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Chanda Kasolo lashes out at British High Commissioner to Zambia over hunger situation status

Headlines Chanda Kasolo lashes out at British High Commissioner to Zambia over hunger...

Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo speaking at the official opening of the Media Self Regulation Insaka
Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo speaking at the official opening of the Media Self Regulation Insaka

Ministry of information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo has lashed out at British High Commissioner to Zambia for suggesting that the hunger situation in some parts of the country be declared a national emergence in order for government to attract the necessary support.

Mr Kasolo wondered why Britain is the only country that has called for the declaration of the hunger situation a national emergence.

Appearing on Hot FM on a program dubbed “the Hot Issue”, Mr Kasolo said there is no need to declare the hunger situation which has affected mostly Southern, Western, parts of Lusaka, Central and Eastern Provinces a National emergencey because the country has enough food.

He said declaring the hunger situation an emergency will turn Zambia into a beggar to the excitement of those that have been insisting that the situation be declared an emergency.

Mr Kasolo said Zambia has enough maize but agreed that the distribution of the food to the hunger stricken areas has been slow.

“I will agree with stakeholders if they say that the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit has been slow in distributing the food, to say we are in a crisis NO”, Mr Kasolo said adding that President Edgar Lungu will not hesitate to declare the situation a disaster if need be.

“Declaring the situation a national emergence is a process, it cannot happen overnight, President Lungu is a very intelligent man, that man is wise and I can assure you that if the reports being submitted to him suggest that it is a crisis he will declare it so”,he added.

And Mr. Kasolo who sits on the National Emergence Committee said he will engage DMMU National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe on the need to diversify the food pack given to affected families to include other foods other than maize.

He said there is need to include other dietary needs such as Kapenta and beans in order to provide the much needed nutritional needs to the affected families.

But Civil Society Scaling Up Nutrition Alliance National Coordinator Mathews Mhuru advised against politicizing the hunger situation saying declaring it a national emergence will not be an embarrassment to government.

He said government must also accept that the situation is not their fault but a natural cause which has impacted negatively on the lives about 2.5 million people.

Mr Mhuru explained that 58 Districts across the country are either in phase 3 or 4 of the hunger situation which if allowed to progress to phase 5 will mean people dying of hunger.

He said government needs about 178 million dollars in the short term to avert the hunger situation the money they will not raise without donor support.

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  1. Do these people realise that when people start dying of hunger whilst they are adamantly insisting that there is enough food they may face criminal charges in future?What a useless lot this government….

    • Qs&As
      Q1. Is it not true that Zambia has had a poor previous rain season in most parts of the country?
      Ans. YES.

      Q2. Is the British HC acting in bad faith?
      Ans. NO, I don’t believe so?

      Q3. Are people in some parts of the country really hit by hunger?
      Ans. YES.

      Q4. Is Government doing something about it?
      Ans. YES, but will it manage though?

      Q5. Is the hunger situation being politicized?
      Ans. YES, in Zambia ask double K – 1986. The issue is highly sensitive therefore don’t downplay it

      Q6. Is a hungry man an angry man?
      Ans. YES, watch out.

      Q7. Is Kasolo out’a tough with…

    • … sorry
      Q7. Is Kasolo out’a touch with reality and over reacting?
      Ans. YES but let’s give Govt a benefit of doubt. Maybe they are managing the situation but Zambia is big.

      So, folks, I really don’t know how much Government is giving out in alms. I don’t know how sustainable it is to dish out relief food to hunger stricken areas of the country as in how much and for how long. Is Government capable of reaching everyone? We also have reports of unscrupulous political entities frustrating Government efforts SP. Sad.
      It would be embarrassing for Government to fail. But there is a hand asking to help, is the help coming with strings as usual? Like we helped Mozambique and Malawi when cyclone Adai hit, the HC may be just kind. Swallow your pride…

  2. But why deny when people are dying of hunger in the mentioned provinces. In some areas animal feed was distributed for the people to eat – are we serious when addressing the hunger situation.
    The fear is that government will be forced to release emergency cash from the coffers which they have already shared amongst themselves. That money is just not there. The British know what they are talking about and they can help. Why refuse help when we are not helping the needy. These people are devils and just enjoy people suffering and dying of hunger. They want to take animal feed to people and have all the cameras that they are feeding the people. Just to gain bogus political milage.

