have international following. Its because you cannot express yourself that is why you are jealous, it is typical of you Zambians in the UK that have nothing to do except talk about others. This is why Lily Chooses to hang around Nigerians who are her biggest support. How many Zambians have ever supported others. We know you, some if you especially in London. Lily has been a gospel artist and doesn’t even attend your events, what is this post got to do with her Ex who now married his fellow Ghanaian. Stop talking rubbish about how you know her when you have never even been friends. Pure Witchcraft Zambians. Hug…

    • You pipe down..you must be this girl Lilly..She chooses to hang out with Nigerians as they are good at one thing promoting their churches so they can rip people off, a Nigerian only thinks of how he/she can make use of you….Gospel Singer my foot…I would never date these hypocrites called Church singers!!

  4. Congratulations Lily I am so happy for you you deserve this. Keep soaring higher and may you continue to thrive and grow. – Rita Amanyire Much love from Uganda .

    • Congratulations for what? Go to Instagram who will find young men and women with followers of 200,000 and they icing on the cake is that these pages are linked to their pages where they sell their products.

    • Thank you my darling Rita. I love you guys in Uganda. I look forward to our Vlogs in Kampala together. Bless you darling. ????????

  5. Another misinformed Zambian happy to defend claims where there has been no research done, give us numbers from YouTube if she is the first before attacking Zambians in general. Here i was about to dance to a fellow Zambian achieving but your response ba @Swagger gives substance to ba @ Kachema. Why come on the defence and even point fingers here or there, when what you should be doing as a friend is simply heap more praise, tell the world the positives and yes give readers statistical evidence to compare on a person, which am sure you have to silence critics. Learn from our Zambian President himself, Even with all the criticism heaped on him as a public figure, the man still keeps moving and those around him speak out positively about him and any critics concern.

  6. Wow over 10k subscribers on YouTube that is impressive. I have actually watched the YouTube space video and it is nice to be able to see inside the facilities. The video is very informative well done Lilly keep on keeping on. Focus on your family and your goals. I know from personal experience that you are a generous person who tries to lift people up. For example you started the African youtubers facebook page. There is nothing wrong with marketing yourself and when you do it you try to take others with you. Once again well done and i hope people actually watch the video first as it will shed light but even if they don’t let go and let God focus on the light ance keep moving onwards and upwards.

    • Thanks Elizabeth my Ugandan sister from another mother. Its a joy to network with you amazing YouTubers and its my pleasure to share your works on African YouTubers Facebook page, ????

  7. Thank You Lusaka Times for your support. I am blown away by how much you take time to even share about Me. YouTube Space London is a great place, I am really inspired to work harder as a YouTuber. And to those of you who aspire to join the YouTube Bandwagon, do so and feel free to inbox me on Facebook or Instagram. Let’s have as many Zambians on YouTube so we can have lots of good things to talk about Zambia. Thanks alot to all those who have subscribed to my YouTube channel. I am grateful. God bless you.

    • You can say that Ba Mwenya and funny enough the Bullies can’t use their real names. Thanks for your support always. They will continue complaining as to why other countries are always on top. ??

  8. Jay Jay I can see you have nothing better to do in life. Tell us your real names than hiding under false names you pathetic Troll. Grow up!

    • Congratulations my dear, do not mind that stupid ungrateful enemy of progress called himself Jay Jay, I’m very sure he is from Zambia nd no one knows him there but he is busy here comparing u with other people. Only a weak man can do that.

    • you know what blogging is all about young girl for me to be giving you my name who are you? Go to Nigerian friends …who entertain folly.

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  9. Ba Lusaka Times, Laka? And there is your attention seeker craked by innocent @Kachema & @JayJay. What established public figure even at YouTube level will even find time to personally address opposing public opinions? The public is entitled to their opinion without being harassed by the author. POPCORN PLEASE…..

    • Jay jay, u talk like someone who have not even achieved a bicycle. Rich people i knw encourage they dnt discourage. So u are here to pull ur own sister down instead to push her up, Shame on u.

    • Emeka – How can I pull someone down who is not up and don’t know what they do? This is why those Nigerian chaps love our ladies very gullible indeed…very easy to charm with a VIP booth and some fizzy drinks you think the chap has made it life before you know it he is your no show baby father and moved on to your gullible best friend, Nigerian men even laugh to you!!

  10. Jay jay, u talk like someone who have not even achieved a bicycle. Rich people i knw encourage they dnt discourage. So u are here to pull ur own sister down instead to push her up, Shame on u.


  12. @emeka, as a Zambian mukolwe I take umbrage to your remarks about Zambian men
    you head wrong. sure there was that one time, but I was tired from working in the mines, then there was that other time I was a bit tipsy, and then there was that other time…., ok, my point is we satisfy plenty women. I wish you could ask my Igbo exgf she’d tell you…
    take care of yourselves my peoples, be safe on the weekend.
    jay jay boi i’ll come with my bicycle we can go ride together. lmfao

  13. @Mukolwe, make sure you take pictures as the first Zambian to ride a bicycle and send your story to LT @Alangizi, even me am the first Zambian to land in the UK, God Is Great…..

  14. There is something being exposed here. UK Zambians are a malicious gossiping group. Jealousy and spiteful attention seeking is a practice among this group. From a digital analysis of LT, (a study since 2015), it’s becoming obvious that the excellent entertainment site is becoming more like a gossip magazine. People are here to self promote and put other people down. I think it’s because of the age group who being targeted. The group exhibit Immaturity and fake worship of status and upmanship.
    @ Lily Mutamz, should not worry at the underhand personal gossip her story was met with, it’s cowardly behaviour. It’s very common on this site for miserable narrow minded people to pretend they know something about their fellow bloggers, usually they are people you’ve met in passing…

  15. BA @Patriot Abroad – Championing Mental Health, Democratic Rights, Inclusion & Participation, GOSSIPING is legal worldwide an even in your home. In fact in Zambia, people even gossip about the president what’s your opinion about that from a digital analyst? In fact, since you are in the UK, ask your neighbour what they think about you. Ku konda vizungu, Opinion yaba nga amatako, nefisushi fyonse fipita! Respect it and not arrogant defend it, Ni Opinion Ya Nyoko

  16. Kkkkk ala ba Jay Jay kuwayawayafye. Balabenikofye. Nobody will notice any diffrence if you argue with him.

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