A 26 year old man of Ndola’s Mushili – Kansengu area has appeared in the Ndola magistrate court for allegedly having sex with his two year old step son to gain fame in the music industry.

The accused’s wife Christine  has appeared as a witness and testified against her husband before Magistrate Monica Mutinta.

Ms Christine, aged 20, of house number 3932, alleged that the accused in the matter, Philemon Bwalya has been inserting his manhood in the boys’ mouth.

This is in a matter in which Bwalya has been charged with unnatural offences, defined as one having carnal intercourse against the order of nature which is contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that Bwalya on July 13, 2019 in Ndola district on the Copperbelt province allegedly committed unnatural offences.

During trial,  Christine testified that on the day in question, she left home early in the morning for work in Lubuto Township where she works as a maid leaving Bwalya and her son sleeping.

Christine narrated that when she returned home mid afternoon, she found her son asleep in the house but noticed that he had white mucus which looked like sperms on his chin and a coat he wore.

She stated that when she confronted her husband whom she had left the child in his custody, he expressed ignorance.

“When I returned home from work I did not find my husband. I asked my niece to call him from the barber shop he works from and he returned.

“When I asked for an explanation on what I had discovered on my son, he got angry and left the house and only returned later in the evening in a drunken state. Upon his return, I continued to demand for answers and this agitated him to an extent that he started to beat me up.

“It was then that he confessed he committed the offence as per instruction from whom he did not say but said he had joined a secret society group called illuminate.

“He said the condition was to establish a covenant with his son by having carnal knowledge in his mouth to grow his fame as a musician in the entertainment industry. He wants his music to sale”, she narrated.

Christine stated that it was not the first time to find her son with mucus which she concluded to be sperms.

She said she has been married to the accused person for a year.

Another witness in the matter has testified that on July 13, 2019 whilst home, overheard Bwalya and Christine fighting.

The witness who is a neighbor to the accused, narrated that she listened in to Bwalya’s confession that he had joined Satanism.

She alleged that the accused said he was instructed to kill four of his relatives to gain fame but the attempt failed.

She told the court that the accused confessed that the second option given to Bwalya was to make a covenant with the male child by inserting his manhood in his mouth.

And Benadette Musonda aged 26 stated that she attended a meeting where the accused apologized for his actions.

Ms Musonda testified that Bwalya explained that he was made to commit the offence because his wife denied him sex.

The court has since adjourned the matter to August 19, 2019 for continued trial while the accused person is in police custody.

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  1. Those young girls are same as those inserting bottles in their friends in Ndola:
    – 20 year old is a child. She has a fellow child, who is 2 years old from another man. Baby was just 1 year and she got married to another child a 26 year old boy a barber.
    – She brings a fellow child as witness, who is barely 26 years old too.
    Now go ahead and read their testimonies. It is circus in Zambia.


    • Why not charge him with pedophilia and sexual abuse of a child? Isn’t pedophilia a serious crime in Zambia? What the h3ll is “unnatural offence” as those this was between two consenting h0m0sexual adults?

      And who wrote this story? What in the world are you trying to convey by saying the man was in court “for allegedly having sex with his two year old step son…?” You make it sound as though the poor child was a willing participant in the act. This is a two-year old child who was sexually molested and abused by a 26-year old pedophile. The child was NOT having sex but was being ABUSED. Abuse which is likely going to scar this child for life!

      C’mon now, get serious with the way you report some of tthese cases. Especially cases of sexual abuse of children.


    • So all these music we hear like ‘malembemalembe’ comes from people who commit unnatural offenses!!


  2. Something is not right somewhere and the ministry of religious affairs has to show its importance here. The people of Zambia are seriously indoctrinated and this is causing havoc. Few days ago it was riots because of Ilomba, Satanism, witchcraft,and many more beliefs that havent helped people at all. Please help people understand that no magic works in life otherwise we would have been with it.


  3. Kambwekeshepo pull this article down immediately!!! The law does not allow for the identifying of a minor in a rape case!



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