HH’s Full Interview on Prime TV



  1. My beautiful white Swiss wife and I watched this live from London. We enjoyed watching an intelligent man who understand how the global world works. He understand the importance of working together across borders and races. I trust that he will support my interracial relationship because he knows the value of such relationships. The people that insult me and my white beauty are normally pf illiterate cadres like Jay Jay and the like.

    • We one keeps my beautiful so and so just know that she has is not and that one will s hoping that by saying it over and over again she would actually become the beauty of one’s dreams. So boring and belabored

    • HH you bring so much hope. I pray that as a country we will rise above tribe and give you a chance to Lead our great country Zambia. So many people are hurting and don’t worry about negative comments from PF we will do a “watermelon” like what happened in Katuba recently. Did you see those “PF” crowds???

    • HH is intelligent and more than ready.
      I have no clue why the hell you PF didn’t elect HH has president, what de fu¢k is wrong with you people?

  2. HH, yes we agree with you that Zambia needs a change of leadership in all areas but that leader is not you. You lack consistency and humility. You are such a hypocrite and I’m glad you were reminded of your boycotting of all meetings for national dialogue. How do you propose to make savings on bye-elections on one hand and pushing for an early general election on the other? This man is such an opportunist and would stop at nothing to get to state house. One wonders what planet this man is on.

  3. HH is a waste of time, inconsistent, undemocratic and all the attributes you dont want in a President. He will never be one, not even a bad President.

    Calling for early elections? But who will stand as presidential candidate for UPND when he has not yet held a convention in his party? Fact is you are not ready Mr Hakainde.

  4. Thank you for taking the time out to explain issues from your perspective. I admire your resilience and tenacity. you have changed the future of Zambian politics whether you ever become president or not, it’s irrelevant. you’ve won just by showing people that things can be done differently. More power to you.

  5. “Politics is not a business where people should come to amass wealth
    It’s about service to the country and it’s people”

  6. Bitter Hakiende h with his inheritance the under 5 calculator party. A party without a Vice President and it’s anointed chairman as its vuvuzela. One who when he never dreamt of politics sold national silver for a song by giving « infestment «  advise and then saying « they had a choice ». Well as a people we do have a choice and it’s not you we know what you really stand for 2021 is another big NO!

    • Hate the game not the player.
      Don’t you think it’s time for the humble one to come out also and tell the citizens how he intends to take us out of this quagmire, if he’s two important to go to prime TV studios am sure musokotwane and his crew can make arrangements to follow him to his residence at state palace

  7. he brings hope not these chipantepante guys. ati no I have given instructions to ACC to find out who the owner is cibenaishiba.

  8. Did anyone hear HH answer the questions from the young man who interviewed him? I for one did not. HH spoiled the interview by going about the bush either avoiding the direct questions or he simply had no idea how to answer. I am still thinking, I have to listen to watch the video a few times to get what HH’s answers were to direct questions by mr musokotwane who in my view was very fair reporter. HH gave himself to the usual politics of being greater than politics. The emphasis of refering to the Zambian people seems to be his national anthem even though the majority of the electorate do not think he means what he says. In some instances it is just a question of ” Talk is cheap” As for bringing back those who were retired in the national interest that confirms his tribalistic stance…

  9. Hakainde has a long way to go. If he were in my class he would get very low marks for not answering direct questions but talking wildly about politics.

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