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Kampyongo warns foreign truck drivers


Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has warned foreign truck drivers to stop inciting others to down tools stating that the law will catch up with them.

Mr. Kampyongo said that he expected the foreign truck drivers to respect the law of the Land, adding that the Ministry of Home Affairs is closely monitoring the activities of the drivers and will not allow illegal strikes.

Mr. Kampyongo said that, in as much as Government wants to promote international trade, it will not allow foreigners to champion illegal strikes within Zambia.

Mr. Kampyongo told Journalists that the drivers should follow the laid down procedures in airing their concerns and not resort to strikes.

The Minister said government is interested in the welfare of the truck drivers and will ensure their concerns are addressed.

Yesterday Transport and Communications Minister Mutotwe Kafwaya urged the truck drivers to remain calm and be Patriotic as government is engaging their employers and other stakeholders.

According to reports, some foreign truck drivers have been inciting the locals to down tools and demand for better conditions of services.


  1. Zambia is becoming a xenophobic country. Just look at the racist hate my white wife has endured on this website. My advice to white women is that only visit Zambia if you have a trusted strong intelligent Zambian man like myself otherwise you are not safe.

    • Stephen, your task is simple; go find who owns the 48 flats in Chalala. The one in Chilanga your PF tried to use flopped, he is a useless impostor, he gotta no acting skills.
      Leave truckers alone, unless you know which truckers supplied material to Chilala.

    • really you are not normal muntu wandi. is it your first time ukutomba buga? walatusebanya chinyochine .
      have your tried asian muntu wandi? you will stop nokulandalanda pali buga. ebanakashi.

  2. Uyo Chimpyongo, KING OF WARNINGS, at it again.
    What a USELESS Home affairs minister!

  3. Caution – there is an outbreak of warnings!
    President Lungu warns civil servants against involving themselves in politics
    Kampyongo warns foreign truck drivers

  4. Now I understand why people call Kampyongo a good for nothing useless fellow. You are really worthless and useless you don’t deserve the post you are on, crap.

  5. The government must be on the side of truck drivers not trucking companies. Why are we quick to punish our own people instead of supporting them. Ba Kampyongo we voted you to run the country not threats

      You are wasting your time Kampyongo cant tell the difference between running the country and issuing threats.In fact the only talent he has other than stealing is issuing threats

  6. This guy is really a kaponya or ngwangwazi who doesn’t understand what he has to do with his position which I don’t even understand how he reached that position.

    Home affairs Ministry doesn’t need bullies like you Kampyongo, it needs people who have diplomacy and psychologically equipped in the brains to handle situations without tramping on the rights of it’s citizens as well as foreign visitors in the country. With such *****ic warnings to foreign truck drivers who are not even involved in whatever the case might be just displays your incompetence from the shelf to the counter ready for disposal. In Home Affairs you don’t bulldoze with your dictatorial commands but confer with the concerned people in order to find a lasting solution to the grievance laid on your table. You need…

  7. what is wrong with foreign truck driver telling a zambian dull truck driver that your wages are lower than normal?

  8. this guy is supposed to be on the side of the majority workers instead of siding with the employers….really our country is pathetic when it comes to looking after the citizens.
    iwe kampyongo really wake up and do the right thing.stop threating people and just do your job musuna wako

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