Foot and Mouth Disease breaks out in Shamabele area in Chikankata district

President Lungu's daughter Tasila Lungu feeding the cows at Leston Mwalupanga's farm at in Mwange, Mporokoso. Miss Tasila Lungu is on an invitation of touring the UNICEF and government sponsored youth programmes in Northern Province. Leston is a benefiary of Mwange Youth Resettlement scheme funded by government and UNICEF.

Foot and Mouth Disease has broken out in Shamabele area in Chikankata district of Southern province.

And the Ministry of Livestock officials in Southern province has with immediate effect closed the famous Turn Pike Bata Co-operative Society Abattoir following the outbreak of disease.

This has been confirmed by Bata Co-operative Society Chairperson for Hides and Beef Traders Association, Daniel Bweupe in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Chikankata district in Southern province over the weekend.

Mr Bweupe said cattle farmers are currently battling to contain Foot and Mouth disease using salt to treat their animals.

He revealed that the disease is suspected to have manifested from the abattoir and spread to Shamabele and the surrounding areas.

Mr Bweupe said following the immediate closure of the abattoir facility, a lot of people who were employed by the society have now become jobless.

And Mr Bweupe has thanked the Ministry of Livestock for responding promptly to the outbreak of the killer disease.

Mr Bweupe further implored the Ministry of Livestock to with immediate effect start the vaccination of the animals in order to contain the disease.

ZANIS reports that Mr Bweupe said there is need for the immediate vaccination of animals before the disease can spread to other parts of the district as opposed to using salt by farmers to treat their animals against Foot and Mouth disease.

Meanwhile, Mr Bweupe has advised cattle farmers in the district to comply with Ministry of Livestock ban so that the disease can be contained.


  1. Didn’t we tell you not to give ministry of Animals to Nkandu Luo? Here you go, she will close everything.
    Malibu yakuilombela…

  2. She has not even stayed more than a month and already started closing facilities. I feel sorry for the poor animals. Here we go again. Let it not be another CBU closures.

  3. Foot and mouth disease, high debts disease , cholera outbreaks , sickly economy galloping at just 2% …too many tough diseases in this Lungu era.

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