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$900 million invested to enable the Maamba Coal Power Plant to run on full capacity

Economy $900 million invested to enable the Maamba Coal Power Plant to ...

The front part of Maamba collieries thermal power plant , the plant is operating at full capacity in generating power.
The front part of Maamba collieries thermal power plant , the plant is operating at full capacity in generating power.

The Indian firm Nava Bharat Ventures Group operating the 300 Megawatt Maamba Coal Power Plant in Sinazongwe District says over $900 million has been invested to enable the plant run on full capacity.

Chief Executive Officer Ashwin Devineni says the plant has been operating at full capacity feeding net 265 megawatts of electricity onto the ZESCO national grid for the last three years.

Mr Devineni said this over the weekend when he called on Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga at the Zambian Chancery in New Delhi.

He said the coal fired electricity from Maamba Collieries will make a significant difference by providing base load power on a sustainable basis in the wake of challenges by hydroelectricity resulting from poor rainfall.

In response, Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga said the Zambian Mission in India will give full support to the Zambian company as it is making a huge difference in the country.

Mrs Kapijimpanga stated that the Group could create in excess of 500 jobs at its Kawambwa Sugar Plantation in Kawambwa District, Luapula Province once government meets the basic infrastructure development for the project.

She emphasized that the Mission is happy with the projected investment at the Luena Farm Block.

This is contained in a statement availed to ZANIS in Lusaka today by First Secretary for Press and Tourism at the Zambian Mission in India Bangwe Naviley.


  1. I do not know how dull the so called leaders who are actually visionless are, in fact they are also ignorant, why do they allow especially indians to fool them? Sometime last year, one fool told them that he had setup a plant to make cooking oil at the cost of $400m, now this? $900m. Do these fools know how much these amounts they claim to spend mean literally? Ifipuba nafyo filesumina.

    • Wow, then we should be happy to be the next “Zimbabwe” because our inflation rate hasn’t hit 12 or so zeros!!!

  2. But why has load shedding continued if this plant is running at full capacity? We were assured that when this Maamba thermal power plant is complete, loadshedding will be a thing of the past

    • Ba Technocrat, just sit down and and finish your home work. Shaaaa. I hate retards who want to join in every discussion.

    • Very good question Mr Technocrat.
      The problem we have in Zambia is that no body from our leaders addresses the nation truthfully on such matters and many other national issues. They have forgotten all the various projects they mentioned which they said once they started operating could mitigate black outs. All Zesco have mentioned this time around is the deficit from Kariba which must be managed through load shedding to avoid a total shutdown. How is Power from Maamba supplementing Zesco power in this load shedding which has come to stay? Some must provide the answer…

    • FDD for [email protected] pump some sense into jtwisy.He seems to have forgotten the promises this regime made. I don’t understand why some people are so blind to the terrible reverses this government has made since taking over power. There’s more hunger in people’s homes than ever before.

    • The full capacity of this plant is 300 MW which is almost a drop in the ocean. It is their money and the owners can claim any amount it has cost them to set up the plant but I cant believe 300 MW can cost almost a billion dollars when the Ethiopian Hydropower plant producing 6000 MW costs about 6 billion dollars whose capacity is 20 times larger. If it was a government project at this cost I would have smelled a rat or may it has to do with payment of tax.

    • The promise did not take into account the effects of climate change. Because of the Power Rehabilitation Project a 100 MW or so has been added at Kafue Gorge and another 100 MW or so at Kariba North Bank. 360 MW has been added at Kariba North Bank and another 120 MW at Itezhitezhi Dam but all these new additions mean nothing if there is no water to run them.

  3. @Senior Eng. You are wasting your time reading and answering these guys. They are so dull they believe they are intelligent and educated and everyone else is not. They are that hopeless.

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