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No ZESCO poles have been cut in Dundumwezi, there is just no electricity there-MP


UPND Dundumwezi Member of Parliamnent Edgar Singombe has dispelled claims by President Edgar Lungu that ZESCO power supply lines have been cut in Dundumwezi.

During his departure from Livingstone on Saturday, President Lungu threatened to stop taking development to Dundumwezi after reports circulated that some unscrupulous people cut ZESCO poles in the area.

But Mr Singombe stated that there were no poles that were cut in Dundumwezi.

“I wish to dispel the information being peddled by Mr. Edgar Lungu that there are people deliberately cutting ZESCO poles in Dundumwezi Constituency, Kalomo District, Southern Province. The incident being referred to happened in Hamoonde village, Chief Macha’s area which is in Mbabala Constituency, Choma District,” he revealed.

“It’s very unfortunate that the entire Head of State can mislead the country with falsehoods despite all the various intelligence and investigative wings at his disposal.”

He added, “As a matter of fact, we do not even have electricity in Dundumwezi Constituency, so there are no power lines that can be cut there, and we challenge all the investigative wings to verify.”

Mr Singombe charged that it is very alarming that an entire President can tell such lies to the nation.

“In any case, why would Mr. Lungu think an act of vandalism in any part of Southern Province be treated differently and be labeled as economic sabotage targeted at his PF regime? There is documented vandalism of ZESCO installations such as transformers, cables, etc and there is documented cases of vandalism of other government installations such as rail line in various parts of the country, yet Edgar Lungu has never threatened to withhold development in those places.”

He added, “We call on citizens to ignore the falsehoods by Mr. Lungu targeted at the good people of Dundumwezi who the PF keep despising and neglecting in development.”


  1. Lungu is a rabid tribalist, as leader he should be ashamed of himself…….it was lungu who watched and cheered on ck to tribally attack people of the south on tv and radio

    At no time in our history have we witnessed such elevated levels of tribalisim, corruption and thuggery.

    In mwinilunga PF caders were involved in a gun fight over gold with police helpless….

    Were will Zambia end up with this lungu ???

    • Why make a statement hastily without facts if the intention is clean? Lungu is full of tribalism whether you like it or not. Also all who see things like he does are tribalists. Face it and be realistic, why hasn’t he talked of the damage done on CB which is more costly than a single pole? He’s a coward, shallow minded and simple minded filled with insecurity because he’s standing on shifting sand.

    • Yaaa Zesco think they can just dig anywhere and elect those sticking poles. They just count steps to 1000, and start digging, even on church entrance.
      My 2 uncles cut the pole a week after Zesco elected right in front of my grandmothers outdoor kitchen.
      imagine they cycled 40 km twice to Zesco Luapula to ask them remove that pole, then didn’t. Uncles started cutting, with support from chief. Those treated poles are hard with just axes.
      But men are men they brought it down!!
      Zesco charge them they just dug 20 meters away, even helped them dig.
      It is Zesco who are sabotaging.


  2. The response coming from Mr. Sing,ombe again is not good and has already taken a political tone. What was reported was an act of sabotage which according to what the Honorable MP has said and acknowledged happened in Mbabala constituency and not in Dundumwezi. What is wrong in simply stating that the incident happened somewhere else and not in your area. All this talk about the president lying is not necessary. You also have not pointed out if in Mbabala the poles were cut or not. Sabotage is sabotage no matter where it takes place. Then let me point out that I have never heard the president saying he will stop taking development to southern province because of this act. All along he has been saying he wants to take development to all parts of the Country.

    • How can a whole president get locations of sabotage wrong ?

      With all the OP ??

      And sabatage is sabotage , why has lungu never condemned stealing of state structures in northern or CB ?

      Is the economic stealing different in southern Province different from other religions??

    • Go to Dundumwezi and you will be shocked they have solar panel generated electricity, trucks packed in deep dyoli villages, huge herds of cattle. They are self sustained. Go north you will see dirt shanties and congested landless people with open hungry mouths hoping for PF to come drop food into their wide open mouths. Shame!

