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President Lungu congratulates UK’s Prime Minister Johnson


UK's New Prime Minister Boris Johnson
UK’s New Prime Minister Boris Johnson

President Edgar Lungu has congratulated newly appointed Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson on his victory as the new Prime Minister of Britain.

In his congratulatory message the President Lungu said he is looks forward to working with Mr Johnson in various developmental aspects.

This is contained in a press statement issued to ZANIS by Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Isaac Chipampe.

The Head of State has noted that Mr Johnson’s election as Prime Minister demonstrates the confidence that the Conservative Party and the people of the United Kingdom have in his leadership qualities, which borders on fostering national unity and prosperity.

President Lungu added that Zambia and the United Kingdom have cooperated in various areas of development such as health, education, social protection, good governance and water and sanitation, a situation he hopes to continue.

President Lungu further expressed confidence that Zambia and the UK will continue to actively develop and explore new areas of cooperation for the mutual benefit of both countries.

“On behalf of the government and the people of the Republic of Zambia and indeed on my own behalf, I wish to extend our heartfelt congratulations to you as the new Conservative Party leader and the next Prime Minister,” said the President.

Mr Johnson takes over from Theresa May who has served as Prime Minister since 2016.


  1. Lazy Lungu first one to congratulate….Boris Johnstone had to debate his way to the top against Jeremy Hunt for top position something this utterly lazy moron does not tolerate as he uses his bootlickers to crash any challengers!!

    • “It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it.” …

      I hold a phd



    • I watched live streaming when Boris Johnstone`s motorcade was driving from Buckingham Palace to 10 Downing Street, one thing worth noting to Zambians, is that there was no stoppage of traffic and London did not come to a standstill. Far from what we experience when our man is moving from his cage – statehouse – to the airport.
      Can we stop that nonsense including the traditional welcoming at the airports? Some people will say it’s our culture, I say really??

    • I hope the Lazy thing was watching in Zambia it’s the whole battalion in the motorcade. ..I hope those tree hangers dont try that with Trumps motorcade as that will not stop for no one.

    • Home is Home…my message to all my fellow Zambians in the Diaspora is that lets not forget where we came from…lets all start investing little by little back home….lets develop our own country so that our future generations shouldn’t think of migrating and enslaving themselves for mare bread crumbs….

  2. I hope the Message provided reflects about this administration (PF) activities that exists on the Internet as a result of their governing.

  3. The beggars are always first to congratulate even before analysing what some one stands for. It is a symptom of kalobalism. My swiss white wife Elisa is so shocked at how lungu is very shy to answer to his people in public forums but is quick to issue congrats to a country that doesn’t even think about you. It’s like the people here who insult me because I have the best white wife in the world. It doesn’t affect me and I don’t care yet they continue to insult me. I love my white wife. Black zambians accept her as your mother

    • N.E.E.Z you have no self confidence to think a white wife means you have arrived in life. She is probably a fat white woman coz those are the ones who generally marry black immigrants like you.

    • @Patriotic Zambian,
      please direct your insults to that ni.g.ger called N@eZ, definitely don’t insult those poor immigrants you are referring to. You have no clue what made them be immigrants unless you are part of the Trump machinery.
      It’s not a sin to be an immigrant, hope you understand the point.
      After all one of your family members might have moved from the village to places like LK, but have you ever thought about the reasons that drove them to LK? Its the same reason as those immigrants you are referring to. So don’t let an i.d.oi.ot derail your thinking, otherwise, you will be called an i.d.oi.ot too. You have a choice to choose where you belong.

  4. Wrong observation by ECL, when he says;

    “The Head of State has noted that Mr Johnson’s election as Prime Minister demonstrates the confidence that the Conservative Party and the people of the United Kingdom have in his leadership qualities,”

    The people of the UK did not place him in the position of Prime Minister. He was elected by a mere 92,000 people to be leader of their Conservative party – and then becomes Prime Minister due to the Westminster system. If anything, he is a character that has further polarized the UK. A lot of his previous bigoted utterances and inconsistencies also remodel him as another Trump.

    • Harold Muna – I am surprised that you even bothered to read the article because Lazy Lungu himself didn’t, he said to the Press Aide scribble a something whilst he was busy drinking waiting for Friday to go and tour those areas where they by-elections campaigns.

