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Lusambo, Major Kachingwe reconcile


Bowman Lusambo, Maimisa share a light moment with Major Kachingwe during the reconciliatory meeting in Lusaka

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has reconciled with Former MMD National Secretary Major Richard Kachingwe.

In December 2012, Mr Lusambo with other then MMD Youth Wing members Scorpion Kadobi, Chiwele Maimisa and Whiteson Mtonga were arrested and charged for assaulting Major Kachingwe.

This was at the height of the MMD internal wrangles following the party’s exit from power in the 2011 elections.

The four were later acquitted in January 2016 after then Lusaka Resident Magistrate Joshua Banda ruled that the evidence adduced before the court was inherently weak and the video footage submitted by ZNBC did not suggest that any of the four accused people assaulted Major. Kachingwe.

Today, Mr Lusambo along with Mr. Kadobi, Mr. Maimisa and Mr. Mtonga held a reconciliatory breakfast meeting with Major Richard Kachingwe in Lusaka.

Speaking during the meeting, Mr Lusambo said the meeting was held to mend the relationship between the four and Major Kachingwe following their acquittal in 2016 on charges of assaulting Major Kachingwe.

“The gesture was important to demonstrate the importance of citizens living in harmony among each other. The gesture was also in line with the example set by His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who has since reconciled with some of the people who insulted him daily and has gone to offer them key positions in his government,” Mr Lusambo said.

He said “We will continue to draw inspiration and wisdom from our senior citizens such as Major Kachingwe.”

“As a people, we need to embrace reconciliation and nationhood across all political and tribal lines if we are to move together and attain meaningful development.”

And Major Kachingwe announced that he has wholeheartedly embraced the reconciliation and wished the four well in their lives.

“I wish to let you know that I have wholeheartedly forgiven you and forgotten about the incident. It was true I was hurt and very bitter about the incident but as they say, there are no permanent enemies in politics,” Major Kachingwe said.

Bowman Lusambo and Major Kachingwe during the reconciliatory meeting in Lusaka
Bowman Lusambo, Kadobi and Maimisa watches and Whiteson Mtonga shakes hands with Major Kachingwe during the reconciliatory meeting in Lusaka


    • But Ifyaiche fi fyalichusha ba Shikulu. Ukubandosa mu sebo kwati te Soldier.kikikikiki!!!!!!
      Nevers the instigator shuld also apologise to the Major if he truly calls himself a man of God.

  1. I wish to commend Major Kachingwe for accepting the overture to reconcile since he was the injured, I also commend Bowman Lusambo because most people in power find it difficult to apologise. This is inspiring. Pastor Nervers Mumba must also move in and apologise to Major Kachingwe because he was responsible for that shameful episode. He must also reconcile with Mutati if indeed he’s a Pastor

  2. Wearing a white suit but tainted with dirt. My white wife elisa is appalled by this. Leave white suits for men like me she says

  3. The dogs have now entered PF in full! Scorpion Kadobi again. It is unfortunate that there is no opposition to liberate the Zambians from MMD thugs that have come to finish the PF.

  4. It’s not reconciliation if the victor becomes a don and approaches the vanquished. It’s a demonstration of power

  5. I like that center piece plant.
    it looks healthy and free of any sort of dirt or malice, it has no bad intent, it just want’s to do the best it can do to grow up and be the best that it can be if it’s not impeded or denied the necessities of it’s life.
    at that stage, it doesn’t know what awaits for it out there, the suffocating pollution of the toxic environment that we’ve created that’s preventing us from living in balance and in harmony with each other
    I know some of you will look at the water level in that glass and say but the glass is half empty, but I see it as half full, so there’s still home for all of us to do what’s necessary to allow the seeds to grow and be all they can be.

  6. Who would imagine an ex high commissioner becoming a bottom feeder? All the respect you deserve is gone.

  7. Jerobos at work. I dont trust some minsters- too much thuggery background. Lets put aside Luanshya killing of a cadre.

  8. If it was not for votes in whatever constituency Lusambo is from. President Lungu would drop him as a minister in a heartbeat. I hope he does. This man has no logic to bring anything to the good of Lusaka as a province.

  9. Vultures regrouping in Pf after finishing the MMD carcass . How in God’s five senses do you put a person like Lusambo minister of a fast growing province like Lusaka in fact how do you appoint a person like Bowman minister PERIOD

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