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NGOCC calls for immediate action to end the escalating cases of Gender Based Violence


NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale
NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale

The Non-governmental Gender Organisations’ Coordinating Council has called for immediate action to end the escalating cases of Gender Based Violence.

The call follows the 6,139 cases reported in the second quarter an increase of 9% or 555 cases compared to 5,584 cases reported in the first quarter of 2019 by the Zambia Police Victim Support Unit.

According to the Zambia Police Victim Support Unit 2019 Second Quarter GBV Statistics Report, there were 6, 139 GBV cases reported countrywide.

Child defilement had 583 reported cases in comparison with 734 cases during the same period in 2018 which marks a decrease of 26%.

While a minimal decrease was reported on child defilement cases, NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale has called for action by all stakeholders to curb Sexual Gender Based Violence in all its forms.

Mrs. Mwale has called for a coordinated multi sectoral approach to curb SGBV, which will include all stakeholders among them the private sector, the church and civil society.

“During the second quarter of 2018; 6, 074 cases were recorded countrywide against 6, 139 cases recorded in 2019 showing an increase of 65 cases which translates to 1.1 per cent increase. In comparison terms, the just released statistics show a marginal increase in the overall cases recorded by 65 cases (about 1.1%)”, she said.

Mrs. Mwale said NGOCC is disheartened and remains deeply concerned at the rise in the number of GBV reported cases which are even resulting in deaths.

She said it is sad that more women and girls are the worst affected by the vice and it is clear that SGBV is fast becoming a national crisis that is not only causing death but also negatively affecting the productivity of the country.

Mrs. Mwale said NGOCC is also sad to note that out of the reported GBV cases countrywide, only 604 cases representing 9.8% were taken to court resulting in 83 convictions, 48 were withdrawn at court representing 8% with 3,104 cases withdrawn at Police Stations.

She said this is a worrying picture and more needs to be done to ensure that an efficient and speedy justice system is in place to address the needs of survivors, especially women and girls.

Mrs. Mwale said the NGOCC is however happy to note that more people are reporting cases of GBV.


  1. Firing female ministers and MPs, should be treated as gender violation.
    Recently Ngandu Fimofimo was promoted, 1 single job costed 2 women jobs of Margret and Mumbi Phiri.
    Nkandu Luo should have replaced with woman too.
    Anyway, need more female leaders to speak for women.

  2. GBV is a very bad thing. No one likes it, both the survivor and the perpetrators. The root causes must be dealt with. Violence against men is another waiting “volcano” yet to erupt. Men are suffering a lot in relationships nowadays. An NGO to assist male survivors of GBV should be established. Women are drinking to much, cheating on their partners and abusive, emotionally and physically too.

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