Modern Fresh Vegetable Market to open in Lusaka in 2020

Dit gaan goed met wit boere in Zambie. Party families is al geslagte lank daar, terwyl ander uit Suid-Afrika en Zimbabwe hulle later daar gevestig het. 'n Informele groentemark in Lusaka
Dit gaan goed met wit boere in Zambie. Party families is al geslagte lank daar, terwyl ander uit Suid-Afrika en Zimbabwe hulle later daar gevestig het. ‘n Informele groentemark in Lusaka

A new market for fresh fruits and vegetables is earmarked to be opened in Lusaka in 2020

The Zambia Fresh Lusaka Market is planned on the principles of South African agent-based markets and will sit on a 10 hectare peice of land southeast of Lusaka.

The Market will be developed by Savenda Global Capital Partners.

Sean Moolenschot of Savenda Global Capital Partners announced at last week’s PMA Fresh Connections conference that the construction of the market is planned to start soon and will be completed next year.

The market will consist of a 6,500m trading facility (whose floor space could be more than tripled) with cold rooms and ripening facilities, and complemented by a food hub precinct in order to add further revenue lines from fresh, frozen and dried product.

Highly variable quality, inconsistent supply, little waste removal and absolutely no traceability are the issues that Savenda Global Capital Partners want to address in the new Market.

“The horticultural sector in Zambia is thriving,” Sean told delegates, “Approximately one million tonnes of produce is traded every year, of which a third is consumed in the general area around Lusaka. We want to bring the possibility of real price discovery to small-scale Zambian farmers.”

He continues: “Savenda Global Capital Partners has a specific bias towards businesses that support the bottom pyramid sectors in Africa.”

Zambia’s cholera outbreak of almost two years ago has been the impetus behind the development of the country’s first agent commission-based fresh produce market, specifically aimed at taking the produce of small-scale farmers.

Fresh produce sold at informal markets was implicated in the outbreak which killed 114.


    • Yes this is a good deal. HH and Kambwili said something like this. That Zambian locals should focus on producing and someone else should sell.
      Not you come from garden and go to market selling at lowest price because you don’t want to go back with same stuff.
      Those marketeers should become gardeners, period.
      Open the thing immediately.

    • These PF thugs stole money to buy Firetrucks at 1 million dollars each, to show docile Zambians that Firetrucks needed they set Soweto City market on fire.
      Please PF don’t subotage the new fresh market.

    • If the market is promoting 90% farm produce from our commercial farmers and small scale farmers and not SA farmers then it’s just another SA shopping mall.

    • These are the markets local government ministry should have based the new soweto market instead of a free for all open air market place selling anything from secondhand clothing to dried fish

    • Ubufi. Just because you use tuma English you think you will convince people that your reason is to provide market for small producers. Wait & see. Us who know how the south african fresh produce markets (Tshwane & City Deep) can tell you. They claim that “the market” determines prices, but that is mainly on how much they buy from farmers. The actual fact is this market will just be another middle-man making a mark up. They will just kill marketeers because they may buy bulk (at low prices). There is the thing of suppliers having to register. Payments are made after a number of days. So let’s wait & see. Cabbage will no longer be K5. It will be K20.

  1. Me and my sweet white Swiss wife are having a swim in our indoor pool here in London . Life is good plus she is wearing nothing. Mmh am blessed

  2. Zambia have this mentality… mwaikata aka new akakale mwaposa.
    I hope this new center will be maintained. when the new Soweto market opened up, it looked really good until the traders there as well as consumers stopped following the stipulated laws and turned the place into a chaotic mess. the same can happen to this new place.
    and does this mean that there won’t be people buying and selling produce along lsk’s roads no more?
    most importantly, everything should be Zambian, not a single leaf or fruit from sa ( I know Zambia don’t grow apples, but eat avocados and mangoes, they are organic and healthier than pesticide grown apples). how come I’ve this gut feeling that the sa firm won’t just be involved in the construction of the mkt, they’ll bring their own produce as well, I…

  3. ….. own produce as well, I sure hope that’s not the case because if it is, it’ll just be another mall, only in a different form.
    how much are gonna be the fees. the place will need to turn some profit to pay for the land use and operating costs. if they are trying to assists small scare farmers as they are claiming, most of whom can’t afford higher fees, how will it work?
    sorry to burst your bubble y’all, but I’ve a lot of questions

  4. These are the ideas morons with MBAs in government offices should be championing. We have a lot of schooled morons in suits with foko innovation. Local government can easily setup such markets and generate income plus creating employment directly /indirectly. In SA they have Jhb Market it is huge , Employs a lot people and creates business opportunities. Good at talk shows…

  5. I appreciate investments in markets but such markets must be owned by producers in a cooperative mode to maximise benefits for the producers. Markets owned by third party entities have continued to be a source of misery for African farmers as they dictate the producer price to pay to farmers. When are we going to learn?

  6. This might seem to be a market disrupter, but weight until you see to the development when our local farmers will be exploited in terms of low prices and payment delays and cheap imports which will force them to import the veggies. This is meant to provide conducive warehousing and brokerage services to commercial farmers for the mushrooming malls around the country. Brilliant though!!!

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