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Two in court over homosexual acts

General News Two in court over homosexual acts


A 53-year-old Chisamba farmer identified as Douglas Quentin Watt and a 17-year-old Grade 12 pupil have been dragged to court for alleged homosexuals acts.

The two were allegedly found by the police officers at a named lodge in Lusaka taking pictures and videos of themselves, which materials are in the custody of the state.

This was after an alert from an employee of the lodge.

When the matter came up for plea, the duo denied the allegations.

Meanwhile, the court has granted them bail pending trial.

Magistrate Lameck Mwale has given Watt a cash bail of K10, 000 while the juvenile has been granted cash bail of K5, 000.

The court further says the duo should have two working sureties who are of fixed abode.

Trial will commence on August 6, 2019.


    • That is a child molestation case, not gay thing. Stop modernising cases.
      A white man abusing an African child. Stiff punishment!! No sensationalizing with styupid human rights and constitution.
      Does that 17 year old have a father? Because if he was my son, that would be the end of his life, and that on a white man.

    • The law is a violation of human rights and needs to be changed. I agree that politicians have homophobia but the religious creeps are the ones to deny truth.

    • Let them investigate how long this abuse has been going on. This man is clearly a peodophile and if they scratch further they will find the maggots. There must be many children that have been abused by this man. Let the law set an example if this man is found guilty. This is not even a gay thing.

    • Age matters. How can you ask such a question? What else can be used to dtermine maturity? Your weight? Your height? The law is based on age nothing else. A person has to be under 16 to be deemed a minor. As it is the 17 year old is legally old enough to have sex. However in Zed Homosexual sex is another issue.

    • Nostradamus, you must be a juvenile delinquent if you don’t understand the relevance of the question. Either that or you are one of the abusers of young boys for whom age does not matter

    • @Saskiza stop using same sentences you write to your father. At least respect me, who is here teaching you manners.
      Wiso failed you, let me impregnate your mother for a better child, not you wasted.

    • Nostra-dumb=ass I don’t have the time or inclination to trade insults with an imbecile. I could easily insult your parents as well, but I would not stoop to your level, because where I come from we are taught to respect our elders. My question was not directed to you, but since you know nothing better than insulting due to your substandard upbringing you decided to lower the tone. Grow up, it’s not too late!

    • Where has anybody succeeded in stopping sexual acts and contacts of any nature? You say it is rife in prisons have you experienced it or observed it there? In fact have you ever observed even heterosexual acts apart from yours? Sex between consenting adults is private and should not concern you.Zambians show a lot of interest in any topic concerning sex.It seems God endowed us with more libido than brains.

    • Kikikikikiki iwe mitimiti! I dont think we even have enough libido. How come our population is so small? Neighbours Tanzania and DRC have 70 million people or thereabouts

  1. i’d be interested in knowing how the court proceedings plays out in this case because simply being found in a room taking pictures and videos or each other doesn’t constitute sexual act in my books. they better have other evidence not just them kissing…
    and how come in Zambia it seems these so called homosexuality only applies to the acts between two men. how about two women? go to any club in Zambia and you’ll see women kissing each other. I see a double standard being applied here. there’s lots of lenience and tolerance towards lesbianism.
    for those advanced in their adult activities, is a woman who enjoys a nal s e x more than the other way considered gay, it’s the only thing that gets them off….

    • Punishing gay people for trying to live their lives is sick and immoral. How is what consenting adults doing in private any business of anybody else, especially the government? Many other ways of using the peoples money exist and should be used before this waste.

    • There is no crime in the penal code called homosexuality.The crime specifically in the penal code is sodomy ,that is intercourse with penetration of the anus or so -called sex “against the order of nature”.But again many heterosexual couples nowadays practice sodomy or so-called anal sex.This in Zambia is against the law and heterosexual couples practicing anal sex can also be prosecuted,but again sex is such a private matter that only perverts are interested in what other consenting adult couples are doing in their bedrooms..

  2. This has been going on for too long, white folks taking advantage of young black kids due financial difficulties and also the catholic priests did the same, probably they still do the same, it is getting out of hand. I am afraid this is not normal as nature way of life, sorry folks.

    • Yesterday i saw a video of a Zambian man “taking advantage of a goat in the bushes near a compound or rather residential area”
      What about that?

    • It’s not just white men. You will be surprised just how this sick disease knows no race. Tomorrow it will be a girl being abused.

      These pedophiles groom kids and start violating them even at age 12.

      I hope the courts throw the book at him if found guilty.

  3. I have never seen white people on earth.

    Europeans are embarased to call themselves PINK or PALE hence, they have convinced everybody, but not me, that they are white.

    Are they really WHITE?

    N.E.E..Z and Elisa’s chilldren will be called blacks no matter how light skinned they might be. You see how unfair this colour coding?

    Colour blind or something? Donald Trump a white man? NO NO! Himself knows he is PINK but the PIMP won’t call himself PINK.

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