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Chitotela directs NCC to establish construction schools in all the 10 provinces


Minister of Housing and Infrastructure RONALD CHITOTELA.
Minister of Housing and Infrastructure RONALD CHITOTELA.

Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Hon. Ronald Chitotela says he wants to see the National Council for Construction (NCC) decentralize their training school.

Hon. Chitotela says the NCC should establish construction schools in all the 10 provinces of the country so that a lot of people have access to the construction training being offered by the council.

He says imparting of construction knowledge in people is important as it is a lifelong skill and one way of creating employment among the people.

The Minister was speaking in his office this morning when National Council for Construction Board Chairperson ROSETA CHABALA presented the NCC 2018 annual report.

“It is important that you seriously start thinking of decentralizing your training school. If you cannot manage to establish the school in all the 10 provinces, you can start with setting up schools in 2 or 3 provinces. This will greatly help because people will not have to travel long distances to come to Lusaka to attend classes,” Hon. Chitotela said.

And Mr. Chitotela has challenged the NCC to be aggressive in carrying out its mandate. He said the NCC has a lot of power of ensuring that construction companies do not flout the rules of construction.

In response Mrs Chabala said the NCC is working hard to ensure that the 20 % sub-contracting policy is strictly adhered to by all big constructing companies.

She said current statistics show that there is a reduction in the resources allocated to foreign contractors from 90 % to 2017 to 85 % in 2018.

Mrs Chabala said that this is a clear indication that the 20% sub-contracting policy is bearing fruit.

Meanwhile Mrs Chabala says the NCC is engaging individual local contractors to consider merging so that they form big companies and compete for big contracts.


  1. I guess this thief will continue stealing money.

    You wonder what kick backs he is getting this time.

    I truly pray he will share the same prison cell as Lungu, Kaizer and Kambwili.

    I also pray he will be asked to pick up the soap during showers in prison, so he knows how it feels to be shafted.

    • The first thing you will hear is that a school will be constructed in either Northern, Luapula or Muchinga province.

    • Its business as usual for this crook ….I am sure their is some sort of funding in here for constrution projects to single source to his Chink partners…he has to pay his lawyers after that case!

    • Does it really matter where the NCC starts from? Trouble is you think it’s not possible to find yourself living in those provinces one day. This narrowmindedness is unhelpful.

  2. As much as I am upset the ACC bumbled the case against this crook of a minister, it was better the prolonged their investigation for five years. While he was under that he was not making pronouncements for unnecessary building and projects. In PF the people that are smart don’t come up with nonsensical ideas, it’s the riff raff ministers I fear because they are so confident in their ideas. Justice minister, religious minister both do and say things that are mostly beneficial to Zambia. Like it or not. Bowman, this crook and kampyongo are the useless ones am referring to.

  3. After they have depleted the budget for construction to the tune of $17 billion debt , after 95% the construction was done by foringners , externalising hudge amounts, now you want yo teach Zambians to build ????

    Very dull PF GRZ this is……

    If anything you want to open schools that will cater for manufacturing and small scale industries , this makes sense since we were told that the second phase after infrastructure is manufacturing industries

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