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Anti- Corruption Commission says it remains focused on fighting against Corruption


ACC Public Relations Manager Timothy Moono
ACC Public Relations Manager Timothy Moono

The Anti- Corruption Commission says it remained steadfast in applying its strategic objectives to promote and strengthen collaboration and networking with other i in the fight against corruption, during the first half of 2019.

And the Commission says it is determined to deal with any perpetrators of corruption decisively and will continue to professionally conduct inquiries in suspected cases of corruption in order to bring to book any offenders.

ACC Public Relations Manager Timothy Moono said the Commission will not relent in its effort to ensure that levels of corruption in the country are reduced to very insignificant levels, through increased awareness among the general public, and participation of all citizens and through stronger partnerships with stakeholders such as the Financial Intelligence Centre, Drug Enforcement Commission, Transparency International Zambia to name a few.

Mr. Moono during the first half of the year, the Commission recorded 33 arrests country-wide and secured seven convictions.

He said the Commission received a total of 417 reports of suspected corruption out of which, a total of 248 were non- corruption related.

Mr. Moono said therefore, advice was subsequently provided to all those that brought the reports that are outside the Commission’s mandate on how best to pursue the matters complained against.

He said of the 417 cases received, 169 reports contained elements of corruption and 58 reports were authorized for investigations while other reports did not have sufficient details of the corruption offence to warrant investigations.

Mr. Moono said as such, 18 cases were
referred to relevant institutions for administrative action and the complainants in these matters were also advised accordingly.

He said further the Commission has 10 cases still under Investigations derived from the 2017 Auditor General’s report.

Mr. Moono said the Commission has continued to build momentum in its efforts towards prevention of the corruption scourge and putting in place transparent and accountable systems of governance.

He said activities conducted include managerial accountability workshops, systems studies and facilitation of establishment and training of Integrity Committees.

Mr. Moono said some of the institutions that the Commission worked with under this function include: Office of the Auditor General, Lusaka Water and Sewerage, the Zambia Revenue Authority, the Drug Enforcement Commission, and ZESCO among others.

He said the Commission also stepped up outreach programs through its Community Education function with a view to break down entrenched mindsets that corruption is a norm and incontestable.

Mr. Moono said with regard corruption sensitization programmes, the Commission conducted various activities that include lectures, and interactive meetings with anti- corruption clubs.

He said over 133, 768 people were reached through these activities.


  1. You really have an uphill battle to assert your position in the dispensation and delivery of a corrupt free Zambia.
    Consider sending some of your workers for farther studies to enhance credible evidence collection and preservation. As the world gets complicated you need to up the game and skill up to convict characters like CK.
    Your record leaves much to be desired.
    But we’re busy wasting time on accusing innocent beings who end up free indeed, free indeed. Don’t excite us with evidenceless charges and arrests. Give us real meat.

    • Like I said last Christmas, ACC should use most of their time in workshops TRAINING citizens.
      ACC should hold training workshops with all PF ministers, another training with Opposition Councilors they seem to be corrupt.
      Frequent workshops for MPs mixed with ZP officers.
      It has to be an ANTI-, interrogating someone you know he loaded with cash.

  2. F.U>uuuk Off, which corruption levels are you trying to reduce? Yees….pride yourselves with 18 cases referred to relevant authorities. What a joke!!!
    If 18 cases make you believe you are reducing corruption, how many were you able to refer to authorities in the past 5 years?
    We want to see the trend.

    • Sounds like ACC should have 100 employees only, not the current 1000. What do they do on a daily basis?

  3. ACC has a lot to do, most importantly, it lacks the independence it deserves. Am not saying this for a fact but I think the rich and mostly politicians are excluded from investigations. All I hear about everyday is that a teacher at so and so school was caught with an exam paper or a council worker was caught in illegal land allocation or an accounts officer so and so.

    Until such a time when ACC will stop their cosmetic investigations only to hoodwink the masses, corruption will continue to thrive in Zambia.

    At some point, we will all stop taking ACC seriously. My advice to ACC is apply yourselves justly.

    • Very true. Why wasnt the gift to Lungu from Swaziland ever investigated? Here in South Africa Ramaphosa’s gifts are openly investigated and the results publicly published. In Zambia you hear nothing until a new government takes over which is usually too late. The mambala has destroyed all the evidence and bought all the witnessess by then. Why has Dora’s cases died?

  4. And the Commission says it is determined to deal with any perpetrators of corruption decisively and will continue to professionally conduct inquiries in suspected cases of corruption in order to bring to book any offenders.

    In the last acquittal, the $300,000 paid by machine company to the accused which was critical to secure conviction in the case and the magistrate pointed this out was not investigated, the chino company never asked to explain, the information never presented to the court. Mr Moono, is that what you and ACC call professional?

  5. Pfttt….. ACC is actually committed to fight corruption…LOL joke of the day.
    Show me your commitment by your achievements.

  6. Lusaka times the title of the above article seems to imply that ACC is against fighting corruption. If you have news editors, they need to go through secondary school english classes again.

  7. If ACC wanted to prove that they mean business the chitotela case was that platform for them to do that. however they compromised and in the end Chitotela walked free. ACC is just a joke, finished material and very irrelevant to the Zambian people. Zambia is failing because of such institutions that do not live up to their mandate and reason for being. if something loses purpose it ceases to be relevant because it has .

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