Fred M’membe public discussion on Jobs



  1. Does this man understand how much the world has moved on

    Does he know what Artificial Intelligence can do. Doesn’t he know how cost effective technology can be.

    Do you know that some of these bloggers like mushota and neeez could just be research robots and you are there responding with hate speach

    For about fred membe. He belongs to unip era

  2. This forum hosted by the paper he owns indirectly was a complete joke! I’m shocked at how in this day and age people can sit and listen to a man condemn a system that has made him very wealthy. Furthermore, how do you present a dilusional idea of a utopia that benefits everyone yet cannot clearly map out how this would be achieved?!

  3. Using metaphors of being hunters and gatherers in an equitable society where no one owns anything, did he expect people to believe this will be the new Zambia? Move over Wakanda, we have a new paradise on deck!

  4. And how patronising is it when he assumes he more highly educated than most, declaring his credentials in economics as if he had just invented the wheel?! His antiquated view of the world and his understanding of economics betray his grandiose ambitions and relegates him to being just another rambling fool!

  5. One question would have been enough to bring this shameful performance to an end – “Comrade, if capitalism is so evil, can you share with us how you built your wealth and businesses and furthermore, how do you continue to sustain your empire in a completely equitable way?”

  6. I think Comrade Mmembe has read one too many Che and Lenin texts in the confines of his mukwa-panelled library. At best, he’s a good story teller. At worst, a false prophet preying on the masses with unrealistic populist ideas based on a communist blueprint.

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