Jean Kapata and Joyce Simukoko survive in a road traffic accident

Labour Minister Joyce Simukoko
Labour Minister Joyce Simukoko

LANDS Minister Jean Kapata and her Labour counterpart Joyce Simukoko have been involved in a road traffic accident.

The accident happened when a Toyota Land Cruiser GX which was being driven by 41 year old Henry Bwalya of Lusaka and in which the two ministers and and another passenger named Christian Mwanza were in had a tyre burst.

Deputy Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga has confirmed this in a statement to media and said the accident happened on Friday around 16:40 hours at Kapwila area along Nakonde- Mbala road.

“The accident happened when the vehicle had a rear left tyre burst and the driver lost control of the vehicle which went off the road on the left, seven meters away from the road and stopped on its wheels. As a result, the vehicle had damaged left head lamp,left fender , passenger door and shuttered wind screen. All ocupants escaped with no injuries,” said Hamoonga.


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