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Five arrested for theft of Dangote cement


Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga
Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga

Police in Kitwe have arrested five people in connection with the theft of cement belonging to Dangote Cement in Ndola which was transit to a client in Chambishi.

The suspected criminals diverted the Dangote bulk cement truck and started packing it in Dangote Cement labelled bags from a house in Kawama Township where they were arrested from.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga confirmed the development to ZANIS in an interview today.

Mrs Katanga named the suspects as Japhet Kaira 30 of Garneton, Hask Chikonde of Wusakile , Albert Ngulube 19 of KCC Kawama in Kitwe who were found decanting 132 bulk cement of Dangote bulk cement from a Sino truck registration number BCB 5319 and bulk trailer Registration number BCB 5320 at house number N1/359 new Kawama compound in Kitwe.

She said the two tenants of the house where the cement was being packed from have also been arrested to help with investigations

Mrs Katanga explained that the incident happened last night between 01:00 and 03:00hours.

The truck has since been impounded at Mindolo police station and the bags of cement are also held at Kawama police post.


  1. This is the state of our community, theft and theft. The holier than thou politicians in the opposition are mute to condemn the high rampant thefts by a generally corrupt society. We need alliances of good will politicians to sensitize and condemn these acts. The economy is not in the best shape but we must unite against a common enemy, corruption and theft.

  2. Don’t worry these « suspects «  are tomorrow’s cadres they will « sponsor » a party and when that party wins become ministers and when they are fired they will form a party and first pretend to be a consultant until parliament kicks them out then they own up as being actual presidents

  3. Can you blame them under the rotten leadership of lungu? African leaders have failed us all. They are a bunch of greedy corrupt morons. My Swiss wife who is white had enough of the corruption in Africa. I am tired of defending you useless Zambians

  4. You cannot justify stealing. A thief is a thief and how do you blame African leaders just because some few individuals are caught stealing! Let’s not politicize anyhow.

  5. Does it mean in the country of your wife there are no policemen and no prisons.? For all I know the Swiss are the country of ill gotten wealth. Most criminal leaders hide their stolen wealth in your wife’s country. If she is tired of you just come home my brother and fight and better your motherland.

    • We lived in Zambia together my brother. However we left recently due to the diabolical state of that country under pf. Our investments remain in Zambia so why should I return to that corrupt country. I am better off here with the woman I love who has sacrificed a lot for that country.

  6. Guys let’s not blame government for such things,if you are a wise person think twice.south Africa is the second richest in Africa crime and robbery is on top 5 is it government causing all? If south Africa was poor I was going to understand it’s becoz it’s poverty

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