Catholic Bishops distance themselves from endorsing planned demonstrations in support of NDF resolutions

Zambian Catholic Bishops
Zambian Catholic Bishops
Zambian Catholic Bishops
Zambian Catholic Bishops

Zambia Conference of the Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) has distanced itself from endorsing the planned demonstration organised by some political parties and allied CSOs in support of the NDF resolutions for the amendment of the Constitution scheduled for this Friday 26th July 2019 at Parliamentary building in Lusaka.

Zambia Conference of the Catholic Bishops Communications Director Fr. Winfield Kunda said the invitation to the planned demonstration, according to the message being spread in the mainstream media and on social media in which it has quoted the Catholic Bishops ‘in the name of introspection and working together for unity and peace’ to attend the demonstration, seems to suggest that the Bishops are in support of the NDF resolutions recently passed by NDF to amend our constitution.

Fr Kunda said this is misplaced, misquoted and malicious to the Catholic Church and the faithful.

“The Catholic Church has never supported any politically inclined constitution making processes from the time we started making amendments to our Republican constitution. The Church has always desired a constitution making process that would be inclusive and would stand the test of time for the generations to come. Unfortunately, we are not there yet when it comes to this process,” Fr Kunda said.

“On behalf of the Secretary General, Fr. Cleophas Lungu and the Bishops Conference, I urge the organisers of the said demonstration to desist from riding on the Church for their selfish political interests. The Catholic Church continues to propagate its message of peace, unity and the promotion of the common good devoid of partisan inclination.”


  1. Hmmmm…interesting. let me guess loud mouthed Mutewewe, intellectually pompous Muwanza, Monosyllabic Pule, appropriately named Spooky to mention a few are the villains supporting NDF resolutions when even the self preserving PF have smelled the coffee and are becoming timid over the likelihood of losing popularity if they back all the resolutions? The church leaders are right in distancing themselves from this selfish agenda. PF beware…tread carefully in your desperation to rule Zambia. The thing you fear the most will surely come to pass. Only the name of the Lord should be feared. Repent of your self seeking ways. This is not Uganda or Zimbabwe

    • Indeed the Lord should be feared. Prayer is the key to the current situation. 1 Timothy 2:1-8. Even the most stubborn regime will falls when his people petition in prayer.

    • The lazy incompetent man in state house is panicking. Your excellence, let your deeds defend your reputation, not descreditted, hungry hyenas that would even sell Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.
      A man’s charactor is what he does, not what people say about him. This was clearly shown with Mwanawasa. So much negative staff was thrown at him. But today we all see his good charactor. RB had paid hooligans singing his praise, but his charactor is clear to all. He was corrupt. Even to his grave, that tag will follow him. And when he must face God, he will be called to account, even though you and your friends have helped him escape justice, just as he did for FTJ.

    • As it relates to the NDF resolutions, please understand, we had people in support of it and we had some who distanced themselves from it.
      Let democracy roll.
      Put it to some test.
      Let parliament decide.
      We will roll with it.
      If people reject the NDF resolutions democratically, so be it.
      Zambia is well known for playing around the manner of fidgeting around clauses in the Constitution. It is a subject so controversial. This should not worry nobody now.

  2. Respect the ZCCB for firm stance against social injustice, poverty, campaigns to up hold democracy, fairness and social welfare. As a country we are still indebted to the Cathoric church for their fight and appeal for HIPC completion point and debt cancellation campaigns that was championed by late ArchBishop and cardinal Medardo Mazombwe. #peaceamongstUS

  3. Not surprised as these bishops are just good at touching little boys. Am glad my mixed race son goes to a mixed gender school. Elisa my Swiss wife gets concerned that he has many girlfriends but better than being abused I tell her. Elisa wants another baby u guys.

    • @N.e.e.z I ordinarily would comment on comments like yours because they are so…whats the word….i dont know…so shallow. I just thought to give you some advice bra.
      1. These are serious issues being discussed here. The future of our country is at stake. If your intellect is too deficient to engage in useful dialogue, then its better to keep quiet. The wise man Solomon once said “even a fool is thought to be wise when he keeps silent”
      2. If you considered how your brothers and sisters are suffering with lack of medical facilities, no decent education, no food, you wouldnt make *****ic comments. Dont think you ka embasy job will last forever. As your friend “sharon” discovered, it comes to an end. Wherr is “sharon” now? probably in some getto understanding that her *****ic…

  4. List of people that tried helping him

    Andfod banda
    Sean tembo
    Dr banda
    Miles sampa
    Chilufya sata
    Lupande mwape mhsrip
    Maj. Kachingwe
    Mangani Phiri

    All the big names and yet he has failed to produce a single mp in urban area.

    He fought Lpm , Rb, Sata, lungux2 and keeps losing yet claiming he is popular

  5. The Church is neutral and is there to Chair and Facilitate the Constitutional making process. Its within the Yellow Card Organizers Rights to hold the protests if they so wish. The Catholic Church has not condemned the Yellow Card Protests. Its not true and there is no way the Catholic Church can infringe on Peoples Rights to demonstrate for a good cause.

  6. The church should know better that the constitution affects all spheres of life , hence politics inclusive. The response from the ZCCB spokesperson confirms our worst fears that most Catholic faithful have ,that our Bishops are deeply divided on the position of the NDF resolutions because those against same wanted to impose it on the others but they failed and hence failed to issue a pastoral letter and just settled for a mere statement…

  7. The Catholics know the NDF was intended to bulldoze partisan endeavours through. The agenda and plans had already been set even before anyone was invited. The Catholics can only support something inclusive – meant for the good of the nation.

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