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UPND accuses DMMU of distributing Maize Bran Meant for Chickens to Monze villagers


Government through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) in Monze district has distributed maize bran meant for pigs and chicken to residents of Hamapande area.

United Party for National Development (UPND) Chairperson of elections Gary Nkombo who disclosed the development in an interview alleges that Government through DMMU has distributed maize bran to residents of Hamapande area in Monze West of chief Monze’s chiefdom as relief food.

He said that he has received several complaints from residents in Hamapande area complaining about the relief food.

Mr. Nkombo who is also Mazabuka Member of Parliament described the distribution of maize bran as relief food as dehumanizing.

He explained that residents have been instructed by DMMU to share a 50 KG of maize bran among three people and then mix it with 12.5 KG bag of refined mealie meal.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nkombo has since called on government to declare the hunger situation as a national disaster.

But Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya says it is unbecoming for some Members of Parliament such as Mr Nkombo to peddle lies that government is distributing animal feed to people affected by drought.

Ms. Siliya says government has been distributing about 100-thousand metric tons of relief food to people in hunger-stricken areas and animal feed in areas where people keep livestock.

Ms. Siliya said effects of Climate change do not select whether it is humans or livestock that gets affected.

Ms. Siliya , who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, added that various affected districts have been assessed with Gwembe, Shangombo and Lunga being the most hit.

She said there is no need to politicize the issue.


  1. For someone who goes as far as forging a letter from Zesco Nkombo is a know liar and criminal who will stop at nothing until his supreme leader is in State House. Knowing the UPND whether or not government declarers hunger a National disaster they will still find something negative to talk about. PF is not the best of governments but UPND is the biggest curse that Zambia has been given. No wonder hunger just like in Bible times has target the wicked lands.

    • I was about to say what Dora is saying, “don’t eat animal feeds, give to your cows”. There is no enough relief food, feed cows and the survive on your cows, drink milk and cut off tails.

    • (HH) has really failed UPND. He’s now going mad.

      Is he mentally fit to contest in 2021? What type of opposition leader allows the peddling of lies and such garbage?

  2. When are we going to stop listening to this kind of lies. Ba opposition, please start speaking something sensible. If this kind of fake stories continue, PF will be there to stay. People are able to see your lies being paddled against PF.

    • @Henry, my fears exactly. If the opposition does not get their act together now PF will whoop them in 2021 and PF will be very big headed after that and will be free to do whatever they want after 2021. It will be the same Zambians the opposition claim to stand for who will suffer. What the opposition should be preaching now is how they are going to improve food security in this climate, how they will improve the economy and how they intend to end corruption. Not lies that people can see through like the likes of Kambwili who can not tell the difference between K150m and $150m.

  3. LT this is day 3 , why posting this issue late …?

    Anyway,UPND and their cohorts always are like that.There is nothing good that PF government will do for them and appreciate.

    If people got the maize bran and give it to animals what was the problem..?

    Government doesn’t provide relief help without asking chiefdoms and their subjects.
    Southerners will never change they are UPND the government is just doing their obligations in helping the situation.

  4. what’s in the so called maize bran?.what happens when it’s consumed by humans? it looks rich to me (whole grain) is it the issue of “roller meal” vs “breakfast”? roller meal is healthier than breakfast, but most Zambians prefer breakfast …just as they prefer white break relative to whograin or whole wheat (or kandolo). my observation in Zambia is that there’s preference to processed foods…
    I know ni njala/insala, but actually whole foods are more filling than processed foods. there are a lot more benefits from whole foods real foods the way nature created em not foods created in a factory, there’s a growing % of Zambians who’re obese, with obesity comes a # of chronic diseases…that’s the only body you have, take care of it.
    you are what you eat

  5. The tactic of bad mouthing the govt has become obsolete. We need more well thought through tactics to get the PF out of power. Just shouting ‘corruption, thieves’ etc can only wo?k for a season. More new innovative approaches please!

  6. I can’t trust Gary Nkombo anymore especially after that forged letter he presented to Parliament. Even if you hate people, honestly can you give them animal food? The answer is no and the hunger situation that is being experienced by our brothers and sisters in some parts of our beloved country must not be politicized. This is the time that we have to come together to chat the way forward. Mind you, this is not the problem for the government alone, it concerns every well meaning Zambian. Some of you have a lot of food and money in your homes but you can’t even pick just two family to feed but you are busy creating falsehoods, let’s change our mindset please.