    • @Ntaulu…. if those dirt hurts in Dundumwezi are mansions then am mistaken am not a Zambian. Those round mud things called houses to be better than the ones in the North?? mmm bane???

  3. “….Deliberately, or because he cannot control himself – not sure which, President Lungu has used his office and allowed those around him to systematically ratchet up tribalism in a country that was well past tribal sentiment.
    I am not sure what came first – EL’s obssessive hatred of his rival HH or his hatred of the Tonga and, by extension, their tribal cousins….”

    Laura Miti


    • Ba Laura Miti is just a silly tribal bigot – in fact, just investigate more about the other half of Laura to know the hatred against ECL by Laura. Laura is the one who is a tribal bigot.

  4. But you are agreeing that poles were cut in Mbabala…is this not economic sabotage? Lungu has been preachinh taking development every where in the country even where he got 200 votes while HH got more than 80 000 , Lungu is willing to taken development. Just admit that there is politically motivated economic sabotage in Mbabala -Southern Province period.

  5. this is the reason why he gets 200 votes because he hates those people. he is the in charge of security, going to the extend of telling lies means something else. one pole causes the entire president to talk ill about a tribe. its a shame mwe bantu.

  6. So who is telling lies between this tribal MP and president Edgar Lungu?This tonga fo0l is admiting that indeed ZESCO poles are cut but in Macha area of this tongaland!!The best this dull Dundumwezi MP could have done is to blame those cutting ZESCO poles than pouring his hunger on president Edgar Lungu!!Zambians have condemned this act.Has this MP heard anywhere in 6.5 provinces PF strongholds where ZESCO poles are cut?NEVER!!This can only happen in HH’s provinces were bitter creatures live!!!IF I WERE ECL,I WOULD 100% IGNORE THIS PROVINCE THEN SEE IF THEIR “CUUNDU CHAITWA” CHAIRMAN HH WOULD DEVELOP IT USING HIS PRIVATIZATION’S STOLEN MONEY!!!The best news of the day is that AVIC Inter.has started tarring roads in Katuba.SO WELL DONE PF AND KEEP IT UP!!!

  7. Harsh tone from the law maker. Too bitter to be in opposition. Am happy to be neither in ruling or opposition

  8. Bo “Spaka”, ECL’s PF is no push over in 2021.This man is very rooted in Zambia now.With the huge difference between your HH & Kambwili,you can as well kiss goodbye to 2021 presidential general elections because by far ECL gonna be the favourite and many of you will drink DOOM once ECZ declares president Edgar Lungu as 2021 winner!!!In Katuba,PF is very strong.For the past 2 days,ECL has been addressing mammoth rallies there.Ask your relatives who are in Zambia to watch Katuba PF’s huge rallies on ZNBC while your Mweetwa addresses few UPND members!!!PF HAS VERY HIGH CHANCES OF GRABBING KATUBA SEAT FROM UPND ON TUESDAY!!!

    • Mammoth rallies kutie…..

      That is what this dul.l cader told us about roan elections

      Njimbu lungu had $17 billion behind him to spend on development when he was winning , not anymore

  9. elisa my white swiss wife says if there any honest and hard working people in zambia then it is the tonga botatwe people. that is why she married from this group of people.

  10. Its just civil to address a sitting President as Presdent Lungu and not Mr.Lungu.Even in the US, Democrats and Republicans alike put a prefix e.g Senator Obama later President Obama,Speaker Pelosi,Senator McCain,President Bush/Clinton/Carter etc.Is he going to be happy if somebody addresses HH when he is President as Mr Hichilema?

  11. “I wish to dispel the information being peddled by Mr. Edgar Lungu that there are people deliberately cutting ZESCO poles in Dundumwezi Constituency, Kalomo District, Southern Province. The incident being referred to happened in Hamoonde village, Chief Macha’s area which is in Mbabala Constituency, Choma District,” he revealed.

