Despite the marginal Katuba loss, the trend is hugely in favour of PF-Davies Mwila

PF Secretary general Davies Mwila
PF Secretary general Davies Mwila
PF Secretary general Davies Mwila
PF Secretary general Davies Mwila

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila has said that despite the result of the Katuba Parliamentary by-election may have marginally going against the PF, the support trend is hugely in the party’s favour and against the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND).

Addressing journalists at the PF Secretariat in Lusaka after Tuesday’s by-elections, Mr Mwila said the roots of PF have gone deeper and we have gained unstoppable momentum.

“While it may appear on the surface that we lost this particular election, the truth is that our roots have gone deeper and we have gained unstoppable momentum. We have gained a significantly bigger share of the votes, while UPND have had their margin terminally eroded. The tables are turning in this once upon a time UPND stronghold. The momentum is on our side,” said Mr Mwila.

“This trend is confirmed by the fact that the two biggest wards in Katuba Constituency- namely: Katuba Ward and Chunga wards vigorously voted for PF. These two big wards are reflective of compounds in Lusaka. They show you that the voters are still with PF, as they see no alternative, except that Lusaka has received more development than those areas. This shift also shows that by PF winning Katuba Ward and Chunga Ward, Patriotic Front will in 2021 retain all the seats in Lusaka.”

He has saluted the foot soldiers in Mayembe Ward of Shiwangandu District; Mangango, Shitwa and Kanabilumbu Wards of Kaoma District; Lubwa Ward of Kitwe District; Lungwishi ward of Mansa District, Katuba Constituency of Central Province; and, all the voters in these respective areas.

“Our campaigns were issue based and violent free in accordance with the directive by His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu – the President of the Patriotic Front – and President of the Republic of Zambia. May I also take this opportunity to commend our Head of State for upholding exceptionally high moral values and strength of character, even in the face of malicious slander and hate speech from bitter and envious detractors,” he added.

“To our colleagues in the opposition; we wish to remind you that our national unity is much more important than our political differences. We need to pursue the path of issue based peaceful co-existence beyond elections; without regionalism, fake news, sensationalism and insults. On our part, we commit ourselves to noble politics of mutual-respect as we forge ahead in bringing development to all parts of Zambia.”

Mr Mwila said PF is now the Party of choice in Western Province following the election results adding that the PF’s victory last year in Mangango Constituency signified the turning point of the momentum in the Province in favour of PF.

“The clean sweep we enjoyed yesterday in the three ward By-elections confirms that the recent Sesheke By election was just a fluke for UPND and a mere setback for PF. Our decisive victory in 3 wards of Western Province presents overwhelming evidence of PF’s growing popularity on the ground across the province,” he said.

“We therefore wish to thank the people of Chitwa Ward, Kanabilungu Ward and Mangango Ward in particular; and our grassroots brothers and sister in the whole of western province in general for embracing Patriotic Front. Going by this trend, we project that in 2021, PF will win majority Parliamentary seats in Western Province.”

The PF Chief Executive Officer said the future of UPND is bleak in western Province adding that it is projected that in 2021, constituencies like Kaoma, Nalolo, Mongu Central and many others will go to PF.

Mr Mwila stated that the Province has rejected the opposition politics of one individual who stands in the way of the development of the majority, just because of his selfish ambitions.


  1. This is yet another HOGWASH…

    Find out how many people turned up… then use the numbers who voted against PF with the total attendance and those who voted UPND with the same total attendance. Then let us know bwanamukubwa… we are not fools.

  2. Find out how many people turned up… then use the numbers who voted against PF with the total attendance and those who voted UPND with the same total attendance. Then let us know bwanamukubwa… we are not fools.

  3. Kiki just accept that you have lost even after using dirty tribal tactics. Zambian have said no to you. It’s like hitting on my swiss white wife and she refuse u then u she marginally refused you. No such thing. A no is a no

    • Kekekeke PF lost respect.
      Katuba an Roan all lost, despite the all Presidency dancing with lunatics, is that positive trend?
      As worse the all presidency didn’t campaign in wards, but they are winning. If he makes mistake to campaign in wards, PF will loose both monetary and votes.

    • People were not voting between HH and Lungu, it was bin two natives of the area.slim margin means nothing as presidential elections are different and tribal

  4. Even at it worst (towards 2011) MMD never used to lose bye elections due to incubency of presidency where everyone wants to associate with the ruling to eat. So the general election should not be confused with bye election. During general election, all the loyalties will go because there is nothing to cling to even the presidency would not be everywhere as was the case in Katuba where three Chappers literally camped in Katuba. My honour shuttled Katuba like no mans business, still to na avail. Lets not gloss ovr these losses. It could be denial. Look at UNPD performance in Kitwe.

  5. Davies Mwila please just accept that the loss is very painful especially that you pumped in a lot of money. Minibus drivers were boasting that they were getting ma 5 pin, that’s a monthly salary for most of us and even less. It’s not money that wins elections.

  6. You will cry in 2021.
    PF Secretary General Davis Mwila has told cabinet ministers and PF members of parliament that they will go to prison if they don’t work hard to win the 2021 general elections.
    Speaking during the Luapula Province party mobilisation launch which was broadcast on Prime TV, Mwila said Luapula Province should save ministers and members of parliament from going to prison.
    “Here in Luapula, we have a lot of support. We have 100 per cent support, but you bring five constituencies with 90,000 votes. Our friends (UPND) one constituency is 90,000 even if it’s in the village. Why are you not voting? That is why I am telling you that if you play, you will cry,” Mwila said.
    “… All the cells will be full. All these people you see behind me will be in cells. Abena Chitalu…

  7. Ba SG, whats needed is to embrace all those have left PF and accept them back. Ensure we work hard and develop our strongholds as a solid base to deny sharing our votes with the tribal UPNS. UPND gives HH above 80% in their strongholds but with PF we only give President Lungu around 60% in our strongholds. This mus change and give PF and President Lungu 100% in our strongholds, this is the only sure way of teaching these tribal chaps a lasting lesson in 2021. Please take this seriously.

