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Home Affairs Minister warns Kambwili over his bad language towards President Lungu


NDC Leader Chishimba Kambwili outside the Magistrate Court in Lusaka addressing Journalists

Home Affairs Minister Hon Stephen Kampyongo has said that the former Roan Member of Parliament and National Democratic Congress leader Chishimba Kambwili is treading on dangerous ground with his continued ridicule of President Edgar Lungu as head of state.

Mr Kampyongo said that Mr Kambwili should be reminded that President Edgar Lungu is Republican President today because he has supporters countrywide who may not tolerate his continued abusive language on the Head of State

Mr Kampyongo said that the architects of the Zambian laws had foreseen the potential abuse the Office of President would be subjected to and provided adequate laws to deal with people like Mr Kambwili.

“If his vulgar language is instigated by a perception of popularity, then Kambwili should remember that His Excellency, the President is Head of State because of the support he enjoys across the nation. Kambwili is treading on dangerous waters by continuing with the abusive language on the Head of State because it is not every supporter of the President who will tolerate his continued ridicule.

“Besides, Kambwili would have still been in government today had it not been for corruption allegations slapped on him. He is still appearing before our Courts of law and as such, he should be the last person to scream corruption on every side.”

Hon Kampyongo told the NDC leader to draw lessons from his 213 votes in Lubwa ward in a district and Constituency where the former Roan lawmaker claims to have gained considerable ground to the extent of undermining the political relevance of his alliance partners.

“Let him draw lessons from his 213 votes in Kitwe’s Lubwa ward. He has been claiming of gaining ground in the district yet he can’t even beat the UPND in simple Lubwa! This should show him that our people are not gullible to be influenced by sarcasm and vulgar language.

“Kambwili should also remember that he is not the only person with potential to be vulgar. If we were to reduce ourselves to his level, we would take him on from the way he looks and walks to the manner he takes care of his family, but we will not do that because we are leaders,” said Mr Kampyongo.


  1. While, you rightfully counsel the likes of Kambili on good morals, please help urgently track down the owner of the 48 houses acc want to sweep under the carpet. We can’t live like sub humans without credible command of compitence and accountability Un heard of!! We need this un earthed and culprit dealt with regardless of his political status.

    • How does he look and take care of his family? Ok, now that Kambwili is rich, his wife should come back home

    • Why do you fear Kambwili? Anyone else uttering those insults would have been arrested kale. What has he got on you that he only needs to be warned. Arrest him

    • Imwe na imwe ba Kampyongo. You mean we have a home affairs ministry that spends time and resources on monitoring who is using vulgar language against the president?
      Yet we have no money to repair our roads? What should be our priorities making sure no citizen jokes about the president or preventing cholera?
      We know it’s Lungu who appointed you and you are trying to show your loyalty to him but that job is about national service not hero worship

    • The 48 houses belong to CKinsultor.

      No wonder he is been making late night calls.

      We wants his court cases to end like Chitotela’s.

      Olive branch extended. Otherwise he will insult you until you’re uninsultable.

  2. You people why do you hate my white Swiss vanilla chocolate wife Elisa? So many insults thrown at her yet she is innocent and doing a lot for poor Zambia. Please do not give Zambia a racist tag. We know we have many tribalists and thieves in pf but please not all of us lack morals. My Swiss wife says she is used to all the hate but says she normally gets it from African women..howver she is surprised that even Zambia men are hating her . I told her it’s frustration because most of you have never been with a white woman. Utter jealousy

  3. Brother, Kambwili you shoukd also stop abusing the name of God to gain political mileage. Edgar is the head of state because of support he enjoyed across the nation in 2016 including yourself. You campaigned for him, but today you asking God “Bushe Lungu afuminekwi?” You think God does not know that you were one time in PF. God might answers you and He might answer you with fire so be careful.

  4. Kambwili has become a menance to the Zambian political arena. His style is that of insulting the head of state and threating to deal with Chinese.heard the recording of his rally at riverain in Kitwe and it was about he Kambwili asking God ati Bushe Lungu afuminekwi?”
    Kambwili has forgotten that it was he who single handedly campaigned for Lungu on the Copperbelt, Luapula aqnd Northern. Even a 10 year old boy at that rally saw how foolish and stupid Kambwili is by saying ati ”Lungu emwine wa chisushi”.
    Where is Lusambo to slap this Kambwili again?

