Excitement over the KCM Judgement in SA by some political leaders and activists regrettable-Sean Tembo

Opposition PeP leader Sean Tembo
Opposition PeP leader Sean Tembo
Opposition PeP leader Sean Tembo
Opposition PeP leader Sean Tembo

The Patriots for Economic Progress has noted with regret the conduct of some political leaders and activists to celebrate and get excited over the adverse judgement by the South African High Court on the KCM matter last week.

Party President Sean Tembo said the negative impact of such a court judgement will not only affect the PF and its Government but will have far reaching consequences on the common citizen.

Mr. Tembo said any political leader or activist who celebrates such a misfortune on the nation is not patriotic to the Republic of Zambia and their motives must be queried.

He reiterated that Vedanta Resources as major shareholders of KCM have been misbehaving since day one and Government was in order to kick them out, however much more thought should have been invested in arriving at the most appropriate route to be used to kick them out.

Mr. Tembo said his party is always saddened whenever there is an adverse ruling against Zambia in this ongoing battle against Vedanta Resources.

He has since advised other political leaders to spend more time offering alternative solutions to national problems rather than sitting on the fence, mute and waiting for a misfortune to visit Zambia at which time they jump up and down with excitement.

Mr. Tembo said one of the most practical ways in which political leaders can offer alternative solutions to national problems is through Alternative National Budgets, which is a written proposal of how an opposition political party can manage the economy and national finances if it was them governing the national affairs.

He said any political leader who is unable to offer alternative solutions to national problems but is merely a doomsayer waiting for a misfortune to visit the country so that they can celebrate, is not fit to be trusted with managing the affairs of this Republic.

Mr. Tembo said Patriotism and a genuine love for Zambia, her citizens and their respective welfare should be a compulsory attribute for any political leader.


    • Stop beating up the bush, just say Kabimba should not have laughed at attorney general’s weak balls but instead he should have offered to go with him to South Africa court, as a former Justice minister.
      On HH, he said he can negotiate in one day, and overturn table, instead of Zambia paying Vendata is has to be the other way round.
      By-the-way, Vendata lost a London court on some environmental issues, they pay Zambian residents?

  1. which political leader(s) celebrated?. if you’re gonna come out and make such a statement, have enough courage to call out those you’re referring to. if you don’t have b alls to do that then just sit your a rse down because you ain’t serving any purpose speaking in innuendo
    some “activists” were excited, I will be the first one to say I was excited because of the way this government seem to not want to follow the law. they think they are above the law. anyone who’s calm and not excited about this development is devoid of real feelings

    • Don’t pretend not to know which political party he is talking about. Its UPNEND, that is the only party which cerebrates even when Sata was sick they were celebrating to the extent of mocking his sickness hoping that when he dies, a tonga president will take over, but that did not and will never happen. Even mwanawasa when he was sick, they were all over jumping up and down like headless chickens hoping to install a tonga as president but alas they ended up chewing their balls.

    • Muzungu ani konde, no wonder its an eastern saying. These guys will switch on you quick.

  2. This is the price you pay for electing *****s into office. Lungu is a lawyer but for heaven’s sake just how could he allow Vedanta Resources to insert a Clause in the contract of sale to have arbitrations done in another country? Just who in their right frame of mind, as a government, would allow a foreign court to have jurisdiction on matters in your own country. If you recall, when Lungu went to China with eight ministers during his meeting with Chinese delegation led by the Chinese president, not a single Zambian delegate including Lungu had a single piece of paper in front taking notes while all the Chinese including Xi Jinping were taking notes. These are the consequences of the fools that wield power in our corridors of state, very costly!

  3. Sean Tembo misdirecting your political emotions to wrong targets. Concentrate your shots on PF leadership destroying Zambia with your eyes open. PF has neither the political will to manage KCM effectively nor economic skills to manage national assets prudently. PF is demonstrating as unpatriotic as its total sum individuals who are so corrupt leaving our country an empty shell of suffering Zambians.

  4. Its not excitement more of frustration that Lazy Lungu has wasted time and money when all this could have been avoided on day one, frustration that our Judiciary has been exposed as corrupt…frustration that we are now in WASTED LUNGU YEARS, all this time and funds will never be recovered!

    • I disagree with him. I don’t think there has been any excitement. Instead its anger that this issue is headed the wrong way and the pipo in charge are arrogantly going ahead towards a huge cliff

  5. As a former employee of PriceWaterhouseCoopers,Sean must be concerned at the wrong pocedure ZCCM-IH used to wind up KCM devoid of due diligence.The excitement by ZCCM-IH in invoking liquidation process for KCM as a shareholder was baffling to say the least.

  6. This Job seeker also!
    The PF anikonde syndrome by attacking fellow opposition players is what has killed Multi party democracy in Zambia!
    Just to help Tembo. What you interprete as excitement is a matter of your distorted perception! Find time to read what Elias Chipimo has professionally written on the same matter! What is shocking is our courts in Zambia failing to put things in very clear context the way their SA counterparts have done!

  7. I thought thus guy was brave at first i can see now no wonder failed to be in alliance with other parties and he is eating with both hands. wako ni wako shame

  8. QH, Sean Tembo! What it your problem now ? You have also now done an Antonio Mwanza summersualt.I thought you were wiser and more principled than Antonio but you are worse.Your criticism of the opposition has no substance except you want to register your new opportunistic disposition and the PF to notice your political transfiguration.You are now finished.You have lost your soul.Zambian politics are so empty.So dominated by charlatans,crooks and immoral job seekers.

  9. Now you are talking Mr Tembo,and this shows how patriotic you are now.Zambians should know that this is our country and we have only one Zambia.We have people,NGO,POLITICAL PARTIES etc who behave as if they are not Zambians.Time to expose them is now because it is only a fool how can celebrate when ever a misfortune fails on our country why? This is what we are seen in some people.We know you.

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