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Govt castigates LAZ for petitioning President Lungu



Government Chief Whip Brian Mundubile has castigated the Law Association of Zambia for petitioning the President of Zambia, the Attorney General and the Assembly over the Constitutional Amendment Bill No. 10.

Mr. Mundubile who is also PF Chairperson Legal Affairs said the petition is an exercise in futility as the petitioners are doing this for selfish reasons.

The Mporokoso PF Law maker said it is a well known fact that the President cannot be sued directly but through the Attorney General.

Mr. Mundubile wondered why LAZ and other stakeholders have gone ahead to sue the President but said government is keenly following the matter to see the outcome of this process.

He alleged that the petition is meant to derail the process.

The Law Association of Zambia yesterday petitioned the President of Zambia, the Attorney General and the Assembly over the Constitutional Amendment Bill No. 10.

LAZ is being represented by top Constitutional lawyers from Sangwa Associates.

Sangwa and Associates have since notified Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini of the Court action.

In a letter to Dr Matibini, the law firm is urging the Speaker not to bring the Bill onto the floor as it is now in Court.

Simeza and Associates served the petition and the affidavit verifying fact this morning.


  1. Mundubile that is Contempt of court bwana. Someone serious issues leave them to PF cadres like Mutewewe, otherwise Ba Mundubile you be categorized as Andrew Mutewewe’s drinking friend.
    Kwateniko amano.

    • Who is the Sponsor of the Amendment Bill No 10 of 2019 in Parliament. Its GRZ represented by the State President, the AG as Advisor to the President and the Speaker of Parliament. LAZ has cited the Respondents correctly. ECL is not being sued in Person but as President of Zambia. Let Concourt deal with this matter after all the Courts have suspended the Impeachment Bill. Tit for Tat.

    • Exercise in futility, I agree.

      Interesting exercise of democracy and rule of law.

      The same Concourt had so many problems with Constitutional flaws.

      I repeat Zambia has had so many problems with the Constitutional amendment process. We can have all on board but only those who wish to care.

      Let’s watch this space!

      Let’s rock and roll folks!

    • If the PF meant well in this exercise ,they would tell LAZ to drop the lawsuit and invite them to a meeting to iron out whatever differences exist. But because the PF thinks it’s a sign of weakness to do that, they have chosen to denounce LAZ. This is unhelpful. Why should the door to dialogue be closed?

    • The PF Govt was caught unaware by the LAZ Petetion. It is the GRZ which took the Amendment Bill to Parliament. It is up to the Court to rule whether GRZ is represented by the President, AG and the Speaker or not. The Impeachment Bill makes a nice precedent to Bill No.10 of 2019. When ECL realised that he didnt have the MP numbers in Parliament he rushed to the Courts to block a Parliamentary Impeachment Procedure. To date the Impeachment Bill is in limbo and in the Courts. The Speaker connived with the President to suspend the Impeachment Bill in Parliament. We shall see what the Speaker will do now that he has been injuncted to stop the processing of Bill No.10 in Parliament. Furthermore the Speaker has breached the 2/3 majority vote procedure in Parliament. Concourt should determine the…

  2. Pride comes before the fall! This attitude is exactly the reason why LAZ has taken the route it has taken! Too much pride and outright intolerance!

    • Mr Mundubile, with due respect sir, you are a lawyer and as such as, you ought not to criticise LAZ for the stance they have taken. It’s not like LAZ are calling for civil disobedience the “Hong Kong way”. When did going to court attract a backlash. Let the issue be decided upon by the courts. Let’s all be patient

  3. Ba Mundubile,Sangwa and Simeza are more reputable lawyers than you and I trust they know what they are doing.You are more of a loyalist and sycophant than you are a lawyer.Your role is to defend ECL,PF and your own personal priviledges even though you know truly well that what PF is doing is not good for the country.The President is the chief instigator of the of the NDF and the dreaded Constitutional Amendment Bill.The action by LAZ through the Simeza and Sangwa Law firm may not succeed in our notorious courts but it will attract both local and international attention to the current PF constitutional travesties and dribbles for political survival.

  4. LAZ is forum shopping. Andrew Ntewewe was right. These elements are being funded to undermine government so as to erode citizen confidence and thus put in place a revolution and effect regime change. They thought they could stop these amendments by boycotting the NDF, it failed and they are now dedparate to impress their funders.

  5. Who is the complainant?

    Sangwa and Associates? or
    Simeza and Associates ? or
    Simeza, Sangwa and Associates …?

    • Law should stay stick to its mandate and not interfere with legislature. I suspect Sangwa has paid some few coins by HH and other good for nothing citizens just to frustrate the amendment of the constitution process, but it work. The goodness of democracy is that the majority always wins and in this case the majority of MPs with the mandate given to them by the people of Zambia want the constitution to be amended.
      if HH wants to be president he should go to planet mars together with bena sangwa and minions to go and rule themselves and make laws on planet mars no one is stopping them, otherwise, It wont work here in Zambia.
      The people here are happy with the leadership being provided by ECL and want the constitution to be fine tuned.

  6. Mr. Zambian Citizen

    We all know this political move;THEY WANT TO IMPRESS THEIR SPONSORS.

    HH has for so long planned EVIL SCHEMES since 2015 .But by the help of almighty God all Of his evil schemes have been a futile.
    HH has no political freedom because of his attachment to his sponsors,no wonder mutombo NCHITO’s friends or where NCHITO had left footprints ( LAZ,High Court & other NGOs benefiting from regime change revolutionary which is propeller by foreign sponsors)have been fighting PF regime.Even this move is purely an act of “regime change influence “ ;we shall see how this move will attract attention any soon but it’s bound to corrupt as usual.

    Get close to true UPND stooges by systematic coverts operation and study their psychology one will discover how UPND is.


  7. The mandate of National Assembly is to make laws and Bo Sangwa you are trying to impress your sponsors and you will lose the case. Mind you, the speaker is a former Judge and taught you law at UNZA. ECL and the Sakwiba of this world are prominent lawyers. Let us wait and see who will win.

  8. President Lungu is our President though I never voted for him, and honestly, I don’t see myself voting for him ever even if I was promised by him heaven on earth. Why do I say this? because I have seen the leadership style adopted by him under this current PF and in my belief which I am entitled to, I think we deserve better.

  9. I we ci political advisor we mwana was mbwa.waba noko ukutumpa.How does HH come into this.You haters ukafwa ubwamba na bwima

    • Zambians, do you see what Immunity does to people? It makes them bold in wrongdoings and they will make sure the legal system is answerable to them! Sad.
      I think the next thing we need to do is to remove someone’s immunity so that he can explain why he wants to remove the presidential fixed term limits of Five years! This is the most dangerous clause for which we need a clear explanation of what is going on! We don’t want this NDF Chigololo on our Constitution!

  10. LAZ an exercise in futility. You cannot win against the government no matter how noble the cause. Better of using your energies to convince people to vote for a different leader who will reverse this changes after coming into power.

  11. It is interesting to note that Mr. Sangwa is being tagged as a “Top Constitution Lawyer”. May be this is meant for consumption of the uninformed public. All Law Unza Graduates took the same courses. Zambians need to be updated as to which University Mr. Sangwa obtained a Master degree to develop a thesis topic on Constitutional Law. It was Mr. Sangwa who represented HH/UPND to fight a legal battle that sought to question the eligibility of Bo Edgar C. Lungu to ascend to the Republican Presidency – and the case was LOST at the Constitutional Court. Oh! Apparently, Mr. Sangwa is in business to make money at all costs. It is our prayer that Judges are not perceived to be lacking grey matter to assess childish games.

  12. Come on ama cadres you’re becoming boring. All your comments have to be about HH why don’t you state your policies on employment, economy and healthcare than these individual attacks. This bill of yours is bad just toss it away bane than force it on unwilling people. Nothing in it benefits the common man in the streets except those trying to hang on to power at all cost

  13. May God bless you LAZ
    Lungu doesn’t respect Zambians God help us to remove him from state house.We leave everything in your hands.

  14. This is why it’s dangerous to have selfish people in Government. Poverty and greed make people very unreasonable and yet they don’t realise it. Thus, when you try to understand why some people who are given government positions sound so illogical to a point where they destroy their credibility you just end up getting annoyed. How can a propoor government drive a process that removes a clause that protects retirees.If you are an employee don’t support PF in this evil scheme. If they became arrogant and temper with what protects the workers, then workers must temper with their stay in power come 2021.

  15. Zambians are to blame!
    Don’t blame someone who was clear from the beginning!
    You asked for it!
    Enjoy the bumpy ride!

  16. Mwandini stand firm ba LAZ. The one thing I can condemn you on is the punishment for your members who breach their fiduciary duty. Can there be more emphasis on criminal liability instead of civil. I mean theft is theft. And even worse giving someone back their practicing certificate after stealing. Mindboggling.

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