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Tayali fails to travel because of Visa glitch for his wife


Newly married couple, Economic and Equity Party(EEP) Leader, Chilufya Tayali’s and his wife, Mrs. Tsega

Newly married couple, Economic and Equity Party(EEP) Leader, Chilufya Tayali’s and his wife, Mrs. Tsega failed to board a flight to Lusaka this morning from Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa.

Authorities and airline officials informed Tsega that she needed a Visa issued to to her before she could be allowed to travel to Lusaka, Zambia.

Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, His Excellency Emmanuel Mwamba confirmed the development and expressed surprise that Mr. Tayali had not applied a visa for his wife.

Mr. Mwamba said it’s a mandatory requirement for citizens of countries such as Ethiopia for the Zambian government to issue visas prior to their travel.

He said in this case the Visa application is made online straight to Lusaka as it was a refered application only approved from Lusaka.

He has since advised the Tayalis that an urgent application be made and the Embassy will liaise with Lusaka for an emergence approval.

Mr. Mwamba said he has previously recommended to government that Africa was moving to lift restrictive protocols that prevented free movement of people and free movement of goods hence the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

He said many countries including Ethiopia and Kenya have since removed the restrictions of visas for citizens of member states of the African Union and are now issued at the point of entry.

Mr. Mwamba said he has advised the couple to reschedule their travel as the Embassy resolves the Visa issue for Mrs. Tsega Tayali.

Tayali and Tsega married in a colorful ceremony at the weekend in Addis Ababa.

This is according to a statement issued by First Secretary for Press and Tourism at the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia Inutu Mupango Mwanza.


  1. He said in this case the Visa application is made online straight to Lusaka as it was a refered application only approved from Lusaka.

    He has since advised the Tayalis that an urgent application be made and the Embassy will liaise with Lusaka for an emergence approval.

    • Congratulations Tiyali. You have just proved to folk that “never say never”. And never underestimate anyone’s capabilities.

    • So Tsenga has never been to Zambia before?????
      I feel sorry for that naive girl, she is very dull, no wonder she didn’t know who Tayali is.
      I hope Ministry of Housing has prepared Tayali a house, one of those houses used to belong to deputy ministers.

    • Really laughable …that’s one Tayali for you, he had Zambian Embassy officials at his wedding preparations all time and all he was thinking of is getting on an aircraft…surely what’s happened to Zambia that we give oxygen to such jokesters: anyway the naive young lady will learn the hard way who she has married. I hope she has brothers to sort Tayali out but its too late now. I hope your reservations in Hotels in Lusaka has not been cancelled and you will be refunded.

    • This is unacceptable. I can’t wait for a time when Africans will no longer be required to have VISAs just to travel around on their own continent. Speed up the free movement of people. Again congrats to the newly wed couple.

    • Ethiopia is a gold mine like many other places on the continent. I have one such friend from there and will next meet in three months time and Tayali is now my chufi!

      I have dated a number from this side of the continent and found South Africans with minor exceptions to be crude …

  2. At first I thought this wedding was a joke!……Zambian men tulibakali.We marry beautiful women. Wishing you every happiness

    • A foreigner doesn’t mean beautiful. I have one, and had more of them compared to Zambian women. When I had those Zambian women, I didn’t get any respect.
      In Zambia, if you come with an Indian or white woman you are aromatically promoted as a headmaster.
      In Zambian those who are married to white women are the ones sit on best sofas at a funeral house. And those with Ethiopian women will always be first board a bus.
      If it was at Lusaka Airport, that Ethiopian girl would have first to board plane without even stamping her passport.

  3. That was gonna shock me initially, never needed a visa and got my visa on arrival when I got to Zambia. Then I read about the restrictions. Wish them well. Though man, we ask fellow africans for prior visa approvals but don’t do it for Europeans etc (we just paid the fee at the airport and got waived through).

    • Imagine! tulo! Europeans are treated like Gods. Fellow Africans like sh*t. The selfhate of Africans. The inferiority complexes of Africans. They still pray to a muzungu

  4. what is beauty?
    it’s very subjective
    some of you Zambians equate beauty with light skin
    I have never seen that woman, so I wouldn’t comment, even if I did, it don’t even matter, it’s up to tayali, if he considers her beautiful, that’s all that matters
    visa restrictions…most African (esp. central, east and south) don’t need one to apply for a visa in advance, one can obtain it upon arrival at the airport. but as usual, Zambia is behind putting unnecessary restrictions.
    tayali should have checked the requirements…I thought he was some sort of politician, he should have known…maybe was preoccupied with wedding preps.
    good luck to them

  5. It looks like she’s never visited Tayali in Zambia before. She’s not even sure what or who she’s marrying let alone where the husband comes from. Teti wabala wasendako ka VISA waya tandalila ba to be kwena? The VISA issue shouldn’t have come up this time. Tondolo musuma!

    • She is a young naive girl, all Tayali has to do is show her LT page or ask her to google his name and her photo comes up not knowing the chap is a shameless bootlicker for hire within the Ruling party!!

