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PF Scoops all ward elections as UPND beats Kambwili’s NDC in Kitwe

Headlines PF Scoops all ward elections as UPND beats Kambwili's NDC in Kitwe

PF celebrating ward election Victory
PF celebrating ward election Victory

The Patriotic Front has scooped all the local government by-elections held on Tuesday.

PF emerged victorious in Lubwa, Lwingishi, Mangango and Kanabulimbu wards.

In Lubwa Ward in Kitwe the PF’s Julius Kaunda polled 1, 215 votes while the UPND were in second position with 510 votes. In distant third was the National Democratic Congress that polled 213 votes, despite the perception that Kitwe was home territory for NDC.

In the Lwingishi Ward in Mansa Central Constituency the Patriotic Front emerged victorious with its candidate Chanda Chimba amassing 1, 512 votes with the NDC candidate Savious Mulenga receiving 148 votes while the UPND’s Patrick Kasongo received a paltry 104 votes.

The Mangango Ward elections followed a similar script with PF’s Enelsei Nyirenda getting 840 votes while UPND received 390 through their candidate Liwoyo Chigumbe with the UPPZ’s Kabindama Chingumbe getting 399 votes.

In Kanabulimbu Ward of Kaoma District the PF candidate Mwanzala Munyika emerged victorious with 615 votes while the UPND trailed them with 388 votes.

And Shiwan’gandu member of Parliament Hon Stephen Kampyongo has thanked the people of Mayembe Ward for resoundingly voting for the Patriotic Front (PF) and its candidate in the just ended local government by election.

According to the Electoral commission of Zambia (ECZ), out of Mayembe’s 5 polling stations, UPND’s Cynthia Mwamba got Zero votes at both Lukalashi and Mayembe polling stations.

She got 4 votes at Kapishya, 12 votes at Chilombo and 55 votes at her own village; Lukaka polling stations respectively.

Mr Enoch Mulambya who was the Returning Officer declared PF’s Joseph Nsofwa as the dully elected Councillor after receiving 610 votes while his only rival, UPND’s Mwamba received a meager 71 total votes.

And Hon Kampyongo said the defeat for the opposition UPND reinforces the PF government’s commitment to distributing development in all parts of the country.

“The people have made a clear choice against politics of hate and violence and have resolutely decided to vote for continued development and unity. They have also freely shown that they are willing to side with a progressive movement that is committed to delivering inclusive growth.”

Hon Kampyongo was speaking, Tuesday, shortly after the declaration of Joseph Nsofwa as the dully elected Councillor for Mayembe ward.

The Shiwan’gandu strongman says the people in his constituency have, with certainty, rejected opportunism and meaningless political rhetoric in preference to continued development and unity.

Hon Kampyongo who is also the Home Affairs Minister has also praised the ruling party cadres who participated in the by-elections countrywide for exhibiting impressive levels of restraint, humility and maturity.

Minister Kampyongo assured the residents of Mayembe Ward of President Lungu’s continued support through development in all key sectors and areas.

“I can assure you that President Lungu is committed to the promise of bringing unprecedented development to this area. The winning of the Mayembe ward is an indication that Shiwan’gandu is fully behind His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his government.”

Meanwhile, Councillor Joseph Nsofwa has thanked the people of Mayembe for entrusting him with the privilege to serve as their civic leader.

Councillor Nsofwa says the Shiwang’andu lawmaker has set the bar premised on hardwork and service delivery inspiringly so high, he will dedicate his energies into following in his footsteps and making the most of the months remaining before 2021.


  1. Why aren’t you reporting katuba? Even with tribalism you lost kiko. We waited for the official call from our party Secretary General white informed us of the win. Elisa my swiss white wife and I celebrated by making hot steamy love till this morning. This woman is amazing. As long as she is alive I will never bed anyone else. Black women u can learn alot from her

    • Grow up, stay relevant, keep your bedroom to yourself, make positive contributions or better still stay away.The marathon continues…..

    • Lubwa PF got 1,215 – UPNDC got 825 (UPNDEAD got 510 + NDC got 213 = 723). Numbers don’t lie.

      By the time all is said and done, double h will be joining PF.
      As for Katuba, in 2016 Patricia Mwashingwele BA Education, Diploma in Education, GCE ‘O’ Level, Masters in Education got 13,076, her closest rival Jonas Shakafuswa, BA Economics O’levels of the PF gunnered 6,225.
      Contemporary by-election results UPND candidate Bampi Kapalasa polled 8727 votes while his closest rival Zacks Mwachilele of the PF polled 7024 votes.

      The devil is in the detail. Those with eyes, let them see. 2021 will be rough I tell y’all!

    • Congrats Davis Mwila. Job well done.

      Please go and thank all those progressive electorates in Katuba Constituency and the wards you managed to flip for having managed to join the Elite people of this beautiful RoZ.

      Take RoZ as Republic of Zambia.

    • N.E.E.Z please, I have a lot of respect for you, do not bring such issue here. Let’s talk about politics, not wives.

    • We know her name while yours remains hidden…maybe we will sample for ourselves to confirm these claims you keep making. Bottom line, you and Mushota are id1ots! A disgrace to the race.