    • Yee, yee, the world should be ready for another version of Trump. He was screaming during his first speech how he wants to unite the UK, I am curious. One point worth noting though is that, his strategy to leave the EU without an agreement is real and lately, I tend to agree that it will not cause any chaos, as was expected before. Look, all the major and global companies have enacted measures, about BREXIT, and am certain the EU countries are 100% ready for BREXIT without agreement. He has just shown a bit of courage like Trump, and I tell you no major impact if the UK was to leave without an agreement. This is my assessment. Al, that Johnstone has to do is to have the courage, the rest “fikaisova”

    • general Kanene- All Trump is interested is keys to NHS so he can get his overpriced medicines in the UK and also allow his US farmers with their GMO foods and chlorinated chicken full access to UK supermarkets.

    • My dear Jay Jay,
      You are right, in that case, you don’t blame Trump, right? Don’t get me wrong, I hate this TRump guy because of his racism. But I like his courageous business acumen which is focused on “just do it”.
      The guy is changing the world norms, he has shown us that even the US is not immune from dictatorship, but everyone will let you believe, the USA is never prone to dictatorship, and how the USA is democratic. Look at how he has destroyed the Republican party, where are the likes of Rubio, the likes of Lindsey Graham who was the key figure of the republican with Mc Cann? There is no longer the Republican Party, it’s Trump Rep party..

    • general Kanene – Trump thrives on division just look at how is itching to get Iran into trouble to appease small child Israel. The man is like a child in the White House oval office throws his toys out once he doesn’t have his way.

  5. This is the problem with zambian men whose only closest experience with a white woman is through watching sara jay on Google. They become too excited even about white men as is the case here with lungu

    • My Friend N.E.E.Z,

      Why mentioning about your wife all the time. It is okay, we all know that you have a beautiful wife in the world and that is a good complement okay. Enjoy her.

    • @N…EEz my bro,
      your strategy to articulate yourself as UNPD strategist to a certain extent worked until you started using foul language. Your latest strategy to portray yourself as married to a white woman is rather degrading you. The story you are telling us is that you were either a fake strategist or HH has dropped you as you are a dul.ll strategist and you no longer have nothing else valuable to talk about other than your imaginary “beautiful” Elis(h)a.No worries, ignore my comment. I am happily married for 27 happy years, but I don’t advertise how lucky I am to be married. Remember, I was able to talk about children of bi-racial, I thought I was advising a person who needed it, but alas, I feel it was and is a scam.

  6. He did not win a general election and soon there is going to be a general election because he does not have the numbers in parliament to push thru anything and he will be the shortest serving prime minster. The problem his predecessor had faced is still there lack of majority and mind you the people with real power in the UK is parliament and not the prime minister. It is not like the Zambian parliament full of Zombies.

    • Ladies and gentlemen, the common theme here now is that Johnstone was just pushed through.
      Take a minute and think of it, had this happened to an African country, how would the world and yourselves react to that?

  7. Better keep quiet Johnson is in a hot seat over Brekxit or whatever it is called. Cameron and May gave up on their own and Johnson will not last his term of office. So congrats for what? Just watch and see!
    There is pressure there and very soon he will be loosing ministers who cannot stand his funny leadership style full of forcing matters and near dictatorship leadership. UK is bigger than Johnson and they cannot let him decide for everyone. Already they are pressurising for elections either general or referendum over brexit.
    What a Disaster!!!

  8. Can GRZ stop sending those messages. Nothing is going to change our minds about them. They are already a discredited government

    • This is because utterly dull leaders like Lazy Lungu dont think through as they have neither foreign policy nor pride..he has referred to African in a colonial term as piccaninnies and have watermelon smiles.

  9. Bitter Hakiende H has failed to congratulate the new Prime Minister as he is still reeling from the failure to provide even one toilet for his cattle herdsmen

  10. @Jay Jay … logically and in normal politics, shouldn’t ECL have gotten agvice from his political adviser (Kaizer Zulu)? Or the Presidential affairs person (Freedom Sikazwe)? Anyway, I cringe as I say that, knowing the answer.

    • Kaizer is a former lab technican and the smiling foooooool Sikazwe has a diploma in auto-mechanic…that should tell you all!!

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