    • Them belly full but we hungry
      A hungry mob is an angry mob
      A rain a-fall but the dirt, it tough
      A pot a-cook but the food no ‘nough…

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  3. Last February we were informed by the economics statistics agency of Zambia that agriculture and forestry shrunk by 15.3%. Lungu & Co didn’t plan ahead from that vital info so why the fake outrage?

  4. Good stance.
    What is really needed is to hasten the distribution of food to hungry people. And please, don’t just focus on maize and mealie meal.

  5. The price of mealie meal can tell that there is hunger in our country. The government needs to do something asap

  6. Wonders shall never cease! I just wonder why a senior government official would deny the hunger situation in the country when mealie meal is very expensive. For Mr Kasolo and his colleagues buying a bag of mealie meal at K130 is a drop in the ocean for them but for some people with big families out there it is a lot of money

  7. That is what you get when you have pigs in Govt.
    This basta.rd Kasolo doesn’t even understand that it is easier for Donors to source funds from their governments for emergencies and disasters. In the UK, there is a separate budget for emergencies and disasters with access to it only reserved for known and declared disasters like hunger in Zambia.
    Sweeping or hiding the hunger going on in Zambia is quite irresponsible and extremely dangerous. In fact that idy.ot, Kasolo, must be fired – this is not time for his PF Caderism!

  8. Declaring is one thing and assistance another. Those who want to help just do it without standing on top of hills to announce their intention. When approached for help NO strings will be attached to the same. By the way, the rains are just about and there shall be lots of growth from which both humans and the animals we keep shall benefit. I for one think the situation has not reached the level to start begging. Lastly please, those who have no respect for others stop using this space as it may also make some think you are of a feather.

    • You dummy, we have set aside money for beggars who acknowledge that they are in need.
      It’s tax payers money. Unlike your GRZ money that’s been used to build private mansions, you have to declare a disaster to be granted access.
      That’s the standard procedure even for local assistance here.
      We are trying to save your lives dummy. It’s against the law to give aid to anyone who says they don’t need it.

  9. There may be enough maize but does government have money to buy it, identify all the needy and distribute it on time? What will the government lose by declaring hunger as national disaster? My neighbour has been doing big business selling maize in these affected areas. Now government has put a ban on individuals buying maize. The people he was selling the maize to are crying out for maize and I understand the “artificial” scarcity is raising the price of the commodity very high. I wonder in whose interest this government stance is?

  10. People! people! please
    ECL has everything under control. Zambia has enough food reserves. You can go to FRA and verify for yourselves. Government is working around the clock to ensure that hunger stricken areas are provided with free mealie meal, Kapenta, Beans, Soyabeans, Salt,Sugar, Rice,Milk and game meat from hippos and elephants that will be slaughtered to control animal population in game parks.
    HH and his minions want to display to the western world has the country has been hit badly by hunger.If HH means well for his people let him slaughter 1000 cows so that he distributes free beef to the hungry people of southern province. Let him give each family 3bags of maize, 1 bag of Kapenta, 1 bag of beans, 1goat and 5litres of cooking oil, 25kg sugar,10kg salt and 500 kwacha cool cash…

  11. Independent consultants and advisers must assess the degree and extent of the hunger situation. It is not easy for Government to admit that hunger is looming because that would be embarrassing for the leadership. There is need for advance warning, planning and timely delivery of all necessary items, including food ( mealie meal, rice, dry beans, dry fish, dry meat) and medical supplies (panadols, aspirin, antibiotics), etc. The word ‘hunger’ is ow on all the lips. Why? There can be no smoke without fire.

  12. This useless *****! Foreign NGO’s are crying out including the Vatican working on the ground and not from some office in Lusaka waiting for a phone call to be told that all is well. Go on the ground and gather physical evidence in your hands to come out on the radio with the non-sense you are saying. Fellow citizens, the hunger situation is real and rather than debate about it need to be addressed urgently. You have a president flying all over the place but where his people are calling for him to lead them during this drought period, he chooses to read script written for him rather than as a leader demand he be taken to see this situation for himself and address it accordingly, your speeches are simply delaying the much-needed aid and how long do you think the fragile would keep up. One…

  13. It’s always a surprise the way some people thinks. Why declaring hunger as a national disaster..? Just because the strongholds of opposition political party faced droughts resulted in poor yielding of staple foods..?

    The government is saying that they have enough maize production to help affected provinces,though,some stakeholders that are suppose to work with the government wants to take advantage of the situation by not following right procedures like in case of FRA and MAZ.Honorable katambo expresses frustration yesterday.Let the government work without interference.
    It’s sad that UPND always want to see Zambians suffering.They started in July to declare hunger a national disaster.The matter was in tabled in parliament.Today ,they have gone to ask British High commission to speak…

  14. Meanwhile, people are dying of hunger in a Christian nation. Why is manna not falling from heaven? All those prayers?!? What happened?!?

  15. Ba Lusaka Times can you explain why i just clicked on a story and when i scrolled down to the comments they showed that i had already hit the ‘Thumbs Up’ when i had not and it was the first time i was reading or not even read some of the comment? Stop hacking our profiles you pompwe’s.

  16. Better to declare emergency and get help then die and regret.dont feel shy to ask when in need.We are
    Not the first and last to be in this situation.

  17. Don’t just comment because you can, let the people who have the responsibility do so appropriately, the president has a lot of info that those crying for declaration of hunger situation a disaster doesn’t. There’s a channel of data communication, all the the way from an agricultural extension officer, in deep rural area to the district, province, Ministry and the head state is very aware. There’s hunger yes in some parts and also pressures from our neighboring countries affected by the drought, that has resulted in most briefcase businesses men by the maize and sell across boarders for profits,
    But confidently the President knows , and it has reached that level of declaring it a disaster.

  18. The British High Commissioner should worry more about the effects of Britain pulling out of the European Union. He should have the read the message when Theresa May trotted and danced around some Commonwealth States of Africa. Brexit entails that UK must organize trade with African countries – Never to breed antagonism. History will remind the British Ambassador that during the 2nd World War, UK hid their King in some part of Zambia. Sharpen your diplomacy

  19. Some bloggers here are suggesting that only when people actually die of hunger, can it then be ascertained that there is hunger. What foolishness. It’s not even just about maize. Going for a considerable period of time without a host of foods affects one’s mental health, may lead to malnutrition whose consequences may not be reversible and is a cause of chronic illnesses.

    Stating that you have enough food in the country is not the same as saying everyone has access to it, or it can be paid for. This has to be assessed critically and urgently and if it is clear that you cannot manage the logistics as a nation, (in spite of the alleged ‘abundance’) there should be no shame in declaring the same. No one will help you if you say ‘I am fine’.

  20. Give us numbers to show that we are not in a national emergency. What is the difference between now and a date in the past when there was hunger and when there was no hunger. Our ministers just speak without facts.

  21. Stop this begging mentality! British people don’t give out anything for free without strings attached. They like to exploit your weaknesses to break you apart whilst they loot your premium resources. Britain is likely to face this hunger situation when they crash out of Europe without a deal and the obvious places to replenish their food supplies is through the so-called commonwealth member states. Let’s manage our own situation and preserve our dignity.

  22. Kasolo doesn’t know why other countries have not talked about hunger in Zambia. It is because they don’t want to argue with the know nothing *****s like him. He should travel and see how people are suffering in affected areas. Yes his tummy and madam Wina’s are overfull but not those villagers

  23. A beggar is never respected better you use the little you have than start shouting that you don’t have, some one come and help, that is weakness and stupidity at it’s best , what you should know is that no one has everything in this world.
    Many nations hide their in abilities behind and amplify others little needs to gain milage over them.
    In fact those who have are manipulated and looted of their resources by the have nots, no one gives anything for nothing think deeper before you start complaining you could be undermining your progress .

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