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UNZA has completes the provisional admission process for the 2019 academic year


UNZA Main Library
UNZA Main Library

The Senate of the University of Zambia has completed the provisional admission process for the 2019 academic year which will begin on Monday 27th January, 2020.

The University has admitted a total of 5,646 candidates of which 54% are males while 46% are females.

The University Senate through its Rural Affirmative Action Policy has admitted a total of 518 candidates that did not meet the admission criteria but where attending secondary schools in remote districts of Zambia.

UNZA spokesperson Brenda Bukowa said the all the provisional admissions for the 2019 academic year are dependent upon submission of Proof of sponsorship, Proof of 25% payment of total tuition fees plus other user fees to commence registration.

She said adherence to the payment plan of 25% second instalment, 25% third instalment and 25% before writing final examinations with commitment to adhere to the plan signed by the sponsor.

Ms. Bukowa said failure to produce proof of payment by 30th March, 2020 shall lead to loss of the place to another candidate on the waiting list.

She has further advised succesful candidates to collect their admission letters from the Customer Service Center at the University of Zambia, Great East Road Campus and from all the provincial centres from the week starting 19th August, 2019.


  1. Only a mad person can send their kids to unza or any zambian uni for that matter. My Swiss white wife and I have sent all our kids abroad for school and higher education. We are reaping benefits of this.

    • Bwana you are a let down. Do you fully understand white people? Those children of yours will never be accepted in Swizerland you are boasting of, no matter what.
      I would rather be in S.A. with xenophobia than in Swizerland.

  2. I am a proud product of UNZA and have not failed Mother Zambia. God bless UNZA despite the many shortcomings and challenges!!!!

  3. Sir N.e.e.z you are rich no wonder you are able to send your kids abroad some of us who are not as fortunate as you can’t do anything about it..just thank God for your privileges

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