Saturday, June 15, 2024

Mufulira commences painting of all schools in the district


Mufulira District Commissioner Hildah Kawesha says all public schools in the district are currently being repainted, as part of the keep Zambia clean and green campaign.

Ms Kawesha said the school repainting exercise which is currently on going is meant to positively transform the physical outlook of public schools in the district and encourage cleanliness.

She said many schools have so far completed the exercise, while others are still being painted.

“This exercise has really changed the appearance of public schools in Mufulira, they are looking so neat that one can even mistake them for public schools,” she said.

Ms. Kawesha added that schools in the district have also been instructed to keep their lawns green, which will help improve the school appearance.

“The Keep Zambia Clean and Green is really yielding results, because parents are now proud to take their children to public schools because they have become just as attractive as private schools,” she said.

The District Commissioner said she will continue working closely with the Ministry of General Education in the district, to ensure that pupils learn in a conducive and clean environment.


  1. Painting walls is a big deal in Zambia? Why do we need to know that school wall will receive a coat of emulsion?

  2. Cleanliness should start from inside out!! First and foremost you should provide:
    1.Enough Desks for students,
    2.Enough Text books and other learning Materials for pupils
    3.Improve on sanitary and provide running water at all times
    4.Reduce the Teacher student ratio from currently 50 students to one teacher
    5.Pay teachers on time
    Once these conditions have been met then the district commissioner can paint all the schools any colour she likes

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