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It must be a Government Minister Owning the 48 Houses-Kambwili


NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili
NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili

National Democratic Congress Leader Chishimba Kambwili has urged the Anti Corruption Commission to be serious with the fight against Corruption.

Mr. Kambwili has described the ACC as incompetent and trivial, and is disappointed that they have failed to trace and prosecute the owner of the 48 flats in Lusaka’s Chalala area.

He said the houses are believed to have been built using proceeds of crime and suspects that the controversial houses belong to a senior Government Minister.

“My suspicion is that it must be a a Minister owning those houses and they were only put in the name of the civil servant, ” he said.

Mr. Kambwili says President lungu is not sincere when he talks about the corruption Crusade as evidenced by the continued failure of the ACC to end the scourge.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kambwili has accused the PF of vote buying in the just ended Lubwa ward local Government by elections in Kitwe.

He said the PF victory in Lubwa ward is not genuine as huge sums of money was used to buy votes.

And Mr. Kambwili has said some people are misinterpreting his Bemba idioms used on President Edgar Lungu and his government.

Commenting on the warning by some government officials to stop insulting President Edgar Lungu, Mr. Kambwili said there is nothing wrong using idioms in any form of political communication.


  1. These corruptly built flats stink all the way to Lungu because he hasn’t waged a serious war against corruption.

    • Chishimba shut up……………..You were once a minister so better shut up……………. They can steal but they will never steal our 2021 right to vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      We shall see…2021 vision

    • A much as it is wrong for any person who holds public officials to use their position to amass wealth what is worse are those hypocrites who did the same thing when they held power themselves, how many houses, luxury cars, trucks and lucrative contracts did Mr Kambwili acquire whilst in govt? I really fail to understand how a police officer who accepts a bribe will be arrested and former ministers who did the same thing but only on a much larger scale are roaming the streets claiming to be the voice of the people. Life.

    • My Thoughts too,
      Firetrucks died a natural death, only Mulusa lost his job for criticizing the ministry the Fire-wheelbarrows belonged to.
      We also heard of a Chimese case, its erased, because some ministers were mentioned in the Uniform saga?
      There was a commission of Elections violence etc sworn at state house, we don’t know what happened to that team.
      Where are the Ester’s Firetrucks?

    • Hey CKinsultor I thought they were your flats. I have just claimed ownership since no one is coming out.
      Those flats are mine ladies and gentlemen. They are mine.
      Biblically we would say they were spiritually erected.
      Damn it, those flats are mine. Strange, Ministry of lands does not know. The Council does not know, the neighbors don’t know, the tenants don’t know and the owner doesn’t know.
      Unnecessarily politically weird.

    • Surely a fish Rots from the Head Down wards. So do u expect a Thief to investigate himself? He is now busy covering up the Case. ECL is corrupt to the Core so u can’t expect a Mosquito to cure Malaria. Under this Corrupt and Clueless ECL Govt Corruption will thrive further. Once a Thief always a Thief. This Case is now being swept under the Carpet. Wait and see!

  2. We are winning in 2011
    We are winning in 2013
    We are wining in 2016
    We are winning in 2021

    How many different president s has he stood against

    Why has he failed to produce single mp in cosmopolitan area

    And do followers keep believing him . Thats fanaticism

    • Kambwili has never stood as a presidential candidate in any general election. Are you sure you had enough sleep and have had your breakfast? Learn to stick to the discussion at hand

  3. Crazy banditry going on.10% has been selling all his properties.In terms of open corruption and tribalism this distinctively the worst ever

  4. “My suspicion is that it must be a a Minister owning those houses and they were only put in the name of the civil servant, ”said Kabwili
    Why not conceal these houses in the name of a jerabo e.g Sparks Mining, Shawi, Chile one, AZE 1, Irvin, Commander Simmy, the Wallace, one Gunase and many more. Jerabos are capable of such investment. The owner did not think twice. My free advise to you would be plunderers is that first approach one of the mentioned jerabos for those properties to be built in his name and at the same time draft a sale agreement purporting that you have bought those properties at a reasonable price. Thats how we sharp niggaz do it.

  5. The people of Mwaiseni have been tricked out of their plots, they need water and good sanitation. Instead you went to talk about ichisushi, they cheered you because you were better than Bikiloni. Kitwe isn’t Luanshya where they listen to buffoons like you, grow up. What about your 1000 houses? Should Hichilema win he’ll lock you up for uprooting the railway line, mark my words

  6. Edgar Lungu has three mansions at the China Henan-ZDA housing project in Sliverest Housing project. Tasila Lungu has one mansion. These were bought at large amounts of money. With a presidential salary of K45 000 per month, one wonders how he afforded those properties. This is in addition to a complex opposite New Leopards Hill Cemetery. Zambians are docile….still talking of dinuna…!

