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President Lungu to Visit India this month

Headlines President Lungu to Visit India this month

President Lungu and President of the Republic of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind arrives at the State Banquet at Pamodzi Hotel on Wednesday, April 11,2018. The President of India is in Zambia, for a three- day State Visit

President Edgar Lungu is expected to undertake a visit to India on Tuesday August 20, 2019. According to a press statement released to the media by State house, President Lungu’s visit to India follows an invitation by his Indian counterpart Ram Nath Kovind when he visited Zambia.

During the visit six Memoranda of Understanding on cooperation between Zambia and India are expected to be signed. It is anticipated that whilst in India President Lungu will also lay a wreath at the mausoleum of late Indian political icon Mahatma Ghandi.

And India’s High Commissioner to Zambia Ngulkham Gangte has said that President Lungu’s visit to India is not only historical but also means a lot to the people of India.

He also thanked President Lungu for accepting the invitation to visit India.

Meanwhile President Lungu is today scheduled to travel and join other Heads of State and Government including Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika, President of Malawi, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, President of Mozambique, Andry Rajoelina, President of Madagascar at the 39th SADC Summit in Da es Salaam, Tanzania.

During the summit, President Lungu is expected to present a report to mark the handover of the Chairmanship of the SADC Organ on Politics, Defense and Security Cooperation to the Republic of Zimbabwe. The President has been Chairperson of the Organ since August, 2018.

The Organ for Politics, Defence and Security was launched in June 1996 as a formal institution of SADC with the mandate to support the achievement and maintenance of security and the rule of law in the SADC region. The SADC Treaty, the Protocol on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation and the Strategic Indicative Plan for the Organ (SIPO) II are the key documents that guide the activities of the Organ.

President Lungu has been at the helm of the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security since August 2018.

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  1. The journey man.
    It is now difficult to judge which trips are important due to their frequent nature.
    Bottom line is the man loves his travels,he must have been a huge fan of the legendary Beatles who were always on tour.
    I can imagine the size of his in-tray at nkwazi house.
    We must also brace ourselves for some gibberish statements at the airport.

    • The man is as useless as they come…as sure he will be offered brown envelopes to drop KCM debacle as alot of Indians have vested interest in that matter. He has too many issues but he treats Office of the President as he treats his wife.

    • It’s always embarassing how we are always the first to visit these countries yet them they never come to show respect. Has Narenda Modi(India’s head of state) ever visited Zambia to pay respects to KK? Or any of the big guys from G20 recently? Yet we are first to jump on planes to go to them. Having been in the diaspora for a while and meeting these people from G20, they don’t consider us a factor on the world stage, let’s use our PR machine to raise our image and it will start with being firm in our actions and decisions. Play hard to get like that beautiful lady next door, it works in diplomacy as well. Today we grab KCM from them, tomorrow we walk right into hostile territory, me I can be scared, they can harmer you ka. If we choose strength, we show strength. Wrong move in my…

    • …in my opinion. The only sensible thing to do now is ask KCM to pay fines for damaging the environment minimum $1billion USD then hand the thing back to them since we are busy jumping right back into bed with them.

    • JAY JAY / 1.1

      I think you need help. Your daydreaming imaginations have gone too far. You are entitled to blog and criticise PF, Lungu and whoever is out there.

      However, you have gone too far and reached a point where you are now believing your own lies and fallacies.

      You have no grounds, foundation, evidence that Lungu will be given the so-called brown envelops or money in the name of corruptions. This is your own loose thinking that you want other people to believe you. Sadly, some people buy your lies.

    • Middle Kingdom: Look at the photo caption above (President Lungu and President of the Republic of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind arrives at the State Banquet at Pamodzi Hotel on Wednesday, April 11,2018. The President of India is in Zambia, for a three- day State Visit). Utuntu

    • Chitimukulu – The fact of the matter is there is no need for his visit as money is tight and the country has no money

    • He just lovès to bec in mid air doesn’t he?
      He has started.

      Go, go my child, “go and sow your loyal oats”.

      It’s obvious that you can’t tell how problematic it is for you to always be flying all over the world.

      Where else from INDIA?

    • JAY JAY / 1.6

      Typical of you always failing to own up with your own words.

      You have claimed and accused Lungu that he will receive brown envelops. THAT IS TOTAL FALLACY COMING FROM YOU.

      This is the reason why you have failed to defend your own words. But now beating about the BS. And its getting too much everyday.

      Do us a favor by showing or proving that Lungu will return back with brown envelops associated with corruptions

    • Please go and check the top management at Vendanta resources in London you will find that they are all Indians…check shareholders!!

    • JAY JAY / 1.9

      Another B*S from you. So what if the whole management of Vendata in London is all Indian. Of course one expects that to happen. its their company.

      What does that has to do with you accusing Lungu collecting brown envelops from India.

      Man – Just stop making up stories all the time. Readers are not stupid, they can see that you make up things most of the times.

    • Chitimukulu – He was happy to obtain a house in Swaziland from a construction company bidding for GRZ CONTRACTS what would stop him getting bribes…his response regarding corruption has been lukewarm…You see to think highly of the lazy sausage!

  2. The President of India is a ceremonial Head of State.His job is to invite and receive idle heads of state from other countries. ECL`s trip to India does not mention any meetings with the most important man in India now ,Narendra Modi,the Indian Prime Minister.It is a waste of money by a an unconcerned President whose prime motive for travelling is pleasure.Those MOUs will in any case be signed by the Ambassador.

  3. This visit is important for country. It is bad politics to abandon India. It is bad politics to embarrass India. It is bad politics to humiliate India. India is a good friend. India is an all weather friend. Those who have been taught mathematics and science by Indian teachers will appreciate the contribution of India to education in this country. In healthcare, those who have been well treated by Indian doctors will agree that Indian doctors are appreciated world over, including South Africa, Canada, UK and USA.

  4. Does it meant that Zambia doesn’t have ambitious soldiers anymore who can do the needful while the president is busy globetrotting? African heads of states never used to travel during times of problems like this in the past because they feared that while they’re away, some frustrated soldier can organise his friends and take advantage of the situation and go to national radio and announce the change of regime. we have people starving in different parts of the country and the president is moving about like a head1ess chicken going to every country where he is invited. BTW, I think this trip to India is about KCM. Indians have no where to go and find jobs. They need KCM for their people to survive. They want to convince ECL to give KCM back to them.

  5. The timing of the State visit by Lungu is good. Lungu will explain to the Indian Govt how the Zambian Govt will compensate Vedanta of India for the loss of 80% Shareholding in KCM of Vedanta as a result of expropriation by GRZ. Vedanta will happily walk away from KCM if the Price of its shares in KCM is good. Meanwhile all Indian Investors are now aware of how risky it is to invest in Zambia.

  6. Dear Mr. President; even as you visit that large nation called India do not go there to meet the vendetta head round 2. If he is well meaning as he stated, why cant he settle what he owes to local suppliers, pay his dividends and all taxes he owes the people of Zambia? Why should it be conditional upon the removal of the ‘receiver’? We know he is friends with the first family but please remind the President for India as he comes from a family of tea traders he should know better how if one greedy businessman refused to pay their dues what that would do to a hardworking family.

  7. The visit to India by the Head of State is Positive and welcome but we will need to stick to what
    he said and see clearly hat is in the bigger picture in the India and Zambia economic relationship

    Yes we may need the economic collaboration with India but there is need to understand the Zambia India economic relationship Dividend

    The starting point is reading the NEW MODis Foreign Policy that addresses the dividends of India across all regional economical power houses as it seeks to grow and balance its economy and trade using Africa and particularly Zambia

    Lets Discuss what is in the Zambia India economic dividend here so that as the President travels he will be…

  8. Ba lungu KCL will finish you.Don’t be cheated by indians.Let them pay Zambians and improve our lives.
    Find a suitable investor

  9. he will be well Protected to maximize the Zambia India Political and economical dividend because there is a duty to guide and surely he listens

    He has listened from concerns of KCM Chingola Residents and he Listens

    So what is in the Zambia India Economic dividend in the new economic resource driven Global trade balance

  10. The Timing and soft security conditions may be wrong but what is important is to see what is in the economic dividend for Zambia here

  11. Can we tabulate and total up all travel costs so far this year by the President, international and local trips. For local trips include the cost of feeding and paying allowances to all those cadres who attend critical airport functions like dancing and drinking their heads off. Yes, and not forgetting the cost of economic disruption as the roads are closed for passage of President, Veep, Cabinet ministers, Permanent Secretaries, defence chiefs, etc etc, and then fleets of mini buses carrying party cadres, I mean PF cadres.
    Ok that could take months to tabulated therefore start with direct Presidential costs. I am certain even HE would be shocked at the figure, probably equal to ths cost of building part of the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway from 10 miles to Chibombo.
    Ok I understand…

  12. ….Ok I understand presidential trips are exempt from austerity measures, even if the cost swallows up all austerity savings and add more. Maybe that is what austerity is all about, to fund the costs within budget.

    Aah, I forgot the cost of absence from office duties of all those escorting officials, allow for at least half a day yawning at the airport instead of driving development or signing off critical paperwork.

  13. Its a positive thing that the President should travel to India ad drive the Economic Dividends in the Zambia India relationship

    The issue of Cost of Travel and administrative arrangements is exceeded by that Travel made BUT the issue is WHAT should be the ZAMBIAN economic Dividend in the Zambia India Relationship for Modi He has clearly spelled it in his economic foreign policy and he is categorical on how he trade and aligns with regions to ensure India comes out best

    So what is the economic dividend for Zambia in the India Zambia relationship

  14. India is reinvesting in Africa for its own potential future return You can see it the Prime Minister Narendra Modi foreign policy towards Africa and Zambia is in particular focus The declaration at the 2019 raisina dialogue is something of interest as India pushes its economic dividends across the globe and regions It was the same sentiment made at the G20 summit recently defining its economic engagements
    Now Zambia has to position itself and realign its policies to make a return on the India-Zambia Friendship It should not be business or mere KCM Investments and recapitalisation pledges but something we can live on for long-term development of our country Zambia

    Yes we may have historical cultural…

  15. and economic linkages but there have been economic transformations and transitions I the two countries and India has come out better but now it’s time Zambia realized its dividends especially with the new increased Investments focus by India simply to re-balance its economy and grow from Zambia’s resources particularly retail ,services and commodity trades like copper in KCM
    The engagement with India has to change ad be more actively aligned as opposed to being passive ad purely on economic dividends not only on historical and cultural
    The address in Uganda by PM Modi gave focus for India Companies I Africa and little for resident multinationals like we have in IDCs in Zambia. It clearly shows you that his…

  16. for India Companies in Africa and little for resident multinationals like we have in IDCs in Zambia. It clearly shows you that his foreign policy is inclined for the return of his country

    In terms of trade and export destination Zambia has not reaped the DIVIDEND it has potential with India especially in the “USD 100 Billion” worthy of Money, Goods and Services from India In short the trade balance has been adverse to Zambia in favour of India on primary and manufactured goods despite increased Investments Pledges
    Lastly but most important also is the lack of commitment ad leadership comments to resolve incidences of racism and intolerance against Africa Students and Zambian in particular we have…

  17. we have observed this far especially in the period 2016 to 2018 There has been little or no assurance from India authorities to address and resolve those complaints and ensure security of foreign nationals and Zambians in particular

    So Zambia Must realize its Political and Economic dividend all its India Engagements Its a 2 way traffic bane and never a preserve of 1

  18. India is more interested in exporting its unemployed businessmen then anything …

    If they can export 20,000 Indians to take up jobs nd each Indian sends back $100 pm , that’s a cool $200 million monthly to India for doing nothing…….

  19. We know that India has a source of millions of unemployed youths and must find a solution and create the diaspora economic income but destination in those has chiefly been mexico Dubai to US Its doing much to find a source of Growth for its Growing economy and such demographic potential exported is a Plus and such is what Zambia should be also exporting to India also or reversing the so called medical tourism to India

    But how you make of it is chiefly your own policy inclination towards India Zambia relationship

    • Mostly highly skilled indians are accepted in those countries for work, Zambian takes any kambwanga wannabe businessman

  20. Does ECL have to accept all ‘invitations’? Before India next week, he will be in Tanzania this weekend. A lower ranking official can sign those MOU’s in India – at a much cheaper logistical cost. He was in Maputo recently, the copperbelt, Muchinga province and you name it over the months this year. It’s not just criticism, but objectively this is clearly over board, isn’t it? No one can convince me that all these trips have been necessary.

  21. The issue is that he visited earlier and he made a promise to reciprocate and as a head of state he must be seen to keep his word and others booked the visit and since then made preparation for the visitation

    Yes because of current KCM events in order not to be misunderstood,delegation to mama Wina or foreign affairs could be a face server in this dilemma Now because it cannot be rescheduled or avoided every opportunity must be made to make maximum use for Zambia potential returns and carrying some independent officials can remove any doubt of secrecy or rethink on KCM

    We all know Again INDIA is the 2nd or 3rd World Economy restated and is looking and counting on…

  22. ,like the Chinese and US are, to spur its growth towards towards the USD 5 Trillion GDP-mark BUT its also up to Zambia to realize the potential in trades with the 1.3 billion Populated Country and make a dividend in its ambition and aspirations to lead the global economies surpassing the Chinese as no 1 and US 2 ,the major trading partners next to EU and other regions

    Zambia should not be a country to create that growth and help India but must realize its return also and trade directly with Chinese and US and not indirectly through India all those industries and services must reside n Zambia and result in exports from Zambia

  23. Dr. Kaunda, although he was running a one-party state, was very close to the West, and that is why he achieved as much as he did. But we drifted away from the West to look for new friends.

    Michael Sata

  24. I have to try and uplift the standard of living for the people in Zambia. If I cannot do that, I will have failed.

    Michael Sata

  25. He can send the vice president, or secretary to the Cabinet. The Indian president is not of same capacity as the Zambian head of state. He is a mister congeniality rather than head. The Prime minister is President Lungu’s equivalent. Maybe Send Bo Inonge. That way Grandma can also get her medical fitness check. In India he should ignore any talks of the crook Argwal and his crooked Vedanta.

  26. “My mother is chairman of a bank called the Indo-Zambia Bank. It’s a joint venture between Zambia and India. My father runs Integrity Foundation, an anticorruption organization. Dambisa Moyo”

    The Moral of the quote is that We Borrow our own money from Indians for resources in copper and others in retail and services we procure from them Infact they use KCM Copper proceeds to bankroll many Indian ventures global

    There are like the quote above by Dambiso Moyo playing and reaping US bothsides

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