  6. This is a person who wants to lead Zambia at one…..the moron does not even know that someone from Ethiopia needs a visa to get passage into Zambia. Pure schooled Zambian.

  7. Something seems not to be right with this marriage and wedding undertaken at supersonic speed. How could Tayali not know that the woman needed a visa to enter Zambia before she acquires residency? Who is paying for Tayali`s expenses? I hope this will be the last surprise and inconvenience for the woman trusting she fully knows her partner.

    • You shouldn’t be surprised with Tayali’s antics remember Mayoral Elections registration where he failed to register…the girl is too naive and young I feel for her!!

  8. Congratulations but please umusebanya twakana bena zambia.Your wife is supposed right not this ifi fya mavisa fya bupuba

  9. Big congratulations to Mr. Tayali. I pray everything goes well and that Mr. Tayali settles happily with his wife. I am impressed with Ambassador Mwamba for his support to Mr. Tayali. Regardless of political affiliations and stances, we need to support each other. We are one Zambia one nation. You are a good leader Ambassador Mwamba.

    • Zambian ambassadors or Mwamba is not a seasoned civil servant because if he was he would not be commenting on individual cases!!

  10. Forgive the man, It was the excitement of love, conversely a leader has to be diligent at all times.

  11. In Ethiopia men put on wedding rings as well. I noticed that our brother from Zambia is not wearing a ring in the picture. Is it a Zambian tradition?

  12. Just stupid policies. What is the African union for. Europeans and Americans can get a visa on arrival at the airport and a fellow African has to go through such. Ubututu. The world is changing and we still have outdated policies.

    • You are wrong …EU citizens or British can get visas on arrival but you risk being turned away and ruining their holiday so you are better off getting it in London before departure, Nigerians know that London is a no nonsense office so they go to Scotland to apply.

    • Plus dont confuse AU with SADC…even though RSA is a member you still need visa …so what I you complaining about, do you want Somalis to flood your town?

  13. You can get a VISA on arrival at the airport so as the bilateral agreement with another country.Ethiopia is not one of those that have signed bilateral with Zambia.Get informed skunk!!

  14. Give Tayali some space, he has married a beautiful lady and we have to wish him well, what is wrong with us Zambians and the pull him down mentality, the man needs everyone’s blessings, please. Has he offended anyone by getting married in style?. AYO NI MA JEALOUS, FIND YOUR OWN ETHIOPIAN.

  15. Tayali Mwaiche read the immigration requirements for foreign nationals coming to Zambia. We know you are very excited after wedding your love, we are also happy for you but national rules must be followed. Try and reduce stress on your wife. All the best, just apply for a visa and then sort out the paper work when you come to Zambia it is a straight forward case except that you forgot the visa issues for your Love.

  16. Ethiopians call Bantu people Bareya or Shanqalla meaning MONKEY ! the only reason she is with him is because she thinks he has money !

    • They are black people too, all Africans are the only humans on the planet. Science teaches us that. Some Somalians think they are Arab and say things like this, which is funny. Europeans tried to divide us, it is slowly changing. Black people from Ethiopia to South Africa and even Mali waking up and knowing God chose and created them. Are you European by any chance, you sound like someone trying to uphold white supremacy ( white inferiority mental illness ), which some white people try to hold on too.

  17. @Chendabusiku, Tayali is a PF cadre as evidenced by the whole Zambian embassy was involved in the marriage of Tayali. Zambians are without jealous over Tayali marrying Tsenga. Probably Tsenga has not taken time to know who Tayali is, his character, his short political manoeuvres so far and his main source of livelihood. It is for this reason many are concerned how he will sustain that marriage with a foreign wife (nothing wrong marrying a foreigner). Zambians do not want to be embarrassed with failure to sustain that marriage because Tayali failed to redeem his assets from bailiffs because of huge debts Tayali owes.
    Some of us thought Tayali was married already demonstrated by the manner he speaks with disparaging commentary to older and married Zambians of other political views. That is…

  18. That is worrying. Truthfully, Tayali has formed his political party as a PF satellite to earn an income which has been proved in the past. Many Zambians have married foreign wives and Zambians embassy has only issued visa to their new wives. Perhaps Tayali took it for granted that since he is PF, visa to his wife will be issued without much ado. All these are manifestations of how Tayali is at home with PF and probably will house him and put him on pay roll as a PF ambassador.

  19. @Nzelu , I am Half Ethiopian/Zambian so I am talking from experience ! Go Ethiopia or Eritrea and see how you will be treated.

  20. We hope Mwamba wasn’t using tax payers on this man’s wedding because he is a shameless scrounger . Why has he been given so much publicity ?

  21. Please continue entertaining us, we really enjoy such drama..Kikiki..the embassy officials fail to advise the newly wed after getting drunk at their wedding regarding spousal visa..

  22. We only vote someone who a both Zambian between a Husband & Wife . We have a lot of beautiful ladies in Zambia who a not married but u have decides 2marry outside, So 4some1 2stand as a President unless his wife is Zambian. Its a new law & we must take it seriously.

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