President Lungu warns civil servants against involving themselves in politics

President Lungu's Rally at Shifwankula grounds in Chunga Ward of Katuba Constituency to drum up support for a PF Candidate
President Lungu's Rally at Shifwankula grounds in Chunga Ward of Katuba Constituency to drum up support for a PF Candidate

President Edgar Lungu has warned civil servants against involving themselves in politics.

President Lungu said that civil servants’ involvement in politics affects implementation of government programmes and ultimately sabotaging its activities.

ZANIS reports that President Lungu said this when he addressed civil servants in Solwezi last evening.

And President Lungu expressed sadness that workers in the public service do not passionately work at the same pace with their counterparts in the private sector.

He cited late reporting to work and lack of commitment as contributing factors that affect them from meeting their targets compared with those in the private sector.

The President also instructed Secretary to the Cabinet Simon Miti to cascade Performance Management Contracts to all civil servants.

He said he is confident the proposal of Performance Management Contracts will change the work culture in the civil service.

The Head of state also complained that some Heads of department do not read memos from their subordinates, but just rush to sign them.

He also encouraged civil servants who were listening attentively, to acquaint themselves with the Seventh National Development Plan saying it explains the trajectory that the country is taking between now and 2021.

President Lungu further urged those privileged to participate in procurement, to always think of the country first.

Earlier, North Western Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu thanked President Lungu for addressing the civil servants based in Solwezi.

Mr. Mubukwanu said in his service as Minister for the past eight years he has never witnessed a president addressing civil servants.


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    • Really? President Lungu you make political appointments to the Civil service and you want them to stay out of politics? All Permanent Secretaries are supposed to be civil servants but nowadays you appoint them from the Party cadre list. They are supposed to be promoted from the ranks but you politically interfere. President Lungu what’s going on in your head? Yesterday you asked people to accept criticism yet you don’t accept criticism. Anyone criticizing you will be locked up. Tebu cabbage fye ubu?

    • Lungu’s dullness boggles our imagination. Why shouldn’t civil servants get involved in politics? If they can vote, why shouldn’t they talk about politics? It’s hard to forgive Sata for leaving us this clueless, corrupt guy…to be in charge of our beloved country, Zambia. And now we’re lagging behind in development while all around us, our neighbors are developing real fast. Botswana is moving fast in development, while corrupt clueless Lungu is busy silencing civil servants who dare talk about the corruption that has befallen the country. And what happened to the 48 flats, did they find the culprit? Shame on Lungu for intimidating and silencing the civil servants. Vote this clueless guy out in 2021 to save the country.

    • Lungu doesn’t take the fight against corruption to Civil servants he is more often warning against anything that can impact his hold on power …no wonder one of the resolutions at NDF was to bar civil servants participating in politics 2 years post the service. Why not say all civil servants have to be cleared of potential corruption before retirement or leaving the service …something like that imwe ba ECL lyonse fye ma issues to do with power nokwiba Twanaka !!

    • It’s only bad if they support the opposition, very ok to support pf and work in civil service. Why else is he saying this in NW province? In any case, he has been caught pants down over the 48 mansions and is looking for distractions—-48! What greed and corruption!

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  3. Those you tribally and maliciously retired in public and national interests will haunt your government for a long time.good luck

    • He is there addressing civil servants on Saturday evening ..are they being paid to attend this event on a weekend, is it fair to them to attend this event unpaid when he is on a “working visit” with his ministers. I mean how can you even have austerity measures when you have a dull playful leaders who always wants to play away at weekends

  4. That is intimidation of Civil Servants is unfortunate (Public Service Employees is a more respectable way to address them).
    Civil Servants in their capacity as citizens of Zambia have the civic duties to speak against corruption and to participate in the governance of our Democratic nation! One would be a Demagogue to take away such citizens civic rights!
    Life itself is inherently political! This is why the NDF clause to make citizens wait two years before joining politics is not only misplaced but draconian as well! Muzzle not the masses! Only those who feel power slipping from their hands will resort to intimidation! We saw it with past presidents when their time was up!

  5. How dare this lazy moron warns civil servants about being involved in politics when he and his govt want to cling on to GRZ vehicles and accruing allowances right through to polling day of General Elections…he wants to double up on working visits during campaign time with his ministers meanwhile if he has his way civil servants will not join politics unless after 2 years …this is why Amos who has stolen too much can afford to resign the average civil servant does not have that luxury and to top it off will not even be paid retirement benefits on time.

  6. Wait a minute. They are living by example. When did you do last do some serious work seriously??? Never atall. You just busy moving up and down drinking, eating and flying wasting jet fuel, while accumulating huge allowances with your bloated entourage. All you do is campaigning and threatening 24/7. Do you think they they respect you?? Hell No!! Everyone now knows how useless you are as a leader and regret wasting their vote on you. Too many lies, threats, corruption and looting. Sometimes just try to keep quiet while stealing..

    • The man is so useless he doesn’t know what to do in his office..he thinks a President’s job is touring and issues silly directives

  7. May I be educated in who is a civil servant, because the data I have us that all high commissioner’s, district commissioner’s, permanent secretaries eg chanda kasolo, Patrick mwanawansa, the list goes on are PF cadres , and all sing PF slogans, thus animal farm is bit good, urs only an offence if a teach or any other civil servant supports the opposition, but its OK if he/ she supports PF, can we be fair, and be just.

  8. The same president who warns constituents that GRZ will with hold development if people don’t vote PF thus politicizing development and by extension politicizing civil servants?

  9. Awe ba presido you signed a constitution without reading it (eyes closed) how will civil servants heed your call to read their memos.kikiki

  10. Waste of space!! If he is not intimidating civil servants he is talking about tribalism. Zambians you deserve better not this specimen.

  11. The President is right.Civil servants should be non partisan.If you want politics,resign and u will be very free to politik.

  12. Ba John,you are in your own Zambia, cadres are being appointed day in day out and you see nothing wrong unless with Civil Servants.Ask What’s happening in Foreign Affairs.

  13. Yes a civil servant serving in the ruling administration is by oath expected to support the administration goals and projects failure to which they are liable to being fired, it’s like that everywhere. You are even lucky in Zambia he addresses you and asks you to change. Anywhere else if you are found not supporting the administration and it’s efforts kuyabebele. Govt jobs are priviledges.

  14. The same president that invites and allows District Commissioners to speak at political rallies, what a two face!

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