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ACC grabs 56 flats belonging to Ministry of Finance official


Part of the seized flats
Part of the seized flats

The Anti- Corruption Commission has confirmed seizing 56 units of flats belonging to a Ministry of Finance official alleged to be proceeds of crime.

“We wish to state that the Commission has been investigating allegations of possession of property reasonably suspected of being proceeds of crime against a Ministry of Finance official in Lusaka,” ACC Spokesman Timothy Moono said.

Mr Moono said investigations established that 48 flats were acquired by the suspect in Chalala area, off Shantumbu road, Lusaka.

“Of the 48 units, 30 (Thirty) are complete and 18 (Eighteen) are incomplete. In addition 13 bare plots were also seized.”

Mr Moono said the properties have since been forfeited to the State pursuant to the Anti- Corruption Commission (Disposal of Recovered Property) Regulations.

Part of the seized flats1
Part of the seized flats1


  1. Kekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
    It is daily theft….. but why the money laundering is only caught up after “flats” are built?

    • Good question Nostradamus. Bloggers should also be having a conversation with one another. This is a sign of broken dwn systems. Even people who supervise him aren’t embarrassed by this.

    • @Mwelwa
      We have been stealing for many years, as far back as i can remember. I had a relative who amassed properties and all sorts, he was just a civil servant clerk or something. At the time we all called him clever, ati mudala ni guy zoona.

    • Rubbish
      meantime Chitotela is free, when we all know that he is a corrupt theif. Justice in Zambia is selective.

  2. Under whose watch did this clown steal so much? Which ever Minister, PS, Directors and others must be thoroughly investigated and if found wanting, be electrocuted, oh, sorry prosecuted!

    • The only problem i have under this “State pursuant to the Anti- Corruption Commission (Disposal of Recovered Property) Regulations.” no one tells us how much money is recovered from this and who buys this property…there is no advert about the next auction of ACC property. This is just shared at give away prices by the same corrupt ministers…it reminds me of the Newsted Zimba days when he was Home Affairs Minister and all the confiscated DEC posh BMWs used to end up as his sons’ vehicles.

    • ACC should also claim rentals he got before seizure of the properties. He wasn’t entitled to them either.

    • What about the man with the high sounding title of accountant general? ZICA , the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants persuaded govt to create this position as an anti-dote to resource misuse. Where was he looking when all this rot was going on? American ambassador Daniel Foote knew wht he was talking about.

    • The only problem is they are selectively picking which cases to follow up…only small fish will be accountant is busy getting rich in the Finance Ministry alone, where are the big fish?

  3. why are they protecting the identity of the scumbag? official my a ss
    expose the thief, why are you exposing the proceedings of the crime and not the criminal?
    if the case is under investigation then don’t seize them flats, the fact that they’ve done that means that the investigations are done, so why hide the identity of the person(s) behind?

  4. When we say corruption under Lazy Lungu’s administration has grown out of control…this is what we mean and the sad part about this case is Chitotela’s proxy construction company is mentioned and linked.

    And someone is singing everyday that Zambia is a christian morally upright country when they can not even afford to build one a pit latrine…just imagine those who are smart enough to launder their money and build abroad what they have!!

    • You are right. Damn imagine how many students at CBU or UNZA this money would have accomodated. But the culture of corruption in Zambia in general is very high, most of the times it passes as merely “ukulyamo” but really it has poisoned the minds of the workforce both in the public and private sectors. So sad.

  5. Such property must not just be “forfeited” to the state. People must know exactly which arm of government is beneficiary. If it’s Correctional Services, let the public know at some point. During the Mark Chona Anticorruption Task Force under the LPM, most recovered properties were plundered TWICE.. such irony! In fact, properties like flats should go to Hostels Board or NHA although given chance NHA will likely vapourise such assets due in part to its huge outstanding debt to employees, contractors and suppliers!

    • They must know which ACC account its linked to like they do in the US and that account must be audited by AG office and overseen by Parliament. This property should only be sold at a Public auction not shared among Security Wing chiefs and funds raised pumped back into fighting corruption.