  5. CK is a simple vuvuzela who forgets that one day he too might be president of this country I hope he will be comfortable with people referencing him using vulgar language when he might be a parent, spouse and even grandpa to someone. He must not forget that even bitter Hakiende h and his cronies in his under 5 inherited party, who spent half his life earning a living wrongly advising the nation how to privatize, rejected his plea for an alliance in the last election. The bitter man has seen through the vuvuzela and using language that the under5 are not comfortable with should be straight forward…but hey his BP is up again we await his next fainting session or damaging his car and blaming the state when he was just over speeding

    • The person in the presidency is the face of it. For it to be respected you need people of integrity elected into it.

  6. When will Dr Chifentelo’s court cases ever come to an end? Its adjournment after adjournment? Let it not be close to elections and when convicted will look like political

    • This man kambwili is a big disappointment..I can never ever witb my family vote for a devil like him…he is very unhuman and he leads the life of satan..I wonder how he humbles him self when he goes to church.oh I think he even his to church just to show off…he is a stupid fat rat who needs to be dealt with.we put our humble president in plot one and the same fools was even campaigning fr lungu..any way may God In his own way give kambwili the judgment he deserves

  7. Illegal Katondo Forex dealer only good at issuing perpetual warnings, violence, & Corruption.
    Buluzi wa muntu (Chimp)yongo uyo!

  8. Honestly speaking Steve you are off track on most of the personal issue you said about CK. He may be wrong to insult the presidency and you are on point to warn him but politically, socially, even debating as well the spoken language you are too young to him. What does the way he walks and talks and takes care of his family got to do with the issue of bad language on the president. His family is his business and not yours. We have heard of the famous Parliament motel and what most people that live there do with the prostitutes of Lusaka, is that taking care of one’s family well when one is cheating on the wife?

  9. Kambwili has gone too far!!Thank God,lubwa residents in Kitwe gave him 213 votes two days to show him that Zambians are not interested in insults!!!RESPECT IS CARDINAL IN LIFE.WE ALL MUST RESPECT THE PRESIDENCY!!!ONCE THAT OFFICE IS NOT RESPECTED,ZAMBIA MAY BECOME UNGOVERNABLE AND WHO WANTS THAT?
    Please Hon.Kampyongo as Home Affairs Minister use available laws to have this Kambwili caged for insulting the head of state!!We are tired of his nonsense!!!

  10. But Lungu Nikabolala, Koswe Mumpoto! What does the law say about a stealing and corrupt Head of State with his popular theft now acknowledged country wide among his Hyenas minister busy scavenging Zambians only economic resources…

  11. We have had presidents but having a gorilla looking president who walks has if he has diarrhea and he is looking for Toilet will be a terrible. Kambwili’s disproportionate body tells a lot. His brain is much smaller then his stomach and his wife can not stand Kambwili’s d!ck. It is too small to keep a wife nearby.

  12. ‘Mr Kampyongo said that Mr Kambwili should be reminded that President Edgar Lungu is Republican President today because he has supporters countrywide who may not tolerate his continued abusive language on the Head of State.’
    The above satement from the Katondo street boy sounds as if he knows alot about PF thugs who goes round attacking people like they did to Kambwili in Luanshya.

  13. Chimbwili u bulezi niti, nung’a sipinya ha siutwi kanunkelo kasona! Lungu kikale fa kalezi ku pinyaka bipinya bya fuchu ku nunkiseza sicaba, Chimbwili wezize hande ku mushongolola.

  14. The man can overate himself ! If he won the C/B bye election,it was going to be terrible.He was going to use vulgar language to insult.How can u have a president who insults like that ? Zambians will never allow this nonsence and even God can not allow it.

  15. I am sorry Ba Kampyongo that you call yourself a leader but you are not. It is a terrible miracle that you are Home Affairs Minister.

  16. Stop talking nonsense against CK what we need right now is employment, learn to have manners,instead talking about something which can help you and your family mulelandafye ifyabupuba ifintu fyalidula tulefwaya incito mucalo twapapata

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