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Zambian Government issues a travel advisory for Zambians wishing to travel to Nigeria

General News Zambian Government issues a travel advisory for Zambians wishing to travel...

The Zambian Government has issued a travel advisory for Zambians wishing to travel and those already in Nigeria and introduced a new risk indicator in order to communicate more clearly to Zambians the risks of kidnapping and hostage taking by criminals and terrorist actors in that country.

In Its travel advisory for Nigeria, government indicated that the security situation in the Northeast of the country has continued to deteriorate due to escalating terrorist attacks by terrorist groups, especially Boko Haram.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said given the significant number of Zambian citizens that travel to Nigeria, it has found it prudent to alert members of the public to take caution and should need arise for them to travel to that country.

Zambians have been advised against however that most attacks occur in the Northeast, particularly in Borno and Yobe States where terrorist threat is high as there have been frequent attacks in the recent past and Zambians have been advised against travelling to these states.

Ministry spokesperson Nephas Chifuta said should it become absolutely necessary to travel Zambians must avoid places where crowds gather, including political meetings, religious gatherings, markets, shopping malls, hotels, bars, restaurants, transport husband camps for displaced people.

Mr. Chifuta said Terrorist attacks tend to be indiscriminate and places frequented by tourists could be targeted.

He advised that Zambian nationals working in Northern Nigeria should make sure that their employers provide an adequate level of security where they live and work and should constantly review security arrangements and familiarise themselves with the same.

Mr. Chifuta also advised that Zambians should follow news reports and developments and seek Consular support from the Zambia High Commission in Abuja, Nigeria.

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  1. Trump said something that he was criticised for and yet truthful that “African black people are animals. They kill each other and run to America for help. Let them kill themselves.” Indeed we are animals. Look at the killings of foreigners in South Africa, Rwanda Genocide, killings in Suda, DRC and Nigeria. Curse people cursed race

    • We are not a cursed people, we just believe violence is a tool we can use to settle differences and solve problems.

    • Pleasee give the kidnappers credit. They only target people they know come from countries whose government would intervene.

      No Zambian has ever been kidnapped for ransom before.

    • Denkede: U can add the latest, Cameroun. These are post-colonial states, that is artificial nations. Those privileged to be in leadership ought to realize that running a post-colonial state is essentially an exercise in nation-building by human intervention and not social evolution. They hv a duty to set a good example. Offices of state include those where holders are elected and those where they’re appointed such as civil servants and parastatal heads.Why should same people dominate all three? What’s left for others if u really want a cohesive poltical entity? Before u sloganeer “one Zambia one nation”, u should ask yourself this question.

    • @Denkede, haven’t you heard of Sarajevo, Kosovo, Bosnia, Militias in Ukraine, Lebanon or Vietnam? These are places with non-Africans but with people once burnt on killing each other. The US or Russia are not called Super Powers for providing hugs but for having the most advanced fellow human killing means, and are certainly not African. Why aren’t you saying Caucasians are cursed for having bred Hitler? I guess you’d have said something of the sought if Hitler was African.

  2. Giving advice to our gold digging women is like talking to a wall! That’s why they use them outside the country..

    • Agree it is for Zambian women, and they never even get rich.
      Locally women are even robbing banks.

  3. Boko Haram started terrorizing the North-east of Nigeria over a decade ago and this is when you’re seeing it fit to issue a travel advisory? Are there any normal people who work in the PF government? Why can’t you just sit down and eat taxpayers money if you have nothing to talk about. Kindly also give us the numbers of Zambians who’ve travelled to Borno and Yobe states of Nigeria in the past ten years or indeed those who work in those states. Even the time when Boko haram attacks were at their peak our government never issued a travel advisory but now when the attacks are infrequent, the government decides to issue a travel advisory. Such a useless bunch of 1d1ots.

    • Kangwa: Govt is right about this travel advisory. Haven’t u heard that the Nigerian parliament itself has been in lock down lately? Some Shiite Moslems are agitating for something.

  4. Avoid Nigeria like the HIV disease ,that country is very dysfunctional ,unsafe and full ritual killers and kidnappers.

  5. Only Denkete is an animal thats why he call/she calls him/herself Denkete -Named after animal disease in cattle.He or she thinks like a cow.

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