It ‘s wrong to only point out defects in the constitution when there are elections-Tutwa Ngulube

Kabwe Central Member of Parliament, Tutwa Ngulube
Kabwe Central Member of Parliament, Tutwa Ngulube
Kabwe Central Member of Parliament, Tutwa Ngulube
Kabwe Central Member of Parliament, Tutwa Ngulube

Deputy Parliamentary Chief Whip Tutwa Ngulube has said that it is surprising that those who condemned the current Constitution do not want to make changes to the document.

Mr. Ngulube said that it is wrong to only point out defects in the supreme law of the land when there are elections and change positions once the polls are over.

The Kabwe Central lawmaker says he cannot believe that individuals who said the fourteen-day period is not enough to hear a Presidential election Petition are today in the forefront opposing amendments to the constitution.

The proposed amendments seek to increase the days in which a presidential petition can be heard.

He told ZNBC news that those with reservations can still go to parliament and make submissions on the constitutional changes that they would like to see.

Mr. Ngulube said government will not allow the constitution making process to be an endless exercise.

He said it is time for Zambians to put their political affiliations aside and ensure the country has a good Constitution that will stand the test of time.


  1. This man is really a fuuuul and his voters must be ashamed of him. Limbi nabena fipuba. Who told him that the constitution is about elections? Are the people opposing the fuuulish changes to the constitution discussing the 14 days? Ubupuba paZambia. Bushe ifipuba fipangwa kuZambia? Why can’t we just sell that country tukakane ndalama and we find where to go? Too many fuuuls roaming the streets. All their brains are in the pit latrines.

    • Think before you talk. The 14 days brought a lot issues, today you say its not an issue. The behavior of boycotting public gathering and cry fail when policies have been implemented childish.

  2. It’s the bad intentions people are worried about tutututu.
    I shame some of f**ks are called honorables and excellencies.
    Educated f**ls

    • KBF is not a Constitutional Lawyer. Tells what Professor Muna Ndulo and Mr John Sangwa who are both Constitutional Lawyers said about the Amendment Bill No.10. They both condemned the PF Amendment Bill as illegal and unconstitutional. KBF supports the Bill becoz its designed to keep PF in Power and making Zambia a One Party Dictatorship. Zambianeeds should all reject this unjust and Notorious Bill. All MPs should vote against this Bill. To be warned is to be forewarned.

    • People like John Sangwa and Muna Ndulo are time wasters. Development is about growing the economy and not about discussing the constitution day in and day out. Counries that have developed have realised that there is no perfect constitution worldwide but try to do the best under the prevailing conditions. Chin is one such example

  3. It’s the bad intentions people are worried about tutututu.
    It’s a shame some of these f**ks are called honorables and excellencies.
    Educated f**ls

  4. Why haven’t they look into homosexuality rights in the new constitution? Here in the UK I volunteer for a lesbian and gay charity. And they are the most decent and good hearted people you can ever meet. The anti gay rights in Zambia stem from colonial rule and yet the British here have done away with such backward laws.

    • Jay Jay I normally support you on sensible issues but this one you have missed it. This is Africa and we dont have such a culture from the westerners. If we catch such a one here you are crucified becoz we respect what is called marriage.

  5. The Honourable is correct, it is you who is a fuuul.

    I dont agree will all the proposed changes. But
    tell your fuuullish honourables to make changes to the draft constitution Bills in parliament instead of walking out dancing to HH. Who will change the bad laws for us if our socalked honourable are all cowards praying for a job with HH?

    • The Amendments were made by PF to serve their interests and not National Interests. We want a Constitutional making Process chaired by the Church and not by PF. These Amendments by PF are meant to rig the 2021 Election for PF so that they retain Power. The Amendments are not in the interests of our Constitutional Democracy so they must be rejected outright. The entire Bill must be thrown out or withdrawn. KBF is talking Rubbish and should be ignored.

  6. Hey Spaka the Jay Jay that I know as your friend in UPND has been hijacked. I know his language contains entertaining terms like “really laughable”, ” lazy lungu”. But this impostor only knows white men taking turns in his backside.

    • The imposter was blocked. He is pf cadre being paid by lazy lungu and his thugs. I am seriously concerned about gay rights in Zambia because my own cousin is one and is living under fear in Zambia. Do you think it is right?

    • Tell us who he is we skin him alive ….this is Africa. Let him go and live where they condone such fo0lish behaviors

  7. As long as we have criminals, nincompoops and all kinds of jackals in Government not even a good Constitution will cause them to behave. They will abrogate it with impunity. We had more freedom of speech under Welensky than we have under PF. Under PF and Kampyongo even elected MPs require permits to visit their constituencies. Shame!

  8. Ok this man is very handsome in the picture. You have to compliment where it is due. I don’t agree with him but I could let him inside my backside any day.

  9. Please ignore the above posts they have nothing to do with me ….this is a clear example why we never progress as a democracy in Zambia, here you have this silly individual going to great lengths just to tarnish me using my Avatar and other UK based bloggers all in the name for attention-seeking because he/she can not engage me in a progressive debate. Those I have engaged with over the years know that no matter how vicious the debate I abide by forum rules. .
    As I always state my fight is never with any blogger on this website but for the betterment of our country.

  10. One person told me that the Tutwa you see today is not the Tutwa we knew because suddenly he has switched positions to support the wrong things within PF and he went on to say this switch of character apparently came with a lot of changes in Tutwa’s financial situation which also culminated in him becoming deputy chief Whip. So I think Tutwas behavior now does not surprise me because he has finally joined them but the good news is 2021 is around the corner and with their general in command (Lungu), only a miracle will bring them back to rule Zambia again mark my words, among Presidential Candidates are Kalaba, HH, Kambwili, Meembe and Lungu, if Lungu is going to beat any of these listed, it will be counted as one of the miracles because he can not beat any of them currently no matter…

  11. May the lord bless all the political party leaders and grant them good health so that come 2021 they can humbly accept defeat. Long live ECL!!!
    Development is taking place everywhere in Zambia and and ECL has managed to provide the much needed leadership the country needs. The president is equal to the task and Zambia will soon be a country to reckon with.
    HH should first stand as an MP in southern province so that he learns one or two things how government functions.For now the people of Zambia are happy with ECL and would like ECL to continue even after 2021..
    HH enjoys fours meals a day.
    HH enjoys fuel and is able to move freely on newly constructed roads.
    HH enjoys freedom and peace in Zambia.
    HH enjoys the independence of the judiciary.
    HH enjoys doing business in Zambia and…

  12. It’s really saddening to see the so called learned twisting facts. How do you expect someone to continue opposing something that’s in the correction process – Presidential Petition? Isn’t that being dull? You only point out what is wrong. So Mr Tutwa Ngulube, you want us to ignore all the other flaws (like 20 wrongs ignored) because you have made one correction. Tell this to your baby. Be realistic. By the way why did you opt to be in Parliament and not your law firm? I suppose you had no clients because with your way of reasoning, I doubt anyone ever hired you

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