  7. In the 1989, he was deported from Zambia due to his criminal activities but the court allowed him back in the country after he bribed his way back into the country and arguing that he was Zambian by birth.
    In 1994, Fawaz with Prosper Chelela was sentenced to 20 years in prison with hard labour for murdering a person named as Grant Kolala. The deceased was discovered dead behind the steering wheel of fiat motor vehicle, which was in a ditch by the side of the road in Lusaka.
    Fawaz was only acquitted by the Supreme Court after the only eye witness was threatened and money exchanged hands.
    In 2006, Fawaz was arrested and jointly charged with Kelvin Katambika for aggravated robbery of a BMW X5 then valued at K300 million, belonging to Henry Kapoko.
    2007, arrested again on charges of…

  8. Asoza@9
    The President gets more than the k45 pin you are talking about. Apart from the salary, he has allowances and many other gifts. Apart from that, His money remains intact because government looks after him and family. Can he fail to buy a building say every after 3months?
    On corruption,the president has directed the minister of home affairs to find the owner of the flats. What seriousness do you want from him….???? Isn’t what he has done enough? Your kambwili should be the last person to condemn corruption because his corruption cases are still in courts.

    • Why not directly put the investigative wings to task and ECL swore in that lady at statehouse,things won’t ! work imagine a professional crime investigator getting instruction from a katondo money changer.
      Why does the President direct professionals on issues that these very wings are supposed to handle as daily matters.
      Issues like this happen when appointments are based on patronage (Boot lic3ers) you end up doing most of the work yourself! instead of delegating work to trusted and capable ministers and public servants.ECL comissions everything just to show he is working and people will allow him to do so cause they can not question the appointing authority.
      For me ECL has his finger prints all over those flats.
      The list of misdeeds keeps getting longer;
      – Fire trucks

    • – Chitotela
      – Ambulances
      – Toll gates
      – Inflated road costs
      – Chinese economic empowerment in zambia.
      – Malawi Maine saga
      – Social cash saga

      For me the President is running a circus he is a modern day bozo.

  9. Please lets keep the fire burning over the 42 fire tender for 42 million dollars scandal .The 48 houses scum is simply unbelievable .It has never happened anywhere in the world apart from when Lungu has been President of Zambia .

  10. 42 for 42, 48 for unknown value and owner, $1.3m per km road, $5m for pillars toll gate, $5m for Bwezani or Tengani house? Awe kwena cacila.

  11. It takes a thief to catch one. Ck the rejected vuvuzela from bitter Hakiende h under 5 inherited party which operates without a vice and has banned its members from attending national events knows what he is talking about. He was a Minister before being fired so he is merely telling us how he and his criminal friends robbed us blind. Difference is bitter Hakiende ‘hid’ some of his cash in cows the rest off-shore until the panama papers dug him out…vuvuzela ck in now in mwa moneni 2021 is calling more losses…

  12. I am not worried about the 48 houses now, my worry is that the ACC Director is still in her position. How does one explain such incompetence, and by the way I am very much PF but some things are just inexcusable.

  13. Imwe ba Chimbwili, of course you know the owner , after all you were in the same government and you did these “things” together.

    Lubwa ward, you also spent money buying beers and who do you think would have voted for you iwe chiwelewele?
    You are also guilty of owning property suspected to be proceeds of crime, you stole NDC from Mwenya Musenge didn’t you?

  14. I have been hearing about some people complaining about tribal words used by Edgar Lungu of Zambia. Can someone please tell me what is tribal about these words?
    We all know that Hakainde Hichilema is a tribalist, if you want, please ask Sakwiba Sikota, ask Patrick Chisanga, ask Canisius Banda and you can ask GBM. The president clearly said that Zambia will in future have a Tonga President but not the tribalist HH. What is tribal about that?
    If you don’t know, without HH being a tribalist he would have been President of Zambia today. The alliance of PF and UPND would have won the 2011 elections with a landslide and HH would have become Vice President of the Republic of Zambia.
    HH is not fit to lead Zambia. We have better Tongas who will rule Zambia but certainly not the Hatribe HH…

  15. There is one Toothless Dog who is always barking. The last bark was an ultimatum on government to reveal the real owner of the flats. 48hrs has past what next Mr Toothess dog. Next time you bark, make sure you also bite or forever shut up.

  16. I think we have to believe Kambwili, he knows. When Kambwili was a minister, wasn’t he involved in a similar scandal where he dubiously acquired Chingola golf club land and build a similar amount of houses? To catch these thieves you need one of the thieves fighting corruption.

  17. The concept of one 9/11?Commercial bank money could be used to bring down another sky scraper.And it would not be the first time.The same was done in Russia some years ago.But the ghosts of Russia wander from north to south.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  18. Was it not Barclays bank that was said to have bought South African war bonds.And was condemned by all and sundry for supporting apartheid.Just before apartheid fell.I believe that is the reason the same bank was asked to leave Barbados.Peter Carlos Hinds.

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