    What is really happening is your “pro poor” Corrupt P.F officials have got real maize meal -(bunga), & swapped it for cheaper animal feed bran -(gaga), & went on to steal the difference per bag of bunga v gaga, & once one calculated the difference runs into hundreds of thousands, if not millions of U.$.Dollars!
    Easy way of making “more money in your pockets” Problem here is not what’s happening but the fact that P.F forgot to tell you “more money in your pockets” meant for P.F officials pocket.
    Someone at least did confess, I HAVE NO VISION FOR THIS GREAT NATION!!
    You can now see Jona’s “no vision” when humans are being given Pig feed, whilst this visionless man saunters about in his Ferrari in the sky Jet, & 48 Mansions miraculously appear like…

  8. KC don’t say that Less nimalyotola. Be careful with your analysis before a curse and wrath of God visits you. Areas visited by drought a d Eventually hunger are not because of sin or evil 100 percent no, but due to chance and timing of God.

  9. Your response honourable Minister is politicising the issue. Go on the ground, check and then with evidence in front of you present your finds not from your office but from right there where reports have been made. You should be ashamed that it has to take ordinary citizens to show you how to do your job while you are buzzy dazzling the very citizen’s money paid through taxes. Around the affected belt, normal leaders in Zimbabwe and Mozambique have put there corrupt and personal agenda to the side to call in for a disaster so that external aid can reach affected areas. Mind you WHO has better helicopters to distribute relief food and medical supplies better that your land cruisers which at some point have to be pushed. Ba Minister of Agriculture, Do your job!!!

  10. If you are fond of making false political statements no one will take you serious on real matters.

    I would not be surprised its the usual false alarms.

    State wants to assassinate hh

    Pf wants to rig in katuba

    Pf wants to rig in sesheke

    Maureen has found 2000 ballots in a bin

    Upendi has found ballots under a chibuku pack in chilanga

    Upendi has found a truck with premarked ballots at the border

    • Its called shonongomatics. until they repent, nothing good will ever come out. I just wonder how true believers and Christians are part of this cult.

  11. “United Party for National Development (UPND) Chairperson of elections Gary Nkombo who disclosed the development in an interview alleges that Government through DMMU has distributed maize bran to residents of Hamapande area in Monze West of chief Monze’s chiefdom as relief food.”

    I used to have high hopes for Gary Nkombo. Only to realize he indeed is also a waste of an MP. Zambia needs a better opposition in 2021, more so than it needs to get rid of the UPND.

    • *Zambia needs a better opposition in 2021, more so than it needs to get rid of the PF. I would prefer a better party than the PF, but normal Zambians seem not to want to get into politics. This needs to change.

  12. The Ambassadors of Hichilema are doing a very very good job of spreading the lies of their leader. Garry nkombo is a shameless liar who wants to ride on every lie just like their supreme leader. What ECL meant when he said HH will never be president of Zambia but another Tonga will be was to dispel the assertion that HH has been losing elections because he is a Tonga. That is very very far from the truth. HH has been losing elections because his politics are very shallow such as the ones being parroted by his follower Garry Nkonbo.

  13. LAZ should stick to its mandate and not interfere with legislature. I suspect Sangwa has paid some few coins by HH and other good for nothing citizens just to frustrate the amendment of the constitution process, but it work. The goodness of democracy is that the majority always wins and in this case the majority of MPs with the mandate given to them by the people of Zambia want the constitution to be amended.
    if HH wants to be president he should go to planet mars together with bena sangwa and minions to go and rule themselves and make laws on planet mars no one is stopping them, otherwise, It wont work here in Zambia.
    The people here are happy with the leadership being provided by ECL and want the constitution to be fine tuned.