    Could be a slip of the tongue by the President, so is that an issue Mr Member of Parliament for Dundumwezi, given that you yourself have confirmed that such incident occur in southern province but not in Dundumwezi?
    Also, vandalism does occur in other parts of Zambia, but cutting electricity poles, bane that is sabotage and not vandalism, it is sabotage against your own people….. but UPND kaya mwa.
    We HH, are you leading a party for southerners or not? You…

  12. The bitterness, disrespect and dullness of the Dundumwezi lawmaker is one of the major reasons why the rest of the country is scared of the UPND. In the end people will go with the devil they know than the one who gives all indications that it will create hell on earth.

  13. But Mr Member of Parliament, you yourself confirm that there was such an incident in Macha, so it could be a slip of the tongue by the President or a typo error in the report to the President. Does not call or such rudeness to the people of Zambia for that is what it is when you are rude to the President. No wonder UPND will never earn the trust if Zambians? How do you insult the very people you want to vote for you?

  14. There was no electricity in Musangu, late Chiluba’s area but electricity poles carrying power lines from Mwense boma to Kawambwa 200km away were there since the birth of independence.

  15. @Spaka

    Excuse me, President Lungu banned “simple protest marches”!

    How did you do the “YELLOW CARD”? From bed rooms!

    • That was the only protest against corruption allowed by lungu……if you look further you will notice that that protest was only allowed because lungu held an economic summit in Livingstone, police arresting and banning a peacefull civil protest was not going to look good for lungu while he addressed that summit.

      Same with the banned upnd/NDC rallies during roan elections, those only were allowed because lungu was hosting a CW lawyers summit in Livingstone.

      Now the opposition and NGOs know to hold rallies and protests when lungu is hosting any international gathering, the police can’t arrest them or lungu will be seen for what he is , a corrupt violent thief

  16. Spaka is a rabid dog who should never have been born…He insults the Republican President every day so therefore we should start referring to him as a UPND rabid lapdog

  17. And I quote: “A Tonga will one day rule this country but not HH”. Wonders never cease! Is it up to ECL to decide whether HH should rule this country or not, or it is the Zambian citizens??………….Zambia’s worst nightmare is this current government

    • What makes HH so special that nobody can say he will never be president? By the way, with supporters like you, he will never be.

  18. Let us hope that when a whole set of persons who sabotaged Zesco installations will lead to the truth. The behaviour of UPND leadership is a wake-up call for the peoples of North-western, Western and parts of Central & Copperbelt Provinces who are being used as tools to promote Tonga-driven hidden political projects. These regions must realise that the Edgar Lungu’s PF is a much more refined institution compared to past MMD Govts, geared to develop country-wide infrastructures as the foundation of sustainable economic prosperity for all the peoples of Zambia. The sad acts of sabotage in Southern Province can be likened to inhuman actions perpetrated by Boko Haram in Nigeria. God bless Zambia.

  19. Imwe naimwe we are sick aand tired of these so called Tongas who are are good at nothing but themselves. I mean we have a bigger and better Zambia to focus on other than these self pitting lot. Surely, Luapula, Central, Nortnern, Eastern, Muchinga, Copperbelt, Lusaka, North Western and Western Provinces are in dire need of development, why waste time on Southern Province where people dont know what they want? Could it be that they are so pompus because earlier development in the country happened in their area during UNIP days? Its high time we focused on Provinces that eagerly appreciate and want development, Southern Province can hang, no wonder the rains keep skipping them.

  20. @ Truth hates …states “Lungu has been preaching taking development every where in the country even where he got 200 votes while HH got more than 80 000”

    The above statement says it all about the thinking of Lungu and the blogger who supports the statement – especially the last bit about votes. Nothing more to add.

  21. Edgar Singombe UPND MP for Dundumwezi, denied that the crime took place. Now ZNBC picture mulabasa wa cali, has exposed the crime in undeniable video form. We even saw affected Chiefs and Senior Chiefs of southern province strongly condemning the criminal act. Must be very very embarrassing for the MP, all in the name of HH and traibe. And the bullish MP was even derogatory to the President and the people of Zambia. Now I agree that it must be very difficult to take development to areas under such MP, that PF is right when they campaign to be given MPs to work with, absolutely justifiable not political rhetoric but serious matter for Zambians. And what does this say of HH s presidential ambitions? Just heaps of shame really.

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