The Milenge Local Court has granted divorce to a woman for excessive alcohol intake and using abusive language on the husband.

Before Local Court magistrate Heaven Chimpandu, was Grace Kasongo of Talayi village in Chief Sokontwe’s chiefdom who was accused of insulting the husband whenever she gets drunk.

ZANIS reports that the husband, Chilufya Chimpeta 42, of Ellena Musonda village in the same chiefdom asked the court to divorce them saying he has been embarrassing him in the community and asked that their twelve year old marriage be dissolved.

Magistrate Chimpandu in granting divorce ordered the complainant to build a house for the ex-wife in six months’ time and give her K 4, 000.00 as compensation.

The Magistrate Chimpandu further ordered the husband to be giving the woman K200.00 every month as support to their two children who will remain in the custody of the woman.

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    • Lusaka Times, please proofread your articles.

      There are never any happy endings when it comes to excessive alcohol consumption. Many families have been torn apart.

      In the meantime, Jonathan is having his breakfast right now. Cornflakes with beer (not milk), and a large jug of beer (not tea).


  1. Clearly the main problem in this marriage is the woman but why pass such a verdict? These courts!……..or maybe there could be some other things we have not been told about the man?


    • The one who requests for divorce if the other party wants reconciliation has to pay. This is how come he has been charged to pay. He must have insisted on divorce.


  2. At times our Magistrates and the law go beyond bounds of reason. In this case, who is the wrong-doer and why benefit her as to punish the complaint. The Magistrate should have given the complaint custody of the children and pay her nothing, after all she is a drunkard. How are we certain that that she will take care of the children? APPEAL MR COMPLAINT!



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