A 75 year old woman has been burnt to death in Kang’wena area of Mushindamo district, in North-western Province, as she was trying to cross a burning bush.

North-western Province Commissioner of Police, Hudson Namachila, confirmed the development to ZANIS in an interview.

Mr Namachila identified the victim as Masalina Yotamu, a 75 year old woman, who met her fate as she tried to cross the burning bush slowly using a walking stick for support.

He said the incident occurred on July 3rd, 2019 between 13:30 hours and 14:00 hours in the afternoon.

The Police Commissioner added that because of her status, she failed to cross the bush on time, and was eventually caught in the fire which spread at fast rate, and sadly burnt to death.

Mr Namachila added that the police officers who visited the scene found the body severely burnt and have advised the relatives to bury the remains, as no foul play was suspected.

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  1. My late father told me years ago that the colonial government used to enforce the law on burning forests strictly through village heads and the office of the district commissioner. This law is probably still there but has been forgotten about the same way cultivation of Lantana Camara, an invasive alien species introduced to Africa by Dutch explorers, has been forgotten about. It’s still illegal to grow Lantana Camara in Zambia and has been since 1948. Technocrats in the Ministry of Agriculture know it but sadly you don’t see them campaign against Lantana Camara cultivation during agricultural shows. Now that’s like Zambia, isn’t it ?


    • Very sad, an elderly woman that age should’ve been with someone to assist her in the bush.



  2. The problem is that in that area they believe and practice witchcraft so much that even this fire could be mysterious. Either Chief Mumena or Kalilele must send his induna to investigate. The police can’t find anything


  3. In ancient times the burning bushes used to talk to people, not kill them. Do you remember old Moses in Egypt?



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