  14. UPND and their cohorts have really lost it.Their daily attempts to paint PF Govnt black have failed completely because whenever they spread lies,the gospel truth comes out because lies have no legs.Michael Sata in opposition never lied and always said the truth about the ills of MMD Govnt and Zambians bought into that ideas then voted for him in 2011.Zambians now wait before they could believe whatever the opposition says because they lie too much.This is a danger for them because once voters stop believing their data,then they cant win! Politics are very evolving,thus innovations are a must than singing same old and failed political chorus!!The other day Kambwili lied about $154m for the Bangweulu Hospital instead of K154m.CK cant see the difference betwen a symbol for Dollar and Kwacha…

  15. What Gary Nkombo has done is criminal and he must questioned by govt agencies.How do you tell such a grave lie?He is basically telling us that govt puts the people of Monze on the same level as livestock.This is very sad.Even if you hate the govt please this is just too much now.

  16. Continue…
    CK cannot see the difference between a symbol for US dollar ($) and our Kwacha(K)!!Now its UPND’s Garry Nkombo spreading lies about maize bran meant for cows in tongaland-shocking stuff!Surely which normal person can give animal feed to people to eat?This kind of politics being practiced by UPND and their cohorts are evil!!!HH also should try to control his tribal soldiers(the Nkombos,Jack Mwiimbus) because this wont take him to plot one-NEVER!!!IT IS VERY CLEAR THAT OUR OPPOSITION PARTIES HAVE RUN OUT OF REAL POLITICAL DATA AND ONLY PF IS A WINNER HERE!!!If these guys continue with their failed politics,it will be walkover for PF in 2021….!!!

  17. Lets sorbor up and face reality a donation is a donation you can either take it or leave it depending on your desperation and please don’t blame the giver because blessed is hand that giveth than one that takes. As Zambians we are know to people who are fond helping those in need from the way we helped our neighboring countries gain independence, why can’t we help our fellow countrymen just like we do when we have a funnel in the neighborhood we donate meal meal, money and other valuables to assist. some of us are worker, businessmen etc an account can be open so that we help our brothers and sister. lets not start blaming but do something to help.

    • Much as I really do not understand your English, I believe your message is very clear brother. Lets help each other regardless because Zambia belongs to all us irrespective of tribal or political affiliations.

  18. Bitter Hakiende h his inherited under 5 party crony this secondary school teacher once referred to another mp as chika#%@ then lied that he speaking in tonga and meant to say hikala panshi. He chanted ‘I took only two shots, two shot,mr. speaker I need a refill’ instead of debating the constitution. In his usual drunken stupor vowed to resign if his calculator chap lost in 2015. Next he spewed lies about zesco, today this childish wannabe chief whip correctly dropped by his chairman is back to lie about relief food. He is intellectually defunct. His misconduct with our party members spouse he calls his best friend is still fresh.. 2021 you will lose again mr. hikala!

  19. All those condeming hon Garry Nkombo are fools.He said that because he saw what was happening.So all of you fools(rabid dogs) stop condeming our able Honourable.Mwamvela ma galu imwe

    • chail….this is why under5 will never form government because of people like you and garry who love exchanging the truth for a fake news,thinking the people of Zambia will vote for your sa.tan de.monic party. You de.mon, by the way Honourable is people who are truthful and not crooks


  21. @Wangling and Chali please sit down. Do you think GRZ all the way from the Head can buy pig feed to feed the honorable people of Southern Province? Garry Nkombo is just a certified liar. He wants to show his relevance in his constituency.

  22. UPND please have some sense of shame, if it is only Dishonourable Nkombo please teach him manners. And the area member of parliament for Monze is Honourable Jack Mwiimbu, why is Dishonourable Nkombo speaking for him? And the respectable His Royal Highness Chief Monze what does he say? I would rather listen to the Chief than this Dishonourable Nkomboni.

  23. I think Gary Nkombo needs to sober up. If you can teach us to eat mabisi in sour milk with nshima, so what the heck are you talking about feeding humans with animal feed? Cows eat the same maize we do and maize bran might not be a food for you elites, but it is a food for those in need however lying you are. We eat roller meal, soya beans, ubwamale etc. So what the hell are you talking about. If the government doesn’t help the starving people, you are the same imbeciles crying foul. Zambia is bigger than any one tribe, clan, religion, let alone province. Grow up Gary.

  24. Why in zambia oppositions like to lie? Does that mean you win people to vote for you? Oppositions are suppose to have a good strategy to remove the currently government by doing good things like supporting the poor people of zambia to show the examples how you will support when you are in trap a rate it’s when you put something nice to get attracted.busy ma boza grz kuba,vakudya va nyama blah-blah-blah then you then you will win shame

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