President Lungu has not neglected Southern Province-Dora Siliya

Chief Government Spokesperson Hon. Dora Siliya
Chief Government Spokesperson Ms. Dora Siliya
Chief Government Spokesperson Hon. Dora Siliya
Chief Government Spokesperson Ms. Dora Siliya

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya has called on Zambians to ignore assertions being touted by prophets of doom on various media platforms regarding President Edgar Lungu’s development agenda for Southern Province.

Addressing Journalists in Lusaka at her office yesterday, Ms Siliya said these misleading and unfounded assertions must never at any time, overshadow the wider mandate of the President who was elected to deliver development to all parts of the country.

“Contrary to allegations that he has neglected Southern Province, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu attaches great importance to the development agenda of Southern Province as can be seen from the ongoing massive developmental projects in the province. Projects such as construction of 99 health posts – the largest number of health centers to be given to any region in the country, construction of the Kazungula bridge and other bridges in rural parts of the province, rehabilitation of the Kariba Dam wall and the electrification of Dundumwedzi,” she indicated.

“Other projects include the construction of the Kafue Lower Hydro Power Station, construction of aquaculture ponds along the Kariba Dam, construction of schools and the construction of communication towers to connect Dundumwedzi to the rest of the county, are but some of the projects being undertaken in Southern Province.”

She added that the projects are an affirmation that President Lungu holds Southern Province close to his heart.

Ms. Siliya, who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, said government takes great exception to individuals creating an impression that the President is trying to divide Zambians on regional lines.

“It ought to be stressed that ever since President Lungu assumed office, he has been championing the One Zambia One Nation motto and other national values of uniting the nation. Government has taken a step further to ensure that the national motto and values are widely disseminated to the public through various platforms such as print and electronic media and via mobile phone text messages,” she said.

Ms. Siliya stated that the fact that Zambia is a democracy with her people holding divergent views on various national matters should never cause any citizen to issue statements that border on dividing the nation.


    • A Gold painted a rusty iron on the outside remains a rusty iron inside. People expect PF to stop practicing tribal politics

    • This is laughable, so Kazungula bridge could have been built in Luapula or Muchinga? Same with Kariba and Kafue hydro electric projects?

    • Is this really a minister responding to an ordinary Citizen; Slit Siliya responding to Laura Miti?
      Anyone can see that Laura Miti sounds more of a Serious, and Intelligent National Leader than this fat and fo.olish Pig Dora Siliya.

    • I dont know why PF keep pointing to Health posts when they are funded by Indian Exim Bank loan even all that money is going back to India through their contractors!!

    • DORA Talking again. Once PF is out she will be leaking UPND’s XXXXX for a Job. she is embarrassing. She has no shame on how she used to insult SATA.

  1. Bwana Lungu has definitely neglected the economy leading to the low growth of 3% the last four years.He also neglected public health leading to cholera outbreak.

  2. Next time he visits southern province please effect a citizens arrest on that tribal rat. Elisa my white wife says good morning in her short pyjamas mmh yayima

  3. The sons and daughters of the land have listened to your sentiments carefully and analysed.We know what you are doing and have done to us.Time is ticking

  4. The man cant even address the nation on the state of the failing economy which has only benefited people like Dora Siliya , Lusambo , his boss off plus the owner the 48 houses . It is sad that we as Zambians can tolerate high levels incompetency

  5. What minister is citing are long-term issues of national interest. For example, Lower Zambezi hydro is not so much for the benefit of Southerners NOW, but for reducing electricity load shedding in Muchinga in the LONG TERM. The immediate need of Southern Province is food. They had 100 % crop failure and government needed to declare state of emergency so that any and sundry could take food there. They have adamantly refused to do that and people are starving. [I live on CB but know that the district I come from is in distress. I go there monthly. There are incessant phone calls from relatives asking for help!]. President Chiluba declared the emergency in 1992 and food flowed to the south. In 1996 there was partial drought and again he sent food. Within the first year of his administration,…

  6. these are the leaders we have. kazungula, kariba, kafue and many others, these are national projects which requires the attention of any government in power. nothing special about there location. please bring other issues and drop this one tribal remarks not yet answered. next……….

  7. The curse of going against The Word of God, in this case Romans 13 throughout the Bible has been famine, drought, disease, death of livestock and strangers eating the fat of your own land while you resort to begging for food. Repent, God is not mocked.

  8. sometimes people make more sense when they say nothing at all….
    Our president started this whole Trible thing.

  9. Ofcourse he hasn’t coz he is there every other week on a working visit as is the case with copper belt right?

  10. And the PF knows that almost all the hydro power stations in Zambia were in Southern Province until someone decided to redraw the map just to stop that. What sense does it make to put Itezhitezhi in Central Province? Very sad that a minister thinks the Kazungula bridge is to benefit the Southern Province rather than the Zambian economy. Check out the development in Kasane. It is already becoming a big town and we still have nothing on our side. Even where you do customs and immigration processes at Kazungula, there is no shelter; you stand in the rain or scorching heat in the dust or flowing water. It is incredible we still get tourists.

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  12. Dora, please shut up and do what you do best, keeping beds warm,
    If you don’t have anything to say than keep that hole in your face closed

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