    • What a warped way of thinking! How can you justify tribalism as a voting strategy? Upnd has support from all corners of Zambia, not just from one province. I thought Katuba is in Central Province? Northwest? Western?
      By you own admission, PF got “60% in their strongholds”; where did the rest of the % go?
      As a governing party, base your campaigns on an inclusive message and on what you have done with the economy! Unless you have failed in this one area on which pipo vote for you.

  8. I don’t know were PF stooges went to school. In the 2016 General election for Katuba UPND got 13,076 and PF 6,225, in this by-election UPND has polled 8727 votes with PF polling 7024 votes. The difference in the votes PF polled is 799, surely in campaigns were the every PF big guns with their orchestra/band all danced and knelt to get votes is this reasonable? It seems they only only managed to convince 799 voters.

    • @Chanda. You are wrong.
      The 799 difference is between the votes PF got in 2016 and this by-election. This is how you know whether a party is growing or not. Calculating the difference in votes polled by competing candidates in a single election gives misleading results, it doesn’t tell you anything about growth.
      Growth and performance are judged based on previous results vs most recently obtained results.

  9. I want to ask a very serious question. I have just been reading responses to my comments from this morning and I see a lot of hate towards my beautiful white wife. Why do you people hate my white wife Elisa so much? What has she ever.done to deserve this hate. Yet you Africans cry about slavery and racism yet here you are hating on an innocent beautiful white soul. Please I am not tayali who gets excited over some unknown Somali looking woman. My wife is an accomplished woman who has done a lot for our poor continent.

  10. Very true bwana SG. Upnd has to work extra hard. Too bad that opposition negativity has blocked upnd blind supporters minds of analysis. Whether upnd likes it or not, the facts currently obtaining are that pf has made significant inroads in upnd strongholds while the opposite is true for upnd. NW and Western provinces are no longer safer heavens for upnd. I can foresee pf retaining power in 2021.

  11. Forget about HH, finished material. BUT beware that in politics a surprise force can always arise, especially if the population is unhappy about happenings in their country. And Zambians have become exceptionally deceptive, smiling at you widely today and rejecting you on ballot day. Remember KK 1991 and his “mother of all rallies” ?

  12. People are tired of those empty presidential dances. They also dont like JK nyenga mbuyo If you involve these two in those wards you will lose again. Same thing happened in Roan and you dont learn lessons. You should have won katuba dont bore people with those empty stories and dry jokes. A lose is a lose kwasila!

  13. NEEZ , keep your caucasian wife out of discussions and you will find peace.You behave as if you are the first African to marry a white woman.Ican tell you she is just like any woman despite her skin colour .Kuno njikala white girls fyani, but Iwould prefer going for an African girl.Ibet mulaikongwesha indalama but you stay on the same roof.You take your dog outside for a walk,to pee and poop.Ukuleka ukusamba everyday to twice or three times a week at naupa umusungu. African women are great ,there body is rich and attractive.Yours Icipaso with no bokosi but insafu only.Leka nkwebe iwe ,kale twalepepa nokututuma umusungu.Tapali ifyo ali. So participate quietly without mentioning your BUGA WIFE and you will be respected.Bu fontini muchita ba Neez.Muimweneshamofye

  14. Third force is going to win in 2021. PF and UPND both will lose out. Just watch the unfolding in early 2021 after terminal benefits are paid to sitting MPs. Most of them will lose out in 2021 elections as they are equally to be blamed for ripping off of nation’s resources, spineless selfish MPs from PF and UPND parties

  15. Mwila is probably the most stupid secretary-general the world over, but he is a darling of the PF hehe, which also shows how the PF can be judged on a stupidity scale of 1 to 10, A secretary-general is supposed to be analytical in his thinking because he is part of the engine of the party, his vision should be one that strengthens and not weakens the party.
    As of now everything that goes on within PF adds or subtracts from the big game of 2021, and all I see from the secretary-general is not adding to the PF fortunes going into 2021, but like I said he is still a darling of the PF, so there is nothing much to advise the captain of the boat because he is short-sighted. SO LET HIM LEARN THE RB WAY, THE HARD WAY.

  16. This man’s priorities are just all about winning elections not looking at the welfare of ordinary citizen.He thinks all Zambians are now just his tools.

  17. Ba Mwila! You go fishing and you catch Tukapenta 5, and your competitor catches a bream and you come out jumping that you’re the ultimate winner! your Competitor has more fish to eat and you will be hungrier the rest of the Term. The quality of leaders in Zambia is shocking. or the VOTERS ARE BLIND!

  18. Sadly this is true, UPND should be winning by a landslide in area like Katuba. My shock is just how people can still vote for PF in thousands despite what PF has done in Zambia where houses grow by themselves.

  19. Patriotic your pf should have won by a landslide because the whole Katuba was filled with your campaign material and you had the whole president and his cabinet spending the most time there. Not forgetting mass export of cadres from Lusaka and you come back empty. Just admit you lost the main one but won the little marginal ones which really don’t count much it’s only now with pf that we care about ward elections

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