Four Shops have been burnt to ashes while the 5th one was partially burnt in a fire that started at around 12:14 hours this afternoon at Mukuba House on President Avenue.

Responding to a distress call at 12:24 hours, Ndola City Council Fire Brigade managed to quench the fire which is believed to have started from a tailoring shop saving the rest of the building from being engulfed.

However, the Ndola City Council is disappointed that a building that is housing a total of 31 shops had no fire equipment such as extinguishers and no fire certification from the Council.

Ndola City Council Public Relations Manager Tilyenji Mwanza said the proprietor of the building has been since been summoned by the local authority.

Ms. Mwanza has advised members of the public and business houses to adhere to all requirements needed to operate business premises such as fire and health certificates.

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  1. No fire extinguishers?

    What is the role of government these days?

    If the top is rotten, the bottom certainly will be.


  2. It must be mandatory for shops to have smoke sensors complete with sprinkler extinguishers


  3. it’s the council that should be inspecting the buildings for various codes and compliance.
    why are they “disappointed” who did they want to implement and enforce various building codes and by laws?
    they are so monotropic, just collecting money and blind to everything else


    • Indeed it’s surprising that the council is “surprised”. It’s their duty to make frequent inspections of business premises in their jurisdiction to monitor among other things safety compliance matters. They issue business licences which are renewable annually. Don’t they check even this once at application of such licences? Madam PR apa peve mwafwaula mwandi, you have trully exposed yourselves as being incompetent.


  4. The identity of the owner of the building won’t be revealed because he’s obviously well connected, unless they discover that he’s a supporter of Hichilema then they’ll show him the other side of the Law. Council firemen move from office to office because they’re also suppliers of extinguishers. It’s not possible that this building went unnoticed, somebody has already eaten


  5. #3 mukolwe, I am equally disappointed, rather disgusted, with local councils.

    Last week a council I think it was Lusaka announced that they had registered so many dogs, but the Spokesperson was emphasising on how much money they had raised without a single mention of how that will help the community in terms of health and safety. And see them on the roads collecting “parking fees” which is just a disguise for raising allowances for senior civic leaders!!
    Wherever there are trib.als in any country, it’s shambolic and total chaos!!



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