  2. Kambwili taught a good lesson He thought politics of insults is what we need. He called everyone Iifisushi while its him who is ICISUSHI. He also insulted HH forgetting that its UPND who helped NDC to win the Roan constituency. Well done PF. To win in 2021, you need the strong base which is local election.

    • Its a shame that PF ministers like this former Katondo Street Currency Dealer like Kampyongo have been camped in these wards like Shiwan’gandu with the Treasury in his pocket focused on bribing potential 2000 voters…we are talking about small villages spread out..all PF have to do is distribute foodstuffs

  3. So let CKinsultor rejoin PF. It is plain to see that nothing much will change in the 2021 polls. The dead will continue winning in their strongholds and the ruling PF will continue wining in their strongholds. CKinsultor might just replace retired Heritage Party president Miyanda in poll results not withstanding the fact that he (CKinsultor) may maintain his Roan Constituency until people their smell the aroma of cappuccino.
    Well maybe CKinsultor must just stay where he is just to maintain peace in PF. So let’s face it folks so we’re clear, in Lubwa PF got 1,215 – UPNDC got 825 (UPNDEAD 510 + NDC 213 = 723). Numbers don’t lie.

  4. Bitter Hakiende h and his cronies in his under 5 inherited party will claim the results are rigged. Despite spending sleepless nights in the area kneeling for votes and trying to use a calculator his little pet project lost. Wait for the big one 2021 you will crush land and go to concourt once again

  5. Now this is homework for UPND.Despite losing in Katuba,PF has made gains while UPND has won with reduced margin.In PF strongholds like Lubwa ward UPND has failed to make gains:
    2016 Lubwa ward elections:
    PF-1 895( late Godfridah Mambwe).
    UPND- 1 401( Beauty Mwiya).

    2019 By elections:
    PF- 1 215.
    UPND- 510.

    From both Katuba and various ward elections held,PF has made inroads in UPND strongholds and UPND has not in PF strongholds.

    • Kikikikikiki.

      So CKinsultor’s NDF did manage to split the UPNDEAD votes yeah! I love political spoilers. They make sense if the opposition is being torn apart.

      I am loving this state of affairs.

  6. Results are only showing one thing-PF WILL RETAIN POWER IN 2021 BECAUSE IT IS VERY STRONG IN ITS STRONGHOLDS WHILE ALSO GAINING VOTES IN UPND’S 3 PROVINCES!!!As for Kambwili,he is now finished and nobody will take him serious!!!I have been telling people that politics of insults cannot wim Kambwili the presidency and ward results in PF strongholds confirmed it yesterday!!Congratulations to PF for scooping all by elections and well done UPND for retaining your Katuba seat!!!BUT 2021 IS 100% FOR PF BECAUSE NUMBERS DO NOT LIE!!!

  7. One thing the blind supporters of the thieving PF Party are blind to is that UPND hasn’t been allowed to freely campaign in Luapula, Northern and Muchinga Provinces.
    The regrettable thing is that these people don’t realize the harm being done to the country and indeed to themselves by their continued support for PF.

    • Manombulwa, the reason is simple, people don’t like your recycled leader triple H. Change the leader and maybe, just maybe they will like your party. The way things are at the moment, triple H will remain the longest serving opposition leader in the country.

  8. In this case ICISUSHI CAKWA CK CILENUNKA and it will follow him wherever he goes. The chap keeps on insulting elders and am his family disowns him. Kwaba umwaice uwamusalulafi.

  9. @ Ne.e.z., Katuba was reported earlier. Either you don’t read despite marrying a white woman, or you are a trib.alist.

  10. Don’t mind by NEEZ he is not alone he is on drugs just understand him.PF rig all the sits or they won without rigging?it really shows even 2021 PF will win am just saying,but UPND you know that.

  11. I meant don’t mind about NEEZ he is on drugs he has been to that hospital along great east road after unza called (chairman)hospital for some years.

  12. its the Katuba by election we wanted parliamentary numbers matter now at a time PF want to multilate the constitution even PF are saving face ward elections have gained fame in PF time i never saw for once RB go and campaign in a ward election

  13. 2021 kuyabebele ba PF. play your cards well in the issue of KCM. miners want nothing from you but their money. congrats ba UPND for scooping Katuba without corrupting anyone. PF has not increased the margin against UPND but increased in rigging tactics and distribution of money to wood wink voters.



  15. I salute HH for making a right call by fielding a candidate in Lubwa to help cure kambwilis illusion of beinh popular on tje copperbelt. He is now.delivered and put wjere he belongs. Without this yardstick he would have proved problematic in tje pact and if they supported jim in lubwa and got the 800 opposition vote he would habe gone on an anti hill demanding for electoon to chose tje pact 2021 camdidate. Looking at tje reslut from katuba mamgango and kaoma woth wjat is obtaing in northwestern mow, i doult if we have a wind of change in zambia. Lets wait and see 2021 is still far and fate may.twist either way but if ellectiongs are help now pf may emmerge stronger than 2016. UPND may jusy jelp tjemselves but going to tje convention soon and deal with domant members restrategize amd…

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