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Slow business hits this years Agriculture and Commercial Show


The Vice president arrives for the official opening of the show. – Picture courtesy of Suma Systems.

Some foreign exhibitors at this year’s Agriculture and Commercial Show have described business as slow.

Those talked to by ZNBC news say the number of people that turned up to buy their goods was low.

And Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has urged local businesses to use platforms such as the Agriculture and Commercial show to create linkages with their colleagues from other countries to explore possibilities of exporting their goods.

Mr. Lusambo observes that local businesspersons can thrive by creating partnerships with foreign businesses.

He was speaking in an interview at the just ended Agriculture and Commercial show in Lusaka.


  1. Business is slow but that dont bother our President and his trips its business as usual for him…he is in Maputo touring after sending the whole of last week in Livingstone and Solwezi.

  2. If I were lungu I would have asked hh to officiate this year agric and commercial show so that blind following cadres including chiefs realise politics is not war

    • How can you ask someone who lives in Zambia…is a businessman with businesses with pavilions there officiate at the show…what capacity is he going to attend as? You foooools are so infatuated with your silly Hakiande that he gives you sleepless want him to do the job you are paid for by taxpayers and you want deputy ministers. To do what? Follow Lazy Lungu all over the country when he can delegate basic work to his ministers.

  3. Where were our economists in Zambia. They could have advised the show board to lower the gate and stand prices. This could have attracted scores of business and visitors.

    • As a kid I loved the Lusaka showgrounds it was an excitement time on the calendar, attending two times with parents, friends, uncles was the target…I loved sightseeing whilst eating candy floss that I got lost in the crowd one time, Police were informed and made an effort to look for me back then ZP cared but thankfully I traced my way back to the carpark and managed to push the triangle passenger side small window of the Fiat 127 to open the door and wait for my old man.

    • Jay jay memories of a wonderful Zambia. The Agricultural shows of Lusaka, Kitwe and the Trade Fair in Ndola were all very nice. It is good you found yourself to the car. Now we can comment here and seek how to change things for good in Zambia. Fiat 127 classic.

  4. Lusaka times thanks for blocking me and my white swiss wife. How can you block a man married to a beautiful white woman and expect to get away with it.? Elisa my wife thinks you are pathetic. Anyway I have used my special key and unblocked my self

  5. The future outlook for the economy depends on how the government view it’s people.

    Government is our barometer on the economy. If Government can use us(Zambian) as your barometer that will be nice.

    To make the long story short The word I was looking for is; uncertainty.

    You are good at it.

  6. Shows and Trade Fairs are becoming absolute.

    Internet sites have 24/7 stands without the risk of Ebola, TB, and cadres. Every farmer knows now that you are better off going to the frequently specialized fairs at GART in Chisamba or farm days at various farms. Industries like motor vehicles are running nice sexy car fairs outside the show periods. Very well attended with roaring business. Same with computer industry, education industry, the beer industry, name them.

    All those who went to the show to do business are anciently out of touch. The future has moved on!

    • You are talking about fan fare where kids watch horses and kaponyas paint kids with chalk powder . Yes that one is becoming obsolete

      Go to Beijing auto show and see and touch electric cars with butterfly doors

  7. Of course its was gonna be slow biz with a weakened Kwacha and a sharp slow down in the Zambian economic indicators .Lungu knows it so he kept away and the IMF knew it too they issued a GDP slowdown warning.

  8. @ Jay jay, i think we have outgrown the show. My kids love it as much as i did back then. Interests and priorities in life have changed. Now you have to fend for your farmily like your folk did for you back then. Back then, our fathers only went for the show just to make us happy, and not because they liked it.
    Thousands still love to go there, and will continue for many years to come

  9. Haven’t been since 2011 when I was working for some insurance company that had us at the stand with no meals. Manzi yeka yeka. Some Zambian SMEs kaya.

  10. Failing to fund normal government operations but funding the show. No wonder it was a flop.PF took away money from our pockets

  11. Have not been to the Lusaka Agric and Commercial show for the past 10 years. This year I turned up briefly. I was shocked that on a Saturday there were very few people. I showed up to purchase some stuff from ZNS stand. Was happy I bought what I wanted!

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