Zambia Police apprehends suspect behind the cutting down of Zesco pole lines in Dundumwezi

Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo
Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo
Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo
Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo

Police in Southern province have apprehended a suspect behind the cutting down of Zesco pole lines in Dundumwezi- Macha area of Southern province says the Minister of Home Affairs Mr Stephen Kampyongo.

And Minister Kampyongo has described the acts of economic sabotage alluded to by His Excellency, President Edgar Lungu in Southern province as not only regrettable but extremely frustrating.

Mr Kampyongo says it is regrettable that while government is striving to deliver development to all parts of the country, criminal elements would vandalise public infrastructure at will.

Addressing journalists in Shiwang’andu district of Muchinga province yesterday, Mr Kampyongo disclosed that investigations have been instituted into the acts of criminality and government will not rest until the perpetrators of vandalism are brought to book.

“I am happy that the Police command in Southern province are doing everything possible and so far, one suspect has been apprehended and investigations have since been instituted to ensure that we get to the bottom of this matter,” said Mr Kampyongo.

Meanwhile, Mr Kampyongo has announced that government remains committed to taking development to Southern province.

“We still remain committed as assured by His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu that regardless of what has transpired, development will continue being taken to that region. And all those with ill-intensions and motive of trying to frustrate government efforts will be held to account

Yesterday, President Edgar Lungu expressed shock over the cutting down of Zesco power line in Southern Province describing it as an ‘economic sabotage’.

The Head of State told journalists in Livingstone that the acts of vandalism were politically motivated.

President Lungu stated that his administration is striving to take development to all parts of the country without leaving anyone behind.

He added that it is unfortunate that some people do not want to embrace development just because they are politically inclined.

President Lungu further added that he is not selective in terms of taking development as it can be seen through various developmental projects even in areas where he received less votes.

He has called on Chief Chikanta to ensure that he talks to his subjects over the need to protect infrastructure as it comes with a cost.


  1. The MP there, also called Edgar says there is nothing like Zesco electric lines in his constituency . So these names can’t be trusted mwee.
    And never listen from that ka Kampyongo.

  2. boza ka, why to minister enjoy taking the bullet for the president?

    he is saying this to take the embarrassment from el

  3. Dundumwezi-Macha? So what was that MP talking about in such derogatory terms? Was he drunk? And cutting down electricity poles is not vandalism anyway, it is sabotage, just like when they set up explosives to blow up pylons in 2016.

    • Elsewhere the person involved is identified as a well known PF Cadre who cut the ZESCO Poles. Why is the Police not mentioning the name of the suspect they arrested? Its probably true that the suspect is a PF Cadre. If he was a UPND Cadre the Police would have gone to Town and shouting on top of hills.


    • Who do you think the poles below to? Its like saying you can go and help yourself to the contents of the transformer during loadshedding

  5. Dundumwezi-Macha? So what was that MP talking about in such derogatory terms? Was he drunk? And cutting down electricity poles is not vandalism anyway, it is sabotage, just like when they set up explosives to blow up pylons a few years ago.

    • Imwe bantu, Bwanji so? Mulibe nansoni sure? Macha is not in Dundumwezi and there is no electricity in Dundumwezi. What is a Zesco pole doing in Dundumwezi?

    • What do you expect, everything is political. Soweto market was burnt, what were the findings? Because PF cadres were responsible for guarding the market that was set on fire.
      Let’s hope PF is not trying to create another case like they did when they bought expensive fire tenders?

  6. Comment:Macha and Dundumwezi are 2 different areas. There is no electricity in Dundumwezi and therefore no electricity poles there. Why are our leaders showing all this ignorance? Hatred surely blinds people. It is a serious disease.

    • Was he using your money or tax payers money why can’t you build yours with ever open doors learn to mind your own business

  7. PF lies like when kapoyongo was burning markets and other public places , we were told arrests had been made , but it was all lies , kapoyongo was behind the fires so as to push through 42/42.

    What of the bwengwa kidnappings by highly trained UPND commandos ??

    What of GBM training UPND militia to attack ZDFs with golf clubs and catapults. ????

    • After lungu and kapoyongo got their cuts from 42/42 the fires have stoped……

      to justify 42/42 we had major fires every 2 weeks……

      now the fires that occurre are a normal occurrence about 1 every 6 months….

  8. ALL you slackers, THERE IS NO SUCH PLACE AS DUNDUMWEZI Macha. This is total BS. The place called DUNDUMWENZE (notice the spelling for mountain of the bull) is in Kalomo district separated by Choma district. It’s amazing what bigotry can do to the human mind. Sixty days ago there was an act of sabotage on the Copperbelt where Zesco cables were being uprooted by some people on the CB. We never heard government goon squads say that the people of Copperbelt are frustrating development efforts. It was viewed as a criminal act. But what more with all the sh#!t about Dundumwezi, a place that does NOT even EXIST in Zambia. The con men who see everything in lenses of tribe have come out all guns blazing. There you have it, you tribalists.

  9. SHOW US THE PICTURES PLEASE THIS IS 2019. A picture tells a thousand stories. We are not told what happened after the zesco pole/s was cut. Any short circuits or power cuts anywhere?
    Please tell the whole story and show us pictures of the suspect.

    In civilized societies persons venture into politics in order to articulate better ideas meant to improve the quality of human life; and expected to promote infrastructure development nation-wide. The destruction of Zesco power installation in Southern Province baffles minds of right-thinking Zambians. If people of this Province were to be inflicted with poverty leading to their untimely deaths will HH and his UPND govern over masses of human skeletons? All parts of Zambia deserve development. It is strange that legal minds such as Prof. Ndulo, Prof. Hansungule, Ms. Mutti, Linder Kasonde and respected politicians such as VJ Mwanga, have opted to bury their heads in the sand on such inhuman issues.

  11. …. “various developmental projects even in areas where he received less votes”

    This backward statement keeps recurring. So annoying if you get the gist of it’s meaning.

  12. Edgar Singombe UPND MP for Dundumwezi, denied that the crime took place. Now ZNBC picture mulabasa wa cali, has exposed the crime in undeniable video form. We even saw affected Chiefs and Senior Chiefs of southern province strongly condemning the criminal act. Must be very very embarrassing for the MP, all in the name of HH and traibe. And the bullish MP was even derogatory to the President and the people of Zambia. Now I agree that it must be very difficult to take development to areas under such MP, that PF is right when they campaign to be given MPs to work with, absolutely justifiable not political rhetoric but serious matter for Zambians. And what does this say of HH s presidential ambitions? Just heaps of shame really.

  13. Interesting developments. We are perplexed as to what prompted the two Tonga Chiefs to comment against vandalism of Zesco installation. Yet,Edgar Singombe UPND MP for Dundumwezi says his constituency has no Zesco installations. UPND will pay for picking MP candidates among crude illiterates who thrive on scavenging rubbish damps. Singombe does not even know the existence of the Rural Electrification Authority. God Help Zambia.

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