  6. Now watch the second phase of this particular looting……..hungry pf crooks will be scampering to corruptly buy those properties at knockdown prices while they are spending millions on accommodation for police and other GRZs…..

    Indeed looting and corruption has gotten out of hand under lungu……..

    If lungu was not a thief, he would volunteer himself to a wealth to earnings audit to set an example….

    But lungu is only having small fish get caught to cover his tracks…..

    • Lungu is the gangster in chief. He’s steeped up to his neck in corruption. That’s why he has no desire to fight it.

  7. My word…..the ACC DOES win SOME cases!!

    They lose so many it’s not even worth getting too excited, but a small upturn at the end of my lips is beginning to form……think it’s pleasure!!

    Step it up ACC. We want hangings for entertainment.

  8. Seize the properties n lock up the culprits. ACC should continue emptying the swamp, we tired of thieves n robbers abusing the country”s resources for personal use.

  9. I have no words. This is from the ministry of Finance. 2 Flats would be unimaginable, 56 is a bit ridiculous. Maggie must have been way drunk. Kikikikikiki

  10. White collar Thieving has always been there. Kapoko was not under PF, but amassed so much wealth. The population is ever inreasing and expect that geniuses Will at theft will also increase. Never think that if UPND,NAREP OR NDC formed govt, there will be less of these. That is just REALITY OF LIFE.

  11. @Equalizer increase the volume mune .is there any government came out clean without Zambians complain about corruption? Even UPND they are just waiting for the same thing.they will think previous ministers stolen a lot and they are rich . let’s us in rich ourselves too

    • Me that’s why I stopped voting. I don’t trust any of these politicians. As for UPND it can even be worse, after being in opposition for more 20 years. I had so much hope and trust in the PF but only to come and take us 10 years back

  12. Why should those flats be forfeited to the state when the suspect has not yet been convicted? Have we gone the Kenyan way? Are we saying he’s guilty till proven innocent?

  13. These are effects of insufficient leadership. Leadership that has gone to slumber will push the nation in an abyss of corruption and pilferage. We need to blame for putting in leadership that is not resilient in the fight against corruption. With all this evidence, the man will be acquitted by the corrupt judiciary. The whole system is rotten to the core. Corruption, nowadays, is a culture and is part of our moral fabric. Children are born out of corruption. They are raised in a curse of corruption. It is a cycle which will never be broken unless we assemble leadership that will abhor this vice. The fight against corruption requires political will. Not in the current state. Zambia is going down the drain of poverty,diseases and ignorance owing to this scourge of corruption.

  14. What of our president why is he not investigated because is the big fish on the FIC issue,problem the Ant corruption they fear some individuals due to their position they are not focused to their and their law and principles, they forget that the law is above anyone. Why are you following small fish in the sea,start to deal with big fish and it will be easy for you to deal with tuma small fish involved

  15. What is the name of this thieving official from the Ministry of Finance. Let the nation know him since properties built from tax payer’s money is public money. LT do the right thing by shielding thieves.

  16. This is ridiculous reporting and ACC spokesperson should be ashamed of himself!!! If he cant even reveal the name of the culprit then why even inform the public? And why do they even wait for plunderers to invest using criminal means and then at the end of the day we don’t even know how the matters are concluded in the respective jurisdictions!!! so keep such cases to yourself instead of disturbing our peace!!

  17. So why didn’t ACC do the same for Chitotela? The ACC idoits even had evidence and the name of the Chinese company that corrupt paid this “honourable” thief $300,000 but deliberately withheld this simple, vital and readily available evidence so that the “honourable” thief is acquitted. Does the Anti Corruption Commission, its board, management and officers have any shame at all? Specifically, does its spokesperson have any shame at all?
    Exactly the same case involving proceeds of crime for the Finance official and for the “honourable thief”, BUT different application of law ….. what a government!!! …..really laughable …. maybe “really criable” is better?

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