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Man appears in court for beating wife over mobile phone

Rural News Man appears in court for beating wife over mobile phone

The Itezhi tezhi Magistrates court has found a fisherman with a case to answer in a matter in which he is accused of assaulting his wife after she enquired the whereabouts his mobile phone.

This is a matter where Lingoi Clement Musangu, 39, a fisherman of African Housing Compound in Itezhi tezhi is charged with one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm on Linety Kasovu.

Particulars of the case are that on 8 July, 2019 in Itezhi tezhi district, Musangu did assault Linety Kasovu thereby occasioning her actual bodily harm.

When the matter came up, Magistrates Mugala Chalwe placed Musangu on his defense after establishing that there was sufficient evidence on record that he assaulted his wife.

After his rights were fully explained, Musangu opted to remain silent and to call three witnesses.

And giving evidence earlier, Regina Mwaanga 9, a grade 3 pupil testified that on 8th July’ 2019, her mother ( Linety Kasovu) enquired from her father where his mobile phone was, and the father replied that it was with his wife, resulting in an exchange of words between the two.

She said that after she went outside the house, the door to the house was closed and she heard her mother crying.

Mwaanga said that when she opened the door, she saw her father kicking her mother whilst she was holding a baby and that after he realized that she had seen him, he shut the door and continued beating her.

She said that when her mother tried to escape with the neighbours, Musangu picked a pan brick and hit her mother on the waist, and when she fell down, he continued kicking her until more people came to rescue her and his father fled.

And the last witness in the matter, Constable Jimmy Choongo, 28, a police officer testified that on June 8, 2019, he was allocated a docket of case involving assault actual bodily harm on Linety Kasovu of African Housing Compound.

He said that Kazovu sustained deep cut on her upper lip and her head was swollen. Choongo said that kicks and a pan blick were alleged to have been used though the brick was never found during investigations.

He said that acting on the information, investigations were instituted which led to the arrest of Musangu after a medical report confirmed that Kazovu was assaulted.

Meanwhile Magistrates Chalwe adjourned the case to today, August 14, 2019 for continued defense.

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  1. Beating a woman whilst she is holding her baby, that is very, very wrong and let the courts hand out a stiff punishment to this person. But let it be a punishment where he will learn and reform inorder to be a better person on release, handing out punishments without foresight leads to convicts who upon being released become even worse, where such a person committed assault without reformation next time they will commit murder.

    • Holding a baby or your zip doesn’t matter, just stop beating women. Yes they are annoying, they like to say ‘.. jipaya fye, ulendya umubishi”, don’t mean to indeed do it.
      Just try kissing them, even though Zambian women bit, but just try.

  2. Does the man love his wife? answer is yes
    Does the wife love her husband? the answer is yes
    Is displine needed to guide the wife if she goes astray or disrespect the husband? the answer is yes
    Does the wife want her husband to go to jail? the answer is no
    Does the man want to go jail? the answer is hell no
    Will this family be destroyed if the man is sentenced? oh yes
    The right sentence for this man is counselling and given a 15 year suspended sentence and 6months community service to be sweeping at the courts or police station. If he ever BEATS the wife again then he should be sentenced to 15years with hard labor. This way the family remains together. prisons are already over crowded and there is no food there only diseases.(T.B, HIV, PHEMOUNIA,CLASS 5 HUNGER,MALNUTRITION,KWASHOKOR)

    • @political analyser your analysis and opinion is spot on correct. My worry however in a matter like this is normally a person who can attack their wife in such a manner might kill her next time should he ever violently attack her, from the report above she was only saved by neighbours, the man might’ve been trying to kill her and we could’ve been reading a different story had the neighbours not intervened. I think the wife (taking into account her own safety plus whether this is the first incident which I doubt)and her own relatives must sit down and discuss whether to request for leniency from the court on this matter. If this person is a great offender I’m sorry but for the safety of the wife and her children let him be caged so that he reforms.

    • @ Political analyser, you are very correct, also the wife should learn not to ask the husband where his mobile phone is, because some things are sacred

    • @Political An,
      I wish you could give a class those Political judges, your judgement is cool. Unfortunately the man will be sentenced to 15 years in jail. And they like 15 and 18 years. Brutal judges.
      Hope they can redo all court sentences instead of constitution.
      Dream one day will have a government who empty jails. Why should Zambia have more than 5 jails?

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