Government has resolved to commercialise the agriculture sector-Inonge Wina

Vice President Inonge Wina
Vice President Inonge Wina
Vice President Inonge Wina
Vice President Inonge Wina

Vice President Inonge Wina has said that government has resolved to commercialise the agriculture sector. Mrs. Wina said that government is keen to see agriculture transformed from a sector that merely produces to one that embraces value addition.

Speaking when she officiated at this year’s Agriculture and Commercial Show in Lusaka, Mrs. Wina said agriculture remains government’s priority sector in terms of economic growth.

She said this year’s show theme; “Embracing Industrialization” speaks to government’s agenda on growing the economy through Industrialisation.

The Vice President said government is eager to see the sector grow and double its production level which will in turn enable Zambia to feed itself and the region.

Mrs. Wina also called on Local farmers to continue working hard and produce more food for household and national consumption.

She noted that the agriculture and commercial show is a good platform for agriculture industry players to learn best practices of farming.

Mrs. Wina further urged farmers to adopt climate smart agriculture practice as a way of being up to date with the prevailing climatic conditions.

Meanwhile, show society president Caroline Silwamba paid glowing tribute to government for creating an enabling environment for sector players.

She said this has resulted in an increased number of local and international exhibitors at the show.

This year’s show has attracted over 200 international Exhibitors.


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    • What’s the meaning of commercializing? Does it mean giving priority to commercial farms so They can produce all the food and still have enough to feed the world as is the case in South Africa?

  2. Please old hen Bo Inonge how many speeches are you going to read…you are leaving in 2021 and these crooks know it what have you got to show for it even your people in WP will boo you when you go to visit in your retirement. Continue reading pointless speeches how can you be keen to develop agriculture when you wasted billions of borrowed money on overpriced road projects? Continue being cheated old lady….

    While we are at it, whatever happened to the Mulungushi Textiles, you promised was opening “in a few days”, when you were campaigning with baba Ch@kolwa Wh1skey?

  4. How I wish some media house could research from the archives the speeches read by our politicians when invited to make subject matter related official statements at any function, the findings would not surprise anyone in that the statements are repetitive in content and static in implementation. For how long will policies aimed at moving agriculture to an advanced level commensurate with current trends world over continue to be a lip service phenomenon in Zambia? Approach to agriculture is one that uses it as a ransom for political gains and not one providing solutions to problems that could inspire sector growth! Were it treated as important as the megaphone level it has at national podiums the hunger fears around the country would never arise for the silos would ever be filled to the…

  5. contd… to the brim and diversification with value addition would have been an established norm! The advantage to politicians lies in the short memory nature the citizenry embraces. I hope the 200 international exhibitors under mention are serious institutions which excludes the many solo traders who only rent space and “participate” to sell their wares!

  6. As long as government continues to control selling price of maize which is the staple food for most countries in the region, agriculture will struggle to commercialize.

  7. Is This? How you address someone who spend so much time in investing in new equipment new method and the list of reading, research list and hiring the best farmer manager he can afford.

    “Mrs. Wina further urged farmers to adopt climate smart agriculture practice as a way of being up to date with the prevailing climatic conditions”.

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