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My time to leave ZAAA will come-Mpondela

Sports My time to leave ZAAA will come-Mpondela

NHA Chief Executive Officer Elias Mpondela
Elias Mpondela

Long serving Zambia Amateur Athletics Association President Elias Mpondela has disclosed that he will leave the Association when the time is right.

Mr Mpondela who has been at the helm of ZAAA since 1998 says time for him to pass the mantle to someone else will come.

Without disclosing when that time will be, Mr Mpondela said the Association has put in place a robust succession plan.

He said there are already a lot of Zambians that are lining up to replace him.

“The time is coming, everything has time and we already have a lot of people lining up to take over,” Mr Mpondela said in an interview.

Mr Mpondela said he is very proud of the achievements he has scored in his 21 year reign at the Association.

He was speaking Monday morning during the Hot FM Breakfast Show.

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  1. You have over stayed your position Sir.

    You have been around even before HH became leader of his party.

    Lungu will aim to over stay in office as well, and it is not want Zambia needs.

    • Kaunda left, but that Mpondela still abuse ECZ closures to endorse his kingship.
      These are kind of leaders who should be in jail for abusing the domicile citizens.
      Matete and Kalusha offered themselves to Zambians, just to find these kind of people.

  2. Mr.Mpondela,are you aware that you became ZAAA President at the same time Anderson Kambela Mazoka was forming UPND? Imagine if ZAAA was a political party.Democracy must be embraced everywhere and its time you paved way fro others.

    • We Zambians are to blame…we tolerate this mediocrity if we were ambitious to achieve anything at Olympics this parasite would have been kicked out long time ago.

  3. There are only two achievements this guy has made:
    1) introduction of inter company relay.

    2) managed to make Zambia a sporting minion in the region which it was a powerhouse.

    In conclusion, Mpondela you are a failure together with your appointing authority

  4. What is it that you want to do which you have failed to do in your 21 years as ZAAA President? You became president during Chiluba’s reign, then came Mwanawasa, RB, Sata and now Lungu, but ZAAA has only known one person as president! DISGUSTING!

  5. Wht does your constitution state

    What does upendi constitution state

    What does pf constitution state

  6. This chap has become stup!d! There’s literally nothing he has done for sport in the country other than pocketing all funds. Any well meaning organisation with proper structures in place can’t tolerate this talk!

  7. Let us also not change for the sake of changing. Zambians are good at making changes without even knowing who is taking over

  8. You should have left 10 years ago though you can even leave today and not when you are 6 feet under. That is leaving through default.

  9. The maximum you can lead people is 5 years and there after no more fresh ideas.
    The next think that follow is abuse of power and corruption.
    Bwana you have outlived your usefulness please give chance to others with fresh ideas.
    No wonder sport has stagnated in Zambia.

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