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Nshindano is new ECZ CEO


Patrick Nshindano is its new Chief Electoral Officer (CEO).
Patrick Nshindano is its new Chief Electoral Officer (CEO).

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has finally announced that former Civil Society for Poverty Reduction Executive Director Patrick Nshindano is its new Chief Electoral Officer (CEO).

In a statement, ECZ Public Relations Manager Margaret Chimanse said Commission Chairperson Esau Chulu wished Mr. Nshindano the best in his new role.

“On behalf of the Commission, I would like to offer you my sincere congratulations upon your assumption of new responsibilities. We, at the Commission, pledge our support and look forward to working with you. We are confident that under your leadership as Chief Electoral Officer, the Commission will strive to greater heights and achievements,” Ms. Chimanse quoted Justice Chulu as saying.

Mr. Nshindano holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Development Studies from the University of Zambia and Master of Business Administration from the Copperbelt University.

Mr. Nshindano takes over from Chomba Chella who separated from the Commission on personal grounds on 31st July, 2019.


  1. He’s slowly being integrated into the system. I see him going for political office in the next five to seven years, if not sooner. Mark this comment.

  2. History has it that people with such quals have failed to perform to the expectations of the people. ECZ Commissioners should have used their given common sense and sourced for another personnel from within ECZ!!! That position is too hot and requires someone who knows how to navigate the complex Zambian electro system which always fail people during general elections. Chellah may have breached his work ethics but he was very switched on with the operations of ECZ. I dont expect anything from Nshindano who has only enriched his quals but failed to end poverty in his previous engagement..good luck bane,,,,

  3. As Executive Director for CSPR,he was both magnanimous and diligent in his duties.May he extend his previous efforts to the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

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