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Government will destroy structures built on strategic places reserved for development-Kapata

General News Government will destroy structures built on strategic places reserved for development-Kapata

Minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Jean Kapata
Minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Jean Kapata

Lands Minister Jean Kapata has warned that there will be no sacred cows in the demolition of structures built on road reserves and other strategic places earmarked for development across the country.

Speaking after issuing demolition notices to some residents in Matero who have built on top of the water and sewer pipes, Ms. Kapata said government will not allow citizens to suffer on account of a few irresponsible individuals.

She said people should help government fight diseases like cholera and other abdominal illnesses by not vandalising the sewer and water pipes.

And Ms. Kapata who is also PF Mandevu Member of Parliament has assured marketeers of government support and protection against harassment from anyone.

She has further advised marketeers to report anyone harassing them in the name of the party.

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  1. It would be much cheaper to control property development. But that’s too much to expect from Zambian politics and government. Knocking down structures built on land reserved for public infrastructure is a cost also but it seems Jean Kapata needs help understanding that.

    • Everything built without planning permission should be destroyed, yes.

      What about the stories that some ministers are building a “city” on reserved land?

      Let us treat everyone equally please.

    • All structures built on open spaces, recreational land, road, rail and services reserves MUST be knocked down without compensation.

  2. Greed made us choke intercity bus station and the railway station. Instead of allowing for the land adjacent to the station for future expansion of the station greedy politicians in MMD grabbed the land and encroached on the the Zambia Railways way leave to allocate themselves plots and sell some. Look at the ugly buildings existing there.
    The planners were not foolish to allow a way leave for future rail expansion and safety issues in terms of accidents etc.
    This excessive insatiable personal greed at the expense of the community is bad. Intercity is already choking with buses. What will happen 10 years from now? We will have to buy these people off at exhorbitant cost or relocate the station. Infact extension into those plots towards Kamwala would be ideal together with the…

    • @paul, I thought I was alone in regretting what has become of Zambia Railways. The biggest problem is our selves, echempwena, navel-gazing (not sure this the right translation). When will we bring an end to the rot; the bacteria and fungi that is contaminating our fabric. Even the most patriotic people are almost giving up in fever of selfishness under the banner sebanawekute. Fellow Zambians, weakup while you still have a bit of energy and save you beloved nation.
      Look at what happened to Prof Clive Chirwa who accepted an invitation from the late President Sata to come home and run Zambia Railways limited (ZRL) in the capacity as Chief Executive Officer.
      I abandoned everything to come and serve my country. I carried out my orientation study in order to understand the enormous…

  3. Minister be proactive rather than reactive. Your ministry shouldn’t issue permission to develop letters for illegal properties. Deal with your internal foibles first as s ministry.

  4. How about those cadres who have built along the railway line from Jack compound to Lilayi? aren’t you seeing them? Lawlessness at its best. Just the other day, some minister told police to stop confiscating things from vendors (nothing wrong with that, but have you reversed the SI you issued on same?) No respect for same law they have created

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