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No condom was found in Legana Meats Saugage – LCC


LCC through the Department of Public Health has received results of the analysis of Legana Hungarian Sausage from the Public Analyst.

On 7th August, 2919, the Department of Public Health received a complaint from Mr Erick Ng’andu that he found a “condom” like foreign matter in the alleged Legana sausage.

The Council collected the complaint sample from the complainant and took it to the Food and Drugs Laboratory for foreign matter and food grade casing identification analysis.

The analysis were done and the results have been received and communicated to the complainant as follows:

  1. There was no evidence of foreign matter identified.
  2. The casing was identified as a food grade casing.

The process was taken in line with the Food and Drugs Act Cap 303 section 3(b) which stipulates that any person who sells any food that consist in whole or in part any filthy, putrid, rotten, decomposed, or diseased substances, foreign matter or is otherwise unfit for human consumption, or is adulterated shall be guilty of an offence.

However, the process requires that laboratory analysis are conducted before making a conclusion.

This is the more reason why LCC took its time to issue a statement on the matter.

Assertions by some sections of society that LCC did not take action are therefore not true.

Issued by:
George Sichimba
Public Relations Manager


  1. what makes it Hungarian sausage? what ingredient in it is from Hungary?
    why do you guys like these processed meats? do you know what goes into those tubes, the mixture in what you’re eating? visit the production flows and see what is ground and mixed to fill the a tube lining to make your sausage.
    ever wonder why the texture of your sausage isn’t consistent …at times you bite into a piece and it’s not the same as the previous bite?
    you can make your own “sausage” at home. buy good grade steak and grind it, even ukutwa mwe bende, it’s the same process, that way you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.
    I know some of you will be fuming about this, you need to care about everything that you’re putting into your body and even on your body. don’t trust nobody…

    • Nawakwi should sue and demand highly for damages on her sausages. The women doing those videos where so styupid. Ine kuti nafipoonona.
      Why Zambians want our own to fail?

    • Ummmm totally absurd comment,as a person who worked at twikatane factory your comments are very misleading and misplaced.all factory sausage employees eat the same sausage,hard stuff,can be found due to change of mincing blade.

  2. This is just the usual PhD that is common with the Zambians. Legana is making fine products that we are enjoying and it is the works of jealous entities to pull Zambian entrepreneurs down. Let us learn as Zambians to support one another. I urge the owners of Legana to take legal action against the perpetrators of such vices and insure the get compensation for loss of business and other damages caused. I hope this did not come from our usual doom wishers against the people of Zambia. Those who think will only be better if and when they are in government.

  3. I agree with the LCC, how can a person put a used condom in a sausage? When I read about that l couldn’t believe,it’s good that the LCC has cleared the air.
    The complainant must explain properly what was his intentions.

  4. Sue the complainant. Does he know irreparably damage caused by him childish excitement.

    Nawakwi is a woman but few men can match up in her hard work

  5. @mukolwe, what goes in to a mans body does not make a man unclean. It is what comes out that make him unclean. If you grind you own meat Mr mukolwe did you give birth to cow and bring it up yourself to guarantee you that it did not eat dirt to produce the meat. Are you telling us that you home make all the food that you eat?

  6. My white swiss wife doesn’t eat Hungarian sausage, she only eats my Zambian sausage from my trousers….

  7. From the video I watched , it seemed more like it was a condom . There is no need for legana to sue the complainant . I hope the LCC are really clear and fair . Otherwise , legana is a big company and with the corruption levels our country has reached , anything is possible . You can’t trust anyone . Anyway , let me enjoy my legana hungarian sausage .

    • the process of putting a condom in a sausage could be very complicated in the first place. second, what would it profit them putting condoms there? a used one for that matter!!!!!

  8. Comment: whatever the outcome of the results the damage is already done, in as much as there is a huge support for legana from the public am pretty sure there is a good number of customers who have believed that there was truly a condom in that sausage

  9. Hungarian sausages are judged the best in the world. I am glad a Zambian is actually making them locally. Congratulations! I saw the video and thought the woman was sensationalising a non-issue due to her own ignorance of how sausages are made. That said all ground /processed meats are not the best cuts. If you can, avoid them and if not check the ‘Best Before’ date and don’t buy in bulk due to low price. Zambian beef is still the best in the region.

  10. The target may have been Nawakwi. However, it’s common knowledge that butchers now use artificial casings for packaging sausage so what the chap found was a remnant of the casing but because he’s a regular at Chilimbulu’s East Point he concluded that it was that gadget. Ukubilima mambala

    • Comment:you are right there, I also think he did found something but it wasn’t a condom like he rushly concluded

  11. I am looking forward to munching on a Legana hungarian. Heard so much about it no amount of fake news or PhD will dissuade me. Legana here I come.

  12. problem with us pa zed love rumours and lies more than truth.We hate analysing things .indeed if you want to hide something from a Zambian just put it in writhing.He will not bother reading but prefer a sugar coated story.He just imagined a condom due to his immoral mind and decided to turmsh his friend’s business. Rubbish.

  13. The guy who used that condom must have a very small lugaa because had it being mine it would have been very obvious as ifwe twali sungapo 10.5 inches. Even elisa my Swiss white wife can vouch for me.

  14. Anyone can fake the packaging of legana. PHDs how did you know it’s a used condom? Can you even identify one if you are a proper cook? Shallow minds with shallow heads do you think a company can sink so low to putting a condom in your food, okay why not mixing the meat with sperm unlike condom if they meant evil?? Wondering why we still having dander heads in an error of free education with lots of universities by our door steps.
    Please if you missed primary school and learned things on DStv go to that school behind your house and enroll night school *****s.

  15. This girl does she know that to grow a business is not an easy thing why did she rush to make a video without verifying if it was a condom or a skin sausage bcz they look alike I think she is now in trouble.

  16. Imwe mwe bantu, this girl is just crap, she was paid by the competitors of Legana. At least we know these things they happen all the time especially in Lusaka. She is a fake.

  17. This is good publicity for Legena meat products. The company should invite the woman who allegedly found the foreign matter in the food, to there processing plant and put it in the media. It’s good publicity, and will help erase the negative image inprinted in people’s minds. Suing each other will just destroy us.

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