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Inonge Wina castigates UPND MP for asking tribal Questions in Parliament


Vice President Inonge Wina
Vice President Inonge Wina

Vice President Inonge Wina has expressed disappointment with UPND Chikankata Member of Parliament Kabwe Mwiinga for asking a question that boarders on the promotion of tribalism.

Mrs. Wina wondered why the member of Parliament would find time to conduct a head count of which tribal grouping is running which institution in Zambia.

Mrs Wina said that Members of Parliament are role models who should not be seen promoting tribalism.

The vice President appealed to Mr . Mwiinga to reflect and avoid asking questions that promote tribalism.

She was responding to a question from Mr. Mwiinga who wanted to know why some public Universities are currently being headed by people from one province.

And the Speaker of the National Assembly has admonished Siavonga District Commissioner Lovemore Kanyama for intimidating area member of Parliament Darius Mulunda when he paid a courtesy call at his offices whilst performing parliamentary duties.

In this matter it was alleged that Mr. Kanyama questioned the presence of Mr. Mulunda who was in the company of a parliamentary Committee which was in Siavonga to check on projects.

It was further alleged that whilst doing this, Mr Kanyama also intimidated the Siavonga Law maker.

In passing the ruling Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini expressed disappointment with the conduct of Mr. Kanyama.

Dr. Matibini guided that it is not allowed for an individual to obstruct a member of parliament from performing their duties.

He said doing so does not only demeans the Member of Parliament but also the speaker of the national assembly.

Dr. Matibini said this is because Members of Parliament act on behalf of the speaker whenever they are touring projects.

He ordered Mr Kanyama to apologize and immediately leave the Premises of Parliament buildings.

And in his apology Mr. Kanyama appreciated the counsel given by the speaker and promised never to intimidate a Member of Parliament performing parliamentary duties.


  1. Good job Bo Ma Inonge, my president. Pump sense in those drunkards.
    Even the MP who asked that dangerous question on why Bembas are the ones running universities should have been goes fired from parliament.
    When Nalumango was deputy speaker there was order in that house.

    • “If the problems you have this year are the same problems you had last year, then you are not a leader. You are rather a problem on your own that must be solved..”
      – Israelmore Ayivor

    • One wonders why Anderson Kambela Mazoka formed this gang of tribal thickheads called UPND that turned UPNDEAD.
      Can you imagine for a minute that these thickskulls won the election?
      We would really suffer as they run into institution replacing every worker with their own. Like Masha Chilemena did at ZNBC.
      Iwe ECL mind the way you lead us lest we end up with that tribal bitter thornhead in State House.
      It is preposterous that the tribal talk should be anywhere near parliament. If I were in Parliament at that point, I would have smacked the tribal hell out’a his tribal mouth, si11y.

    • Yes we can imagine. People like you who only get jobs because of your tribe would be jobless and those who truly deserve them would be employed. Zambia would have been a better place for all.

  2. Drama in our parliament while our Christ is mysteriuosly building 48 houses for mother Zambia because it is a christian nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2021 mission………………….

  3. “If the problems you have this year are the same problems you had last year, then you are not a leader. You are rather a problem on your own that must be solved.”
    – Israelmore Ayivor

  4. According to the UPND everyone who speaks Tonga is their member, it’s an abomination to be Tonga and not support Hichilema.

    • Mr Ayatollah,
      lam from Eastern Province. There are non Tonga’s who support HH. PF is always fixated on Tribe. I for one have never heard HH speak of other tribes in a disparaging way. ECL was doing that the last week in Livingstone.
      When will you learn that all we are interested in is someone who can fix the economy, which PF has failed to do. If HH can do it, so be it.

  5. This lady is to blame for all the sufferings we are enduring…Because of her Mr lungu is in state house.

  6. Well I don’t know the facts BUT if that is true, then P.F Tribalism, & Regionalism is as real as their known Nepotism, & this needs to be urgently addressed, otherwise the slide towards the Rwandan problem of the past is real.

  7. Bishop Mambo said politics was not about President Lungu or his opposition opponents but the betterment of lives of Zambians.

  8. Answer the question Madame Inoge, don’t dodge it by claiming that certain questions should not be asked. Our hearts are bleeding with this nonsense…

  9. ECL`s PF government is the most tribalistic and most corrupt since Zambia`s independence. Inonge knows this.There is nothing wrong with the head count and the old woman should just have answered the question .Many Zambians are asking the same question because even without the head count tribalism observed all over. It is sad that all that Inonge does in Parliament these days is to defend PF corruption.And all this in her old age!Imagine!

  10. The marginalization of some tribes is done openly and it has been the first agenda of PF from its inception. Unfortunately denial will not solve this problem. Besides do we honestly expect PF who the perpetuators to tolerate such a question. We don’t want a caste system in Zambia. The onus lies with the oppressed to liberate themselves by all means lest you become slaves in your own country. Just sample out any ten institutions and you will get a very disturbing picture.

  11. Answer the question; because we know that there are professors of repute from other provinces. Why can’t they get appointed?

  12. Zambia is not a meritocracy, fortunately or unfortunately. Lungu has to distribute Govt positions equitably, across all Regions! Remember that in a democracy, a Govt formed by equal number of intellectuals and Illiterates, the Executive should have an equal number of morons and clever people! So, there is no reason why certain of the Regions in Zambia should not be EQUITABLY be represented in Govt. Equal representation in Zambia is Constitutional! The Vice President must not her head in the sand by intimidating MPs!

  13. Be critical but fair! AKM aka bo Andie was a greater leader, focused, handsome and indeed never tribal. Bitter Hakiende h and his inherited under 5 gathering with no vice president or spokes person came on a ‘only a tonga can lead up and under’. His cronies went ballistic to undo everything Kambela did until they are now a laughing stock. Even the greatest critic of all governments little fleddie the accountant wanna be scribe and his fatdesk lawyer wanna be dpp called them a ‘Bantustan party’….so leave Mazoka out of your spew and remain with your big calculators having never served at the grassroots and lose again in 2021.

  14. We need people that can run government, and solve problems. There are laws, or laws that can be written to stop nepotism. Our MPs are ridiculous PF and the opposition combined. UPND and independents are ridiculous is what I mean. Why are they not asking for reduction in stipends for ministers and MPs?

  15. Loyalty is paramount in all areas of life .

    How do you appoint lads who are rebellious?

    For those who had been to UNZA they may recall how Tonga’s had dominated the academic Staff .

    Be Loyal to the appointing authority like Hon.Simusa

  16. Loyalty is not a management best practice. Go read your books again.Don’t justify tribalism and regionalism in appointments and retirements. Remember in nature nothing goes unpaid. When was the last time you spoke any other tribal language other than your own? Look at yourself in the mirror and examine yourself. You’re a tribalist and yet point at others.

  17. The reporting is too shallow. Is this the way parliament can be reported monga nimu school